March 04, 2016

St. Lukes BGC Restaurants

Almost a month ago my husband underwent Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy at St. Lukes BGC. One thing that worries me is, “Where are we going to eat?”, we all know that hospital food is known for bland taste. If they have restaurants, options are very limited. I don’t want to go out anymore because I’m not familiar with BGC area. 

But my husband assured me that it will not be a problem, “hindi ka magugutom, ang daming kainan dun” True enough when we went there, there are so many restaurants at the ground floor. Budget ko pala ang mamomoblema, hehehe!


Cafe Via Mare 
Dairy Queen 
Market on 5th Avenue by Chef Florabel 
Mary Grace 
Pizza Hut 
The Lobby Cafe 

For our fist meal, we chose Market on 5th Avenue By Chef Florabel. If you remember my post, they have a branch in Asian Hospital too, but the name is “The Cafeteria by Chef Florabel”.   

The ‘’On The Grill” meal range from P175 to P275, it includes plain rice or garlic rice. We ordered Pork Barbeque P180 and Pork Sisig with Egg P175. We take-out the food because my husband was alone in the room, additional P10 each for take-out order. 

The following day, I ordered Liempo P175 and Pork Barbeque P180 again, yes hindi favorite ng anak ko ang BBQ, hehehe!. I was surprised to see the food container, iba na. (naubos?) 

BBQ not in the photo
On the third day, we tried Cafe Via Mare for our lunch, we ordered Vigan Longganisa P325 + Extra Rice. I was planning to go back for our merienda because I wanted to try their puto bumbong and bibingka but my husband texted me na pwede na kami mag-out. 

We also bought Blizzard at Dairy Queen, as promised to my son.

St.Lukes Medical Center

32nd Street Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City


  1. sarap ng food, parang mall ang mga options sa food stall.

  2. Bonggacious pala sa St. Luke's para nasa mall lang din. :-)

    1. Meron din bank sa loob. BDO and Security Bank. :)

  3. I agree, mejo pricey pero would rather have that than the bland food usually served in hospitals. hehe. I hope your hubby is fully recovered. :)

  4. That's a lot of options for a hospital. I've never seen so many choices. That's pretty awesome.

  5. Wow that foods looks so yummy, kahit nasa hospital ka kung ganyan naman ka sarap yung foods nila parang wala ka lang sa hospital.Sometimes kasi parang nakakawalang ganang kumain pag nasa hospital ka, hehehe.

    1. True, madalas walang lasa kaya feel na feel mo na may sakit ka. :)