July 28, 2016

7 Days in Tokyo Japan

Our family loves to travel but of course, the budget is very limited so it is indeed a privilege for us if we can travel from time to time. We really treasure those moments and experiences when we visit other countries. Our (my son and I) last out of the country was 2014, when we visited Malaysia and Singapore and we renewed our passports in 2015. The year 2016 came and I was itching to travel.

Last March, I saw my husband’s passport and I told him, "Nasa page 13 ka na, sabay lang tayo nagparenew and wala pa kami stamp”. My passport is really waiting and screaming to be stamped. lol

My husband just laughed at me and because summer vacation was approaching, he invited us to join his business trips. Of course, I will just choose one country because like I said, the budget is very limited and we don’t want to break the bank.

I chose Japan because it is on my bucket list for a very long time. For some reason, the trip was rescheduled. The original schedule was first week of April, then they changed it to last week of April and it was moved to last week of May. It was supposed to be an eight days trip, nabawasan pa ng one day because my husband needs to fly to Indonesia after Japan. 

At some point, I was already losing hope because it was rescheduled so many times and classes were soon to resume. We had visas and plane tickets and one week before our trip, muntikan na di matuloy. But thank God, everything fell into place. 

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Few days before our trip, my husband messaged me na tuloy na trip namin. Yey, so while he was in Bangkok, I was busy packing our stuff and finishing our itinerary. This is it! Sharing with you our trip. 

Seven Days in Tokyo, Japan 

Day 1 Arrival to Tokyo Japan

We booked an early flight so we can enjoy Tokyo on our first day but it did not happen so blame it on the schedule of the Airport Limousine Bus. We were in Narita as early as 11:30AM and the next schedule of the Airport Limousine Bus is 2:50PM. It was really a long wait but no complaints because we were in Japan. I can’t believe na nasa Japan na kami. Hihihi! 

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We stayed in Keio Plaza Hotel Tama which has a very strategic location because it is near the train station, bus station, malls, restaurants, convenience store, and of course Sanrio Puroland. Everything is just a few minutes from the hotel. We were supposed to visit Shibuya but decided to explore Tama, Tokyo to familiarize ourselves. 

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Day 2 Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland is just 5 minutes away from our hotel so I included this in our itinerary. At first, my son did not like the idea but when we got there, he already enjoyed it. 

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Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko Statue 

After our trip to Sanrio Puroland, off we went to Shibuya to witness the famous “Scramble” at Shibuya Crossing. And of course, a trip to Shibuya is not complete without visiting the Hachiko Statue, one of the most famous dogs in the world. 

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Day 3 Tama Zoological Park 

My son loves to see different animals and he always watches Nat Geo Wild so I added the zoo to my itinerary. 600 yen is the entrance fee and 12 years old and below are FREE. The zoo is huge, clean and well-maintained. You will notice that the animals are well taken care of. 

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Just in front of Tama Zoological Park is Keio Rail-Land Museum. A unique theme park for train lovers. It is a nice museum where you can play trains for only 250 yen. There are activities with a fee like a train diorama and train ride for 100 yen each. 

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Day 4 Takahata Fudoson Temple 

Since I wanted to avoid train transfers, I replaced Kidzania Tokyo with Takahata Fudoson Temple. There is no entrance fee for this tourist spot so tipid. 

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Showa Kinen Park

We rode the train again to Showa Kinen Park because I promised my son that we will ride a boat. So even though our feet were aching and tired, we need to pedal our boat, yes my son chose a pedal boat, ayaw niya mag row, row row your boat. Waah!

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IKEA Tachikawa IKEA is not on my itinerary because I really have no idea that there is an IKEA in Japan. I was so glad when I saw the building on our way to the park because I’ve been meaning to visit IKEA since I was a kid. 

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Day 5 Tokyo DisneySea

As promised to my son, we will visit Tokyo DisneySea after my husband’s training. So even if the travel time is more than two hours from the hotel and the price is steep, we still push with our plan. It is the most expensive theme park that I have visited in Asia. But like I said if you have kids in tow, a trip to Tokyo Japan is not complete without visiting DisneySea or Disneyland. 

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Day 6 Exploring Tama Area 

Though we already have a planned itinerary, I’m always open for changes. I’m not very strict about what we need to do or follow my itinerary. My itinerary is just my guide because I want everything to be organized.

Since we’re getting old, we canceled our day 6 itinerary and decided to rest. Oh yes, we wanted to sleep and rest our aching feet and legs. I hate to admit, namatay isang kuko ko sa kakalakad so I need to invest in more comfortable shoes. Hehehe! 

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Lunch at Royal Host

We took this chance to buy pasalubong at the nearest grocery and paid a visit to The Daiso.

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Shopping at Daiso 

Day 7 Back to Manila 

If only we can extend our trip but we have to say goodbye to Tokyo, Japan. We really had a good trip and according to my son, it is our best vacation ever. Hehehe! I’ve learned a lot in Japan and I still have one remaining post in my Japan series. I'll give you an idea of what to expect if you will travel to Japan.

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Don’t forget to buy Royce Chocolates at the airport.


  1. Wow, Japan! I haven't been there yet but hopefully soon. Glad that your Japan trip was able to push thru after so many delays. Join your hubby in Bangkok next time. Food is cheap naman there, and some hotels have free shuttle service to tourist areas. :)

    1. True, I thought we can't make it. When time and budget permit, we will go to Bangkok. Thanks for sharing the free shuttle service. :)

  2. Japan is also part of my bucket list. =) Love the places you've been. Very interesting. =)

  3. I really, really, really wanna go to Japan!!! Sana someday we get to do that. And I don't care if puro boys kasama ko, we are going to Sanrio Puroland hahaha.

  4. Japan is next in our travel destinations pero baka next year na, quota na kami for this year hehehe. Thank you for sharing your itinerary, it'll help us plan for our trip. Hopefully, we get to stay as long as you did.

    1. Our 7 days are not enough so I hope you can stay at least one week because I'm pretty sure you will enjoy Japan. :)

  5. I would love to visit Japan, sana we can have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country too!

  6. You are indeed fortunate to be able to travel, lalo na Japan! It's on our family's travel bucket list :)

  7. I honestly love all your Japan posts because I've never been there before. Hopefully we get to travel there as well and when that time comes I'll refer back to your posts because they're just so packed with helpful info. :)

  8. Thank you for the IT! Been seeing a lot of Japan vacations lately! Will consider nga for the next family vacation : )

  9. Would love to go to Tokyo Disneyland with my family too. It's obvious that you enjoyed your stay in Japan. With so much to explore, it seems that a week is not enough.

    1. Yes, we haven't visited Tokyo Disneyland so we have reason to go back. :)

  10. This is in my bucketlist too! Hope to finally visit Japan soon! :)

  11. I'm really itching to visit Japan. It's either Japan or South Korea, or even better, both! Thank you so much for sharing your itinerary.

  12. I really like that you summed up the 7 days so neatly, and I prefer it because I'm not pressured by the per day itinerary. Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks! I feel you, some readers like to have everything in one page and some readers want a detailed one. :)

  13. My husband wished to go to Japan too! I hope next year we can visit Japan, thank you for sharing your beautiful Japan trip. :)

  14. Wish I could go with the hubby on his "business" trips except that they're not really business trips and the kids are too young and hard to manage for missions trips. Maybe soon. :)

    1. I feel you, it is really hard to travel with kids but it is also fun. :)

  15. Business trip for the win! :) the photos look so calm. I feel like it's another era.

  16. I dream of coming to Japan someday. I'm fond of eating Japanese food and feeling ko ang linis linis sa Japan.

  17. WAAAAA... I'm so envious! My husband and I have always wanted to go to Japan but since I'm pregnant, I think we'll have to postpone for another year. Lucky you!

    1. Agree, postpone it first because you'll get tired, maraming lakaran ang need sa Japan. :)

  18. Oh, I love Tokyo! There’s no such thing as a bad restaurant in this town. Japan is nothing if not attentive to the details, which is why, no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re often going to find it better than you could anywhere else. I miss this place so bad. :)