May 31, 2013

How to Check Broken Links

I’ve been blogging for more than 2 years now and I started with zero knowledge because all I wanted is to create a post and publish so until now I’m still learning. Yesterday I’ve learned about broken links, actually I have no idea about broken links and how it will affect my blog so I search for more details and here’s what I found. 

What is broken link?

A broken link is a link on a webpage that is no longer working. It is considered a dead link because it encounters errors, maybe because the link is no longer working or they attached an improper url. 

As a website owner, we need to “Check for broken links and correct HTML”. That is one of the 35 things that Google wants us to do to avoid a bad reputation that could decrease your page ranking. I do understand that because I always use Google in searching for information and I felt so disappointed if I will be directed to a dead link. It is such a waste of time. 

How to check your broken links?

There are free broken links checker and as of now I’m using this

It is so easy to use; just type your URL and click find broken links. After few minutes you will get the status. On my first check, I’ve found out that I have 70 broken links out of 3000 pages. You will see bad code, 404 error and bad host.

I spent hours in removing those broken links and until now I’m not yet finished because after I removed the links, I will type my URL again and there are still more broken links. I know that it is a tedious task but I have to do it.

May 30, 2013

Chocolate Ganache

For the last three weeks I’ve been looking for powdered sugar and it’s always out of stock. I don’t know why. So last week I’ve made chocolate ganache to pair with my vanilla cupcake.

I can’t remember where I got the recipe.

¾ cup chocolate chips
¼ cup heavy cream

Melt chocolate and cream in metal bowl set in simmering water.

Easy peasy right? 

May 29, 2013

Where to Find Home Decorating Ideas?

When I was a kid, I love browsing a home magazine, I don’t know why but maybe because we don’t have a place that we can really call our home. Since I don’t live with my parents, I experienced living with my aunts and grandmother’s house. 

Of course, every kid loves to have a home but in our case, I know that it is impossible so I just dream that someday I will have my own home. God is good because now I’m living my dream but of course the house is not yet fully furnished so I’m still busy searching for different home decor ideas.

I find different home ideas in 

1. Magazine 

I love reading and browsing home magazines like Real Living and IKEA Magazine. When I was a kid, my aunt used to work in Saudi Arabia and she always brings home IKEA magazines which I never get tired of browsing whenever we visit her but that was years ago. 

2. Store

Even I have no plan of buying, I do check home depot, home plus and others just to see their display. If there’s IKEA here, I’m pretty sure that I will be a regular visitor.  

3. Television

If I have time I do watch shows that feature home make-over, whether local or international show. 

4. Websites 

I know there are several websites and blogs about home living, home designs, and home make-over but my favorite is Pinterest because it leads me to different websites. I enjoy pinning pictures for future use.


Ginataan is one of my favorite merienda but the only ingredients that I like are banana, bilo-bilo and langka. I always feel disappointed whenever I order Ginataan and I can really count the bilo-bilo and banana, most of the ingredients are camote and sago which I’m not fond of so I cook my own version of ginataan.

I can’t give you the exact measurement because I can’t remember how many bananas I used basta inubos ko ang isang piling na saba. =)

2 cans of coconut milk
1 cup of sugar
Bilo-Bilo (glutinous rice flour + water)

Boil the coconut milk + sugar.
Add the banana and cook until half-cooked
Then add bilo-bilo. If it floats it means it is already cook.

Even there’s only banana and bilo-bilo, it was an instant hit to my family. 

May 28, 2013

Living in Luxury

I was not born with a silver spoon and I’m just an ordinary person living a simple life. I’m not asking for more because I always feel blessed but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have wishes, wants and desires. If I would be given a chance to live in luxury world even just for a day or week I would grab the opportunity just to know and experience if luxury stuff would really make people happy.

If I have the luxury in the world and money is not an issue, I would love to... 

1. Experience Cruise – though I’m not sure if I won’t experience sea sickness because the longest that I’ve travel inside a ship is 22 hours that was from Manila to Cebu. And because I felt so scared, most of the time I just stayed in the cabin and watch TV. The only time that I would go out is when we’re going to eat. 

2. European Tour – I’ve been in Europe once but that was long long time ago so given a chance, I would love to go back and experience riding a train or ship to cross other borders. 

3. Branded Stuff – I would like to purchase that branded stuff that I don’t even know if I can pronounce it right like Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Peugeot, Lacroix, L’occitane, Christian Louboutin, and Guy Laroche. 

4. Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 – since I don’t know how to drive, I will have a chauffeur to drive me wherever I want. 

5. Luxury Villa – rest and relax in luxury villa.

Well, enough for daydreaming, back to reality now and more household chores to finish. 

Blogs that I Follow

I started blogging when I resigned from being a ghostwriter. I just feel that ghostwriting is not really helping me because I’ve been on the computer for hours and I have no time with my son. I’m not really a professional writer so it gives me stress and headaches just to write a good article so I’m always tired.

Then I felt bored without doing anything at home so I started this blog and the rest is history. I know that in blogging, I can easily write because I’m just sharing stories. I thought I will just create a post and hit publish button and that’s it. But I was wrong, I have no idea that there are so many bloggers in this world and then I began to blog hop and follow some blogs that I like.

I do believe that you only follow blogs if you’re interested, if you can relate to their stories, if you can get information and if you’re learning along the way. So, I don’t force anyone to follow my blog and even after my giveaway, I don’t mind if they unsubscribe or unfollow me. They are free to stay and leave.

I have a long list of blogs that I follow so I won’t go into detail but I will share the niche.

1. Motherhood 

I’m a mother so I follow those blogs that I can relate especially to those full-time moms like me. I like reading their mommy adventures too because somehow I felt relieved that I’m not alone. I do follow working moms and work at home mom because I was amazed at their time management. Imagine, they still have time and energy to blog after work.

2. Travel 

It is not a secret here that I love to travel so I’m really interested in travel blogs. I love reading their travel stories, DIY tips, itineraries, and reviews. I discovered new places and because of that I have a long list of “Must Visit Place”.

3. Food

We love food trip and I love trying new restaurant and recipe. I stalk food bloggers who are passionate about food and drinks and no doubt that I’m gaining weight.

4. Inspirational 

I love reading inspirational blogs. Those blogs that inspire me to do DIY and Craft projects, to be closer to God and to be a good mom and wife.

5. Money 

blog talking about financials, investment, and savings. I’m not getting any younger and I know I must save and invest for our future. So I follow those financial gurus for some savings and investment tips. 

These are the niche that I follow and stalk. 

May 27, 2013

DIY Book Labels

Yesterday, after my labtest I went to National Bookstore to buy sticker paper and plastic cover. Few more days before the end of May so I covered my son’s books and started searching for free personalized stickers. When I was still studying I used to buy personalized stickers in the mall for P50, I can’t remember if it is Robbie Stickers but I can’t find a kiosk here in our place so I decided to DIY it.

Good thing I found a board in Pinterest for printable labels and tags, click here for the link. There are several choices so it took me so long to choose. I downloaded the file and type my son’s name. I can’t edit the font so no second name.

Since our printer doesn’t have ink I asked my husband to go to nearby computer shop (walking distance) to print my sticker. I saved a lot in this DIY project.

Sticker Paper P3.47 (P34.75 for 10 pcs)
Print P10
Total: P13.47 

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

Things to Consider When Traveling

Travel is one thing that makes me happy, it is something that I always look forward to whether a domestic or international trip. Even though the preparation and planning stage is somewhat stressful, I don’t mind at all because I know vacation time is approaching.

Photo from Freepik
Looking back at my past travels, I’m aware that not all were smooth and there were some mishaps along the way but those experiences taught me a lot. Always remember that there are important things that we need to consider when we are traveling and I’m sharing with you my own list. 

1. Documents 

Make sure that you bring all the documents that you need such as ticket, ID, hotel confirmation and passport. See to it that you have a photocopy of your passport, ID’s or credit card. I always have a hard copy or soft copy so just in case something happen. 

I had an experience when my son was 3 years old and the airline staff was asking for his ID or birth certificate to prove that I’m the mother but I don’t have any. That was not our first domestic trip but that was the first time that I was asked for my son’s ID. Good thing they allow us to board but after that incident I always bring a photocopy of his birth certificate. 

2. Money

Money is very significant when traveling so it is very important that you have the right amount with you to pay for airport fees, transportation, food, and accommodation. I always go to the bank or FOREX to buy foreign currency and if it is not available I buy few US dollars. Remember we’re not allowed to bring more than P10,000 outside the Philippines. 

Aside from cash, I always bring my atm and credit card, just in case I run out of money. In addition, you need to check if your ATM is internationally activated. If you have BPI atm card, you need to call to confirm if your card is good for international use. BDO is fine, I was able to use it when I was in Hongkong. Regarding credit card, luckily we’re able to use BPI and HSBC card.

3. Gadgets 

I’m pretty sure that you always bring a laptop, iPad, camera, and cellphones whenever you travel so don’t forget to bring the charger and universal adapter because not all sockets are the same.

4. Phone 

If you are a postpaid subscriber, make sure that you can use the phone abroad. It happened to me again when we went to Hongkong and Macau, my phone was useless because I can’t use it while my husband was able to use his phone, by the way, we have the same network.

I felt so discriminated, “Is it because I only have Plan 299?” Again, I was advised to activate my international roaming before traveling.

5. Weather

Sometimes due to our excitement, we forget to check the weather. I experienced this when we went to Hongkong and Macau. I have no idea that there will be rainshower so we ended up buying raincoats and additional clothes to keep us warm. 

6. Itinerary

Don’t forget your itinerary and maps so you won’t be lost. You can check advisor traveling news to give you an idea and advice on your destination. 

Feel free to add if you think I’m missing something on my list.

Swimming Graduation

I mentioned in one of my posts that I enrolled my son in swimming lessons last April and when we finished the 10 + 2 (free) sessions I did not enroll him again kasi naaawa na ko sa kulay niya at baka hindi na bumalik. Hehehe!

Then last Friday night, I received a text that there will be a graduation on May 25, Saturday at 8AM and bring money for the T-shirt. Kaloka, super late notification and I asked if it is still swimming attire or not. I did not receive a reply but the following morning I received another text that we should bring potluck. Hello! You will inform me at 7:30AM, I have no time to prepare for food and I don’t know if there’s a bakeshop or store that is already open at that time so I did not bother to bring anything.

So off we went to the venue and I was surprised that every student is wearing a swimsuit and rashguard, good thing that I brought his swimming stuff but I forgot to bring his slippers.

Anyway, there’s a friendly swimming competition according to age and my son was in 3rd place (5 kids) which is not bad kasi may age 5 siya na kalaban. I was not expecting from him because he’s not really good at using the kickboard. What is more important to me is he finished the race and he’s indeed happy.

I don’t want to post the video at baka mairita kayo sa boses ko na super cheer ng “Go Ethan” and “Kick your legs”. Like I said, it is a friendly competition so everybody is a winner. Each student receives a medal and certificate for completing the swimming class. #proudparents Since I did not bring any potluck, we just went to McDonalds to celebrate. I’m not the only one who did not bring food so di naman nakakahiya.

May 26, 2013

Tips on How to Plan Your Travel Itinerary

I enjoy planning for future trips. I have a long list of “dream destination” so searching and planning will never stop. I’m not a full-pledged traveler but I will share with you how I plan our travel trips.

1. Destination 

Since I already have a bucket list I’ll just check my list and choose which destination we want to go, domestic or international. 

 2. Date 

It is important to know the date of our vacation so it would be easy for me to book just in case there is seat sale. Most of the time I choose those special dates like birthday and anniversary so we have reason to spend. 

3. Days of Vacation 

Overnight? 3days? or 1 week? This will help you in planning your itinerary. You have to list the “must visit places”, “must try food” and possible places that you can visit just in case you have spare time.

4. Budget 

We always have a budget whenever we travel to avoid overspending. The budget is not that strict because sometimes we splurge too. Of course, we want to enjoy our travel.

5. Accommodation 

Hostel or hotels? Sometimes choosing for accommodation is not easy because there are several choices but take your time to read reviews, blogs, and forums. Consider the location and budget.

6. Plan your itinerary 

Planning an itinerary is very personal because it depends on your preference and lifestyle. Some prefer luxury trip and some prefer traveling on a shoestring. Whatever you prefer it is best to search and read, you can check tripandtravelblog to help you in planning a trip. Hope this helps.

Click here to know how to plan an itinerary

May 23, 2013

Oven-Baked Salmon

I’m a full time mom without nanny or helper so time is very precious to me. Preparing meals for my family is my everyday role and to make my life easier I always have weekly menu. My menu is not that strict. I just write menu for the whole week without specific day. If I’m busy I will cook the easiest meal listed on my weekly menu just like yesterday. I cooked Oven-Baked Salmon.

If you’ve been reading this blog for so long you know that I love salmon so from time to time I buy this fish even it is expensive. Aside from it is my favorite, it is so easy to cook too. You can grill, steam, bake or fry depending on your preference.

Sharing to you my recipe.

2 pcs of Salmon
1 Lemon Juice
Garlic Powder
¼ cup of Melted Butter
Cheese (optional)

1.Preheat oven at 375F.

2.Prepare the Salmon. Rub the fish with salt, pepper and garlic powder according to your taste. Squeeze the lemon on top of the fish. Place the melted butter and add cheese if you want. You can put quickmelt cheese, cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese. I only have mozzarella cheese so that’s what I used. =)

3.Marinate the fish. In my case after I preheated the oven I immediately put the fish inside the oven.
4.Bake for 15-20minutes.

May 22, 2013

Lunch at Razon’s of Guagua

Yesterday, my husband picked us up after his office and we went to the hospital for another lab test but the medical staff did not allow me because according to her, morning pee is needed for urine culture. My UTI is not yet clear and it seems that the antibiotic that I took last week did not respond to me so urine culture is needed. We just went to SM Sta Rosa to have our dinner.

We’re looking for a restaurant and we saw Razon’s. We tried Razon’s for a change because according to my husband masarap ang pork binagoongan and kaldereta nila but too bad, it is not available in Sta Rosa branch. So he ordered Sizzling Sisig meal P158, Dinuguan P98 and Ensaymada P45. Extra rice is P25.

If you notice most of the time we have bread or dessert because that’s the order of my son. He’s not fond of eating rice meal so we just allow him if we’re outside to avoid tantrums but if we’re at home he has no choice but to eat rice meal.

Anyway, we liked the food and my husband even ordered additional rice. He suggested that I should try Razon’s Halo-Halo because it is good but I told him I tried it before when we went to Hot Air Balloon Festival and I didn’t like it. He said, “kiosk lang kasi yun kaya di masarap, dito pino yung ice nila”. So I ordered Halo-Halo P96 and I agree that this Halo-Halo is really good.  Now, I love Razon’s Halo-Halo. =)

Razon's of Guagua Pase de Sta Rosa
June 19, 2015

We’ve been eating at Razon’s of Guagua at SM Sta Rosa since 2013 because we love their halo-halo. Last Sunday, we were in Paseo de Sta Rosa and decided to eat lunch here. My usual order here is Dinuguan with Puto P160 but since it was lunchtime I added Plain Rice P28. My husband ordered Lutong Toyo with Ebun (egg) P130 and my son ordered Tocilog P160

As I mentioned, I always order dinuguan and I don’t know why their dinuguan is so bland that time. My husband’s food is just ok, he even said, mas type pa niya luto ko. In fairness, when we tried the tocino it was good. 

Since we’re not satisfied with our meal, we just ordered our favorite Halo-Halo P105. I was glad that the taste is still the same. I love the very fine crushed ice and flavorful ingredients.

Razon's of Guagua Mall of Asia
October 29, 2019

We went to the 4th World Travel Expo last weekend. We visited different booths and we can’t decide kung saan kami magbabakasyon and kung anong package ang kukunin so we decided to eat lunch first. There are food stalls at the World Travel Expo but the options are limited so we went to Mall of Asia. It was time for lunch so halos puno lahat ng restaurant.

I don’t want to eat heavy meals so I suggested Razon’s of Guagua so I can eat their Halo-halo. So we ordered Sisig Meal PHP199, Tocilog PHP168 and Halo halo PHP120. I just noticed na sa dami ng meals ng Razon’s, ito lagi ang order nami. Hehehe! The only thing na nagbago is yung presyo. As usual, nakalimutan ko kunan ng picture ng sisig meal at kinain agad ni hubby.

May 21, 2013

Revisited Enchanted Kingdom

Last week, I was checking my husband’s phone and I read a message from my MIL (mother-in-law). Yes, from time to time I do check my husband’s phone not to spy but to delete my messages and other messages because he has this habit of not deleting messages for months.

Anyway, on our way to my MIL to pick her up for our flu vaccine I asked my husband why he didn’t reply to his mother.

Hubby: E hindi naman ako pwede, weekdays yun.
Me: Hello! May 13 is holiday so we can go to Enchanted Kingdom.
Hubby: Oo nga no! Sige, tanung ko mamaya kung meron pa.

My MIL was asking if we wanted to go to the Enchanted Kingdom because she has 4 complimentary tickets that are valid on May 13, 14, 20 and 21.  Luckily my SIL and BIL were not interested in going to the Enchanted Kingdom so we got the 3 tickets.

Fast forward to Election Day, I thought we couldn’t make it because we voted in the morning and I had my ultrasound in the afternoon too. Ang tagal ng waiting time dahil wala pa yung doctor. My husband didn’t want to go because it was raining on our way home but I told him “sayang ticket”, so we went straight to EK and God is good because the rain has stopped when we reached the theme park at 5PM.

My son was indeed excited because he really wanted to go back to HK Disneyland but of course no budget for that. I don’t know if he remembered that we’ve been in Enchanted Kingdom when he was three years old because looking at him parang first time lahat.

Since it was a holiday, I was expecting a crowded theme park but it wasn’t. I was so delighted because no long lines or queues and we were able to experience Enchanted Kingdom in less than 3 hours compared to our last visit. See my post here.

My son was able to try the rides that we’re not able to ride during our last visit because of height requirement.

We had fun in less than three hours. We were all tired so we went home early and again no more fireworks experience.

Last Saturday, my son cried because he thought we will visit EK again but sorry makikita lang siya sa SLEX on our way to Victoria, Laguna. I did not promise anything.

This post contains affiliate link/s. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

May 20, 2013

Sanuk Summer Hangover

Yesterday, I was browsing my Facebook and I’ve learned that there was Sanuk Summer Hangover in Solenad so I immediately told my husband about it. Since last year I was convincing my husband to buy Sanuk Sandals but the price is not that cheap so of course the answer is always no.

Finally, I was able to convince him yesterday so off we went to Solenad even it was raining. I registered to join the raffle.

There were a lot of people so it was hot and it wasn’t easy to choose. My husband bought a pair for P1,200 only. So if you have time visit Solenad next weekend, May 25 and 26, 2013. 

A repost from my old blog My Other Nook

May 17, 2013

Birthday at Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan

Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan is one of our choices if we have a get-together or reunion because we need a place where we could share stories while eating. #kwentuhanatkainan We are all aware that it is an “eat all you can” restaurant and they really have a wide array of food choices but most of the time we chose Kamayan only because it is cheaper.

I finally tried the Crossover, thanks to my SIL (sister-in-law) who treated us last Saturday. She decided to celebrate her birthday in Dads, Saisaki and Kamayan so after our flu vaccine off we went to Glorietta.

Lechon, Steak, Lamb Chop and Turkey

Our sore arms did not stop us from eating the ultimate buffet. Since we always avail Kamayan, I focus on Dad’s and Saisaki station. Enough said, let me share the few photos that I took because I became busy eating. 

My son only ate tempura and desserts. 
My first plate. Obvious na carnivore. Lechon, steak, lengua estofado, roast porkloin and paella.
Grilled Salmon. I tried sea urchin too, not my type.

May 16, 2013

Flu Vaccine

Flu vaccine is one vaccine that we need every year to protect us against influenza virus. It is highly recommended to everyone from 6 months old up to elderly people. People with weak immune systems and has chronic illness should get flu vaccine too.

We had our flu vaccine shot last Saturday care of my husband’s company. Even my son had his flu shot there because it is cheaper compared to his Pedia which is P1,500. Now that my son is four years old, he is really aware of injection and that is the main reason why he doesn’t want to go to the doctor anymore. In his mind, Doctor = Injection. As expected, he cried during his flu vaccine shot.

The last time that he got sick we went to different Pedia to avoid crying scene and drama moments. This is my dilemma now and I just hope next time no more dramatic moments because he needs MMR booster this year. 

Read: What is Flu?

Grilled Tanigue

Grilled Tanigue is one of the easy recipes that you can prepare at home. I marinated the fish before going to the voting precinct and after I voted, I pan-grilled the fish and after few minutes lunch was ready.

2 pcs of tanigue
Garlic Powder
1 lemon
2 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp of minced garlic
1 tbsp of olive oil (any oil will do)

Rub the fish with salt and garlic powder. Then put the soy sauce and lemon juice.
Marinate according to your preference. 30 minutes is fine.
Saute minced garlic in olive oil. Then set aside.
Grill the fish.
Serve with lemon butter sauce.

May 15, 2013

Kiddy’s Arts Town

I mentioned in my other post that I spent Mother’s Day waiting for my OB-Gyne and to kill time we went to Kiddy’s Art Town. Actually, we always see this kiosk but never dare to try this activity because we’re always in a hurry to finish our errands which is grocery and bills payment.

My son chose robot for P150 and we gave it to the staff. After few minutes, he gave us the materials including paint, cotton buds and tissue. I just hope they provide apron without even asking. I thought there was no apron but one girl requested for it but I did not get apron anymore because my son was already busy.

Since this was our first time, my husband can’t help but try this activity too. I kept on reminding him “do not help my son” and if he wanted to paint get his own stuff. =)

May 14, 2013

Baby Transport That We Have Ttried

Exactly five years ago when I’ve learned the gender of my baby, I was only four months pregnant when my doctor told me that we will have a baby boy. From that moment I started buying baby stuff listed on my “Newborn Checklist” such as baby clothes, bibs, towels, socks, mittens and many more.

Then few days after I gave birth we immediately bought our first baby transport which is a stroller. There are several baby transports that are available in the market. There are carrycots, baskets, slings, backpack, strollers, infant car seats, bicycle carriers and beautiful range of quality prams.

But I do not recommend that you should buy all stuff listed on your baby checklist because I can definitely say that there are things that you will not use. You will realize that there are stuff that are useful and some stuff are not helpful at all.

As I mentioned earlier, we immediately bought stroller only to find out that my baby didn’t want to stay in the stroller. So I tried a baby sling and to my disappointment, my son didn’t like it too. Good thing that I was able to sell the preloved stroller and baby sling online. I tried baby carrier and I was glad that our money was not wasted. My son was really comfortable in this carrier.

When he turned 6 months old, that was the only time that we started using a car seat, I did not only use this inside the car but we also use this at home so he was indeed comfortable using the car seat. If I need to go to the bathroom, I put him in the car seat while watching his favorite DVD.

Until now, we are still using a car seat, especially for long-distance travel. How about you? What is your favorite baby transport?

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not something that we really celebrate, most of the time we will just eat out depending on our time and budget. Last year, I was blessed because we celebrated Mother’s Day in Taal Vista Hotel but last weekend I spent my day waiting for my OB-Gyne. I have to see my OB because for the third time UTI attacks again.

I had this feeling that I have UTI because I was experiencing abdominal pain. My Derma suggested to repeat my urinalysis because there’s possible infection so I repeat the test and went to my OB-Gyne. I’m prone to infection because I’m currently taking Methotrexate to heal my psoriasis that is why I have to regularly visit my doctor and undergo labtest quarterly.

My OB advised me to have transvaginal ultrasound too for my peace of mind. “Hindi naman kasi pwede UTI na lang lagi pag masakit ang puson, just to be sure na walang mga bukol.” She gave me request and prescription for my UTI.

Honestly, I was a little bit worried and praying that everything would be fine. So the following day, after we voted we went to OGUSCA in Festival Mall to have my transvaginal ultrasound and I was happy because there’s no lump and my reproductive organ is fine and normal.

Even I was not able to enjoy Mother’s Day and I was not able to rest and relax, I felt relieved that my abdominal pain is not that serious. I will see my OB again this Saturday for peace of mind again, I need papsmear.

“Health is Wealth”

Last Sunday, I heard my husband and son’s conversation.
Hubby: Ethan, let’s buy gift for mommy.
Ethan: Yes, let’s buy candy crush.

“To make WOMEN happy. Give her these three things: ATTENTION, AFFECTION, APPRECIATION”