June 29, 2014

Dinner at La Fiesta: A Taste of Filipino

Philippines is known for Fiesta, we do celebrate Fiesta in different provinces and cities. There are provinces who are really famous in their festivals like Cebu, Quezon, Bacolod and many more. Filipinos love Fiesta and even I’m not a Catholic I love fiesta because Fiesta = Tons of food. I always look forward attending Fiesta because I could taste a lot of dishes for free. Oh yes, an eat all you can event. 

Update 2018: Lunch at La Fiesta 

Who doesn’t love eat all you can or buffet? I personally love buffet, it is something I look forward every time we have hotel staycation. Buffet restaurant is also my choice if we have a celebration and get together. You can see here and here the hotel and restaurant buffet that we have tried. 

Buffet = No Leftover and No Diet 

Do you know that there’s new buffet restaurant in SM by the Bay Mall of Asia? La Fiesta Restaurant is the "Largest Filipino Buffet" with over 200 dishes and as of this writing, they are now open on its second week. From its name, expect that they serve Filipino dishes originated from different Fiestas all over the country. 

I received an invitation to try La Fiesta last week. If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you know that I don’t usually attend blog events because of my location and most events fall on weekdays but when I’ve read that I can visit on my preferred date and time, I gladly accepted it.

Yesterday, we drove all the way to Mall of Asia. You won’t get lost because the La Fiesta restaurant is just beside the MOA Eye. We were there past 5PM and I asked the staff if my son is still free or not, we went inside the restaurant to check my son’s height and I was glad because he is still free. The children rate is based on height.

At 5:30 they opened the restaurant and started calling the name on the reservation list. The place is huge measures 1200sqm with 150 tables and 500 seats so they can really accommodate a good number of guests.

We did not waste time anymore and we started checking the food station, I guess they have 7 to 8 stations of food. They served grilled seafood, street foods, noodles, pizza, various types of barbeque, sisig, soup, fruits, desserts and many more Filipino dishes. 

Let the photos do the talking. 

Our favorites are lechon de leche and papaitan. 

Funny story. I was falling in line for ice cream, nung turn ko na I asked the server if there is mocca and he said “wala po ma’m” I pointed the white ice cream and asked kung vanilla yun and he said yes. I went to the table and started eating my ice cream and waah! It is not vanilla ice cream, it is durian ice cream. Nalito na yata ang server and why I was looking for vanilla and mocca ice cream, Filipino and Fiesta nga ang theme. Anyway, my husband enjoyed the durian ice cream. Hahaha! 


1. Waiting area is spacious enough, you can stay in bahay kubo or in these comfortable sofas. 

2. I love the interiors. The place doesn’t look crowded even guests started to arrive because there is enough room for you to move. 

3. I like the idea of serving different Filipino dishes especially those foods that you don’t normally cook or eat at home like Papaitan, Sisig and Dinuguan. 

4. Plus points because the buffet rate includes unlimited drinks, I guess over 20 types of drinks such as soda, juice and even beer is unlimited. 

5. The service is good from waiting area up to your table. There are staffs everywhere who gladly assist you with all your needs. You can see the smile on their faces, you can hear welcoming remarks and you can really feel their energy. I hope this kind of service will remain. 

6. They offer acoustic bands, local folk dances and harana while eating every day. There is a live cultural show every Friday, Saturday (dinner) and Sunday (lunch and dinner) but we missed it because we left early. 

7. I could say that the buffet rate is worth it because of the all you can eat food + unlimited drinks. 


1. One thing that I dislike in the buffet restaurant is the children rate. I was happy because they did not charge my son yet. Imagine if I will pay P380 and my son only ate one cone of dirty ice cream and 1 pc of yema. #lugi. 

2. The children rate is based on height so lugi rin if your children are tall.

3. I was looking for shrimps because that’s my favorite but I did not see it their grilled station. #nagkataonlangba 

La Fiesta Buffet Rate 

Mon-Sat Lunch P550

Mon-Sat Dinner P750
Sunday and Holiday P750

Children Rate

Height 3.5" ft below (FREE)
4.5" ft below (P380)
4.5: ft above (Adult rate)

Lunch Time - 11:00 - 2:00pm

Dinner Time - 5:30 - onwards 

Leftover price P950

Overall, I do recommend La Fiesta if you are into a buffet and if you want a place for get-together, reunions or celebrations. You can bring your friends or families who are balikbayans and foreigners so they can experience our traditional foods. 

La Fiesta “Largest Filipino Buffet” 

Bldg 1 SM by the Bay, Seaside Blvd 
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City 

June 27, 2014

Philippine Airlines Experience

Like I always say, our family always travels on a shoestring so Philippine Airlines is not always our option. I always book our flights on low-cost carriers especially if there is a seat sale. I booked our Manila to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flight last August and I was waiting for the promo fare for our Singapore to Manila flight.

I could not wait any longer for a seat sale so last December, I was checking and comparing the fare on different airlines. We chose Philippine Airlines because the difference is less than 2k from low-cost carriers. We all know that we have free meals and free baggage allowance already in PAL. 

I tried Philippine Airlines when we went to Cagayan de Oro for our Camiguin trip. But the food is nothing special, just biscuits and coffee. Hehehe!

But international flight is different, there is a small pillow that you can use, and a headset if you want to watch movie or sound trip. You have a full meal, there are appetizers, main course, and dessert. 

Now I know and experience the difference so if ever I have extra budget, I will choose PAL but if the budget is limited, low-cost carrier is still fine with me, especially for short time travel.

Is it Time to Hire an Attorney?

If you have been injured on the job or in a car accident or have been denied Social Security benefits, you may be feeling lost and hopeless. When individuals take on the Social Security system and major insurance carriers, they are often denied benefits, claims and services because they are unaware of the laws and loopholes pertaining to personal injury and Social Security benefits and claims. If you have spent months filling out paperwork, making phone calls, faxing and mailing documents and scheduling medical appointments only to be denied for benefits and services that you deserve, it may be time to hire an attorney to do the leg work for you.

A reputable licensed attorney with extensive experience in personal injury, worker's compensation and Social Security law will go to bat for you to get you the benefits your deserve. Even if your claim has been approved, if you are not receiving the pay you are entitled to for covering your bills or are not receiving the medical care you need as it pertains to your injury or disability, a licensed practicing attorney can help you navigate through the difficult maze of disability and worker's compensation law to get you the benefits and services you need. 

If you are tired of jumping through hoops and ready to get what you deserve, you need an attorney with extensive experience and credentials in Iowa. Attorney James P. Hoffman is an example of a prestigious attorney with years of experience and credentials pertaining to worker's compensation, personal injury and Social Security law. He has tried and settled cases ranging from a few dollars to several million dollars, and he has frequently been listed in the Who's Who directory. He is also a member of the Million Dollar Forum for attorneys. This list maintains a list of top trial lawyers, and he frequently lectures at attorney and medical conventions about corporate law, negligence and personal injury fields of law. He has been admitted to several district, supreme and tax courts and carries a Juris Doctorate Degree in addition being a board certified hypnosis expert.

If you need professional representation, an attorney like James P. Hoffman will go to bat for you, organize files, submit claims and fight to get you the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve, or you could spend years fighting the system and appealing denials for benefits on your own; the choice is clear.

June 26, 2014

DIY Bag Tag

Bag tag is really important especially for preschool kids so they can easily identify their stuff. I remember when my son was in nursery, one of my mommy friend in school shared a story about “nagkapalitan ng baon. Her son’s classmate ate her son’s baon thinking that it was his baon. Hehehe! They have the same “Lightning Mcqueen Snack Bag”. After that incident teacher advised moms to inform their kids about their baon. 

So every year, I make sure that my son has a bag tag. Last month I was thinking if I will make my own bag tag or just order. Then I saw the bag tag of Thoughtful and Personal Creations so I order instead.  

Then few days after I ordered, I found this free printables bag tag, I checked the link and printed it. I used this for my son’s name tag in school. Click here to get the file. 

Update: May 2015

June 24, 2014

Glimpse of Changi Airport

When my husband’s officemate learned that we're going to KL and Singapore, he offered us a free pass to Singapore Zoo but unfortunately, the only schedule available is our last day in Singapore so we did not accept it, sayang! We need to check-out at 12nn so mabibitin lang kami sa Singapore Zoo. I think I need one whole day to enjoy Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari, maybe next time.

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So we stayed in our hotel till check-out and went straight to Changi Airport. I returned our Singapore Pass in Bugis Station to claim the SGD10 deposit and bought a one-way ticket going to the airport. 

Changi airport is huge that you will not get bored but our feet were already tired for our six days trip so we just relaxed and enjoyed the free wifi. 

After check-in, we ate at Paradise Inn Restaurant, I forgot the name of the meal that we ordered but it all tastes good. 

Then we walked towards to boarding gate, stayed for several minutes in Social Tree. It is a new attraction that allows travelers to instantly share photos in social networking profiles. 

Took some photos and waited for our departure.

June 23, 2014

Glide Ironing Aids

Well, aside from cleaning the bathroom, ironing clothes is one of the household chores that I dislike doing but of course, I have no choice but to do it because I don’t like wearing wrinkled clothes.

Since last year I’ve been using Glide Starch Spray to help me in my ironing task and just recently I tried the Glide Easy Iron. I love these products because it also freshens the clothes as in ang bango ng damit. I love the smell.

I search for more information and here’s what I’ve found source

Glide Easy Iron – Specially designed to make ironing faster and easier.  It has a heat-activated Fabric Protect Formula that leaves an invisible protective film on clothes, preventing stain or dirt from being easily absorbed by the fabric. For faster, easier, smarter ironing!

Glide Starch Spray - Specially formulated with Pro-Form Active that provides form and body making your clothes crisp and smart-looking all day.  It has a unique formula that keeps clothes wrinkle-free for a long time.  Glide Starch Spray is designed for everyday use; and is ideal for office wear, school uniforms and special fabrics that need added form.

June 19, 2014

Singapore Flyer and more

Our six days trip in KL and Singapore are still not enough, I still have long list of places that I wanted to visit or revisit. I mentioned in my Legoland Malaysia post that we went to Singapore Flyer to avail the coach transfer of WTS travel agency. 

Since we’re still early for our bus schedule we have time to stroll. We’ve seen Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay from afar. I’ve reading a lot of good reviews about the garden.

We checked the Singapore Flyer and praying that someday I can conquer my fear of heights so I can ride this. 

We’re supposed to go to River Safari on our sixth day but we decided to stay in the hotel until check out and kill our time in the airport. #tired Well, I hope there will be next time to visit the place that we missed.

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Upcycle: Crayon Case

My son started school last week and I noticed yesterday that his crayon box was already torn. 

I was planning to buy crayon case to replace the crayon box. But of course I was also looking for small boxes in our home. My husband suggested to use the calling card case but I didn’t mind him because I thought the crayons won’t fit. 

But my husband tried it...ta-dah! 

I put label and voila, we don’t need to buy. #instantsolution #upcycle

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

Shopping at Fab Manila

I was planning for my friend’s baby shower last month and I was thinking for simple giveaways. I decided to buy microwavable popcorn as my giveaway and I’ll just put sticker of “Ready to Pop”

But I saw Fab Manila kiosk when we went to Alabang Town Center and I decided to buy small purse instead. I always check this kiosk every time we’re in ATC. I bought multipurpose sleeves and purse before and I love it so I’m sure my friends will love it too. I bought purse at P30 and gift wrapper too for future use at P30 per bundle. 

Fab Manila sells bags, wallets, travel items and organizers. You can buy online or in their store. If you still remember the memo card that I bought in The Candy Shop, it is also available in Fab Manila store. 

IG @fabmanila

Sappe Beauti Drink

I accompany my grandmother every month in the grocery and while checking the grocery shelves, I saw Sappe Beauti Drink. I’m aware of beauty pills like glutathione and collagen but a beauty product that you can drink is so new to me. Out of curiosity, I bought two pieces of L-Gluthathione and Collagen at P35 each. It is light apple flavored drink so it is like drinking a regular juice. 

Collagen tighten hair follicle, prevent osteoporosis, alleviate shrinkage and maintain skin elasticity. It increase skin moisture.

L-Glutathione whiten skin naturally, reverse dark skin pigments,turning to light pigments and protect skin from UV rays.  

One bottle of Sappe Beauiti Drink Collagen contains 1000mg of collagen while the Sappe Beauti Drink L-Gluthatione contains 100mg of L-Glutathione. 

I cannot attest if is effective or not since I only tried two bottles. If I have budget I will buy Sappe Beauti Drink (with 8,000 mg Fibre and L- Carnitine) for good digestion and Collagen because I’m not getting any younger. 

Note: Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating mother.

June 13, 2014

Shopping at Thoughtful and Personal Creations

Last month, I’ve been thinking if I will make a DIY bag tag or I’ll just order. I saw some bag tags in instagram so I inquired. I ordered two Bag Tag P115 each for my son’s school bag and one Lauren Canvas Tote Bag P350 for me. 

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I received my order yesterday and my son was so happy with his bag tag. 

If you love to personalize your stuff you can check Thoughtful and Personal Creations, check their photos in instagram @mimssac

Payment Option: Metrobank Payment

June 10, 2014

DIY School Money Labels

For the past two years, I always put my son’s money in a small ziplock bag and place it on his portfolio (clear plastic envelope) so his teacher can see it. The money is for contribution or payment for the class pictures or any school stuff.

Then last summer while I was looking for school labels, I saw this school money label. It is free so I printed it and bought a small envelope where I will put the money. It is very useful and I’ve used it for school service payment and now I’m attaching this envelope in his notebook for the name patch payment. 

Click here to get the file.

June 06, 2014

Dinner at D’ Banquet

I was clearing my photo folder and I saw our photos when we dined at D’ Banquet. I discovered this place when we were looking for Amira’s Buco Tart.

Last Mother’s Day we went to Tagaytay to have our dinner and decided to try the D’Banquet. According to the menu, “It is a fine dining, pasalubong center and events venue in the heart of Tagaytay.” We ordered the P99 steak, Sinampalukan na Native Chicken P150 and Ube Halaya P140. 

The steak was ok for its price, my husband and son enjoyed the sinigang while the ube halaya is just ok, we still prefer the Good Shepherd Ube. If you are looking for affordable meals in Tagaytay, I do recommend this because the price is inexpensive. #sulitmeals

June 01, 2014

Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard

We love loyalty cards or membership cards where we can earn points, get discounts or freebies but we seldom avail restaurant cards because we seldom eat out and when we do, we try to eat at different restaurant. 

For the last several years, we avail loyalty cards like in Pizza Hut and Shakey’s. My husband loves Shakey’s pizza so whenever you ask him “san tayo kain?” Shakey’s is always one of his choices especially pag nasa Festival kami just like yesterday. I had my labtest at Healthway so after that we went to Shakey’s to have our lunch.

Our usual order is wholesome combos and family meal deals, yesterday we ordered 2 bunch of lunch, mojos and ice cream sundae for my son.

One staff offered Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard, we’re about to decline but when he asked if there’s any birthday celebrant for the month of May and June, we said yes. The staff said, we can get Free Large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza for the birthday celebrant so we availed the card. 

I don’t know when this freebie started because this is not the first time that we avail Shakey’s card and we do not know about the free pizza. So here are the things that you can enjoy when you avail the card. 

1.Buy 1 take 1 deal and free drink deals. 

2. 10% discount on cash or credit card purchases, for non-promo items eaten at any Shakey’s restaurant.
3.Every 100-peso for dine-in and carry out transactions, earns 1 point which can be accumulated and used as cash in any Shakey’s restaurant. 
4.On the day of your birthday, all you have to do is visit a Shakey’s restaurant, have your Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard swiped and, voila, you can claim the FREE Large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza! (But in our case, they gave pizza in advance) 

The card is valid for one year and we paid P399 for this card. For more information about the card, click here 

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

Choosing School Bag

My son has been going to school for two years already but this year is my first time to buy a school bag. For the last two years, they only bring snack bag every day because they leave everything in school. The only time I see his notebook is every Friday and his books every exam. They just need a long envelope with a handle to carry those stuff.

But this year I have to buy a school bag because I transferred my son from Montessori school to Traditional school. We just bought my son school bag yesterday, we delayed it because we wanted to buy the books, notebooks and other supplies first so we can determine the size of the bag that he needs.

Honestly, I was really shocked when I saw the prices of school bags. Waah! It is really expensive and it can really hurt my budget. Most of the parents were looking at the character section but I went straight to the luggage section because I prefer non-character bags. I’m glad my son did not choose Lightning Mcqueen and Mickey Mouse bags even he saw those bags on our way to luggage corner.

I chose Hawk Bag because we have tried this brand before and according to study, this bag passed the US standard for consumer products so it means that it is durable and safe for everyday use. The bag contains undetectable traces of lead content, ranges from 5 pp to 42 ppm. There were only three colors available, red, blue and neon green and we chose the neon green because the two colors are very common.

Hawk Bag Features 

1. Ergonomic Design - I like the design because it is not that big, space is enough for the height of books and notebooks. The size is suitable for my five-year-old son.
2. It has a shoulder strap with dual density foam if you don’t want to drag it.
3. Heavy-duty zipper
4. Multi-organizer
5. Weather resistance - if it rains, you can use the cover to protect the bag. 6.Lock Stitch Technology 7. A common problem of this bag is when it is heavy, it tends to fall but Hawk bag has a solution, you can pull the bottom part so it will balance the weight.

The bag includes a free water bottle and sandwich bag at the side. We bought it at the regular price of P2499.75. How about you, how do you choose your bag?

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