June 29, 2012

Keep Costs Low With These 3 Online Services

The challenge for business owners today, especially for small businesses and startups, is to maintain efficiency in their business while keeping costs low. Despite the various efficiency tools available in the marketplace, cost can be a barrier. But using a few simple online tools may be just what you need to give your business that extra boost while maintaining costs at a reasonable level.

1. PickyDomains.com

Who needs expensive branding agencies when you can rely on the power of crowdsourcing? This is exactly what PickyDomains.com is all about. A service provider for companies looking for names that stand out – particularly true for startups who aren't that well-established yet – PickyDomains has a base of at least 50,000 contributors, each ready to contribute to a pool of ideas that business owners can utilize for their naming needs.

It's fairly simple. Just register as a client, pay a downpayment of $50 for a company name - $75 if you're looking for an excellent company slogan – and provide the site with a list of your desired naming specifications. It's risk-free as clients can get a full refund if none of the suggestions fit what they want. This is a good service to consider not only for its low cost but also because a business name that is unique and stands out in a crowd is most likely to generate potential customers than a business name that disappears in the background.

2. Bitrix24.com

Keeping an efficient workspace and workflow can be quite a challenge. CRMs and company intranets typically do the job by integrating the different elements of your business or workspace while maintaining free-flowing communications between employees. Still, a service of this size and scale can cost a lot.

With Bitrix24.com, you can have the benefits of a CRM and company intranet while getting it practically free or at a relatively low price. With numerous functionality such as a free calendar, free activity planner, free messaging and free real-time streaming, you can be sure you virtually have almost all the tools you need in order to run your business smoothly, even from the comfort of your own desk. For small companies with a maximum of 12 persons, the service is free whereas an upgrade to unlimited users only costs a meager $99 a month – a good investment especially if you're looking to expand your business.

3. JetRadar.com

In today's fast-paced environment, it's essential to get things done in the least possible time – and that includes travel. Air travel is one of the fastest and most reliable modes of transportation over long distances. But with the competition in the air travel industry resulting in airlines keeping their deals and promos exclusive to their own corporate websites, travel deals and other related information may be hard to find on price-comparison websites.

With JetRadar.com, you can cut the time spent on searching for the best ticket prices significantly. JetRadar.com provides data from 728 airlines and hundreds of flight and ticketing sites, readily available to the public in a single site. This can open up a bulk of time in your schedule and allow for more productivity, and perhaps even leisure.

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