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Hi! Welcome to Michi Photostory! You can call me Michi or Mitch. I started this blog because I always want to have my own web page where I can freely write and share my own story. 

Michi Photostory is like my online diary where I share my experiences as a wife and mother, my travels, food trips, recipes and memories. Since this is a personal blog there are times that you can read my random thoughts here. I’m a psoriasis patient so from time to time you can read my stories about psoriasis, our Psorclub and PsorPhil activities and events. 


I’m a full-time mom without nanny or helper so blogging is my “Me Time”. I only have one child and his name is Ethan. 


Our family loves to travel if we have the time and budget. I do believe that you don’t have to be rich to experience and enjoy traveling. I always believe in this

 “Time doesn't wait for you... Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


If we don’t have money for travels, we do food trips. We love to try new restaurant, fastfood and even kiosk. 


I’m not a good cook or baker but I’m trying my best to be a good one. I love trying new recipes and I share it here whether it was a successful try or not. But in the eyes of my two boys, I can bake and cook anything that they like. 

Why Michi Photostory? 

I chose this title because I believe that there is a story behind every photo and I want to document and share it. This blog is part of our family moments, adventures and memories. 

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Note: Since it is really hard to maintain several blogs, I decided to discontinue Mrs Ugly Duckling, Michi's Home Sweet Home and My Other Nook so from now on you will see post about beauty products and services that I've tried, DIY and craft, money matters, tips, health and home. I will repost my old articles in those three blogs here so you will notice the old watermarks on the photos.

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