February 27, 2015

From Heels to Flats

I remember when I was young, I really want to be tall because I wanted to be a flight attendant and travel the world but I was not blessed with height.  And because of that, I always wear high heel shoes to increase my height. 

We cannot deny that high heels shoes look stylish, elegant and sexy. It makes your outfit looks fabulous and it also adds confidence. But I have to say goodbye to high heels and say hello to flat shoes.

It all started when I was pregnant, of course, I can’t wear high heel shoes anymore for safety reasons. Then I had my son and I’m still not wearing high heel shoes. Maybe because I don’t care anymore about my height and I realized that there are advantages in wearing flats. 

1. As a mom, it is very practical for me to wear flat shoes especially if I have to chase my very active son. 

2. I feel comfortable in wearing flat shoes in doing my errands. I can do my grocery without feeling pain in my feet. 

3. I can go to distance especially when I’m traveling so I make sure I wear flat shoes or sneakers. 

4. For health and safety reasons, I know that wearing high heels can lead to chronic pain. You can check the list of “The Worst Shoes For Your Feet” article. 

5. Since I’m a full-time mom, I prefer wearing flat shoes whenever I go out because it matches with my jeans and shirts outfit.

I’m not claiming that flat shoes are better than high heels shoes but I’m just saying that flat shoes work for me. It is best to search and invest in good quality flat shoes. ZALORA has a great selection of loafers for women. View their collection here".

February 26, 2015

DIY Kid’s Tool Belt

Last Sunday, I noticed that my son loves putting his toys in between his shorts or pajamas and body so I searched for pattern and tutorial on how to make kid’s tool belt. 

I was happy that I’ve made it though the stitches in one pocket is not straight, hehehe! But I’m planning to make a bigger one because my son tends to put so many stuff inside so he needs more pocket.

Click here for the pattern and tutorial.

February 23, 2015

Glamping a.k.a Glamorous Glamping at Nurture Wellness Village

It was two years ago when I learned about the word glamping a.k.a glamorous camping. I’ve read that in Chyng’s blog, she posted about her glamping in Sumilon, Cebu and since then I included glamping in my bucket list.

Honestly, I’ve never experienced sleeping in a tent because I did not join Girl’s Scout when I was young. I didn’t join any overnight mountain climbing activities when I was in college because my major concern is the comfort room.

Last January 5, I saw this Glamping Package at Deal Grocer and I called my husband if he’s interested. I asked him to call Nurture Wellness to check if February 18, is still available and he was informed that it is still available. So I immediately purchased the voucher and reserved the date. Good thing that Feb. 19 is a holiday (Chinese New Year) so my son will not miss any lessons in school. 

The package includes 

22 hours overnight stay at a naturally ventilated camping tent 

Bon Fire, BBQ diner with rice, fresh fruit platter, and lime basil cocktail
Arrozcaldo breakfast with homemade bread & Pate with kale juice 
30 minutes outdoor treatment choice of facial, foot massage, or head and shoulder massage. 
Common toilet and bath, with toilet amenities. 

I paid $96.53 (P4500) for the voucher but the regular rate is P3,190 per person, minimum of two persons. My son who is 6 years old is still free of charge.

Fast forward to our wedding anniversary, we fetched our son in school and went straight to Marcia Adams for our 12nn reservation. After our filling lunch, off we went to Nurture Wellness Village

I just gave my Deal Grocer Voucher + Confirmation Voucher + Valid Id and they gave us forms to fill up + welcome drink which is hot tea. The staff asked us what time we prefer for the bonfire then she scheduled our massage. She also informed us about the Tai Chi and Nurture Walk schedule if we are interested to join. After that, the butler ushered us to our camping site. 

I love our camping site because we have our own dining table, bonfire place, sink, and huge tent, I think the tent can accommodate 3 mattresses. Aside from the mattress, the tent has an electric fan, a small table, and a small bean bag. My son was looking for television so we allowed him to use the Ipad just for the day. 

My husband and son played in the playground and then swam in the swimming pool while waiting for our facial massage schedule. The staff even gave us towels in the pool.

The therapist fetched us from our tent for our facial and ushered us here.

The place was really nice and relaxing. We really enjoyed our 30 minutes facial, after that parang ang sarap na matulog. Now I know, why their massage is on the pricey side. After the massage, they gave us hot tea and ushered us back to our camping site. 

Check some spa vouchers here. 

When we arrived, the camping butler was preparing the bonfire, the foods were there and the dining table was already set up. We’re just waiting for our dinner. The grilled food was just ok but we liked the lime basil cocktail. 

After dinner, we went inside the tent to rest and sleep. I thought I couldn’t sleep soundly because it was my first time sleeping in a tent, I can hear the flapping of the leaves and I was worried na may ghost. Hehehe

The following morning, even though it was still cold I took a bath immediately para solo ko bathroom. Thank God that a hot shower is available in the common CR.

Knowing me, I did not join the Tai Chi exercise so we had breakfast na lang. They serve the arrozcaldo, bread, and kale juice. We ordered a bacon meal for my son. The breakfast meal was just ok, I didn’t like the arrozcaldo (too bland for my taste). The only thing I liked is kale juice.

After breakfast, we joined the Nurture Walk where you can see their farm and fish pond. It is 45 minute's walk (round trip) from Nurture Wellness Village. 

After that, we spent the remaining hours in the tent while contemplating where are we going to eat our lunch but we ended up eating at their restaurant. As I mentioned above, our dinner and breakfast were just ok so I was not expecting that we will enjoy our lunch. But I was wrong, we liked the Pork Binagoongan and Sinampalukan na Manok meal. So bumawi sila sa food dun, they even gave us complimentary bread while waiting for our lunch. We ordered additional rice for my son.

Overall, we really enjoyed our glamping experience. It was a different experience compared to our hotel staycation.  A unique way to spend our anniversary. It was simple yet fun. 


1. The place was really inviting and relaxing. It is nice to know that they live up to their name. It is clean and well-maintained.

2. I’ve been to different places and Nurture Wellness is the third resort/place that I’ve given a perfect score when it comes to service. Yes, we love their service. From the time we check-in and check out, we really feel the welcome of the staff. Even the gardener will greet you and smile at you. They are all approachable and professional. The other two resorts that we enjoyed the service are Pearl Farm Resort and Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa

3. We have a camping butler who will attend to our needs. 
4. Free wifi, yes we have wifi in the tent. 
5. I like the serving and presentation of the food. 


Not really dislike but things that they should improve. 

1. I think the tent should be replaced because I can see small holes and cut and the zipper is not working properly. 

2. The grilled food is just ok, I hope camping guests are allowed to bring food because I love grilled liempo or porkchop. The arrozcaldo really needs improvement. 

3. In the form there was birthday and wedding anniversary information so I was expecting that we will have a surprise on that day but there was no surprise. Hehehe! Umasa lang ako. 

My Body Massage Experience.

Nurture Wellness Village 

Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II 
West Cavite, Tagaytay, 
Luzon 4120, Philippines
Mobile: +63 918 888 8772
Telephone: +63 2 710 9786
Email: info@nurture.com.ph 

February 20, 2015

Lunch at Marcia Adams

Marcia Adams is on my bucket list for the longest time but it took me so long to try this because I’m aware that the price is not cheap. So after a few years of waiting, I finally crossed it out from my list. It was our 9th wedding anniversary so we have reason to splurge. 

My husband called the day before our trip to make reservations. We fetched our son in school and off we went to Alfonso, Cavite for our lunch. Though the restaurant has no signage, going to Marcia Adams is not difficult, just drive till you reach Residence Inn Zoo and turn right and drive till you see the famous door at the left side. 

Marcia Adams is also known as Tuscany in Tagaytay, I don’t know why because I’ve never been to Tuscany, Italy. Anyway, upon seated the staff gave us the menu, the main course price is for a 3-course meal, which includes an appetizer and dessert. The cheapest price is P700 + service charge. 

While waiting, the staff serve complimentary bread + balsamic vinegar and oil 

My order is Soup of the Day, Grilled Aromatic Pork, Pana Cotta with Lemon Sauce P700 and Homemade Lemon Lime Bitters P105.

My husband ordered Amalfi Prawns, Italian Pork Chop and Banana Split for P795. 

We liked the two appetizers the shrimp are very tender and flavorful and the soup was filling enough. For the main course, I prefer the Italian Pork Chop compared to my order, the Grilled Aromatic Pork is just okay for me. I did not finish my order to think that I shared it with my son because the serving is really huge. The desserts were just okay too, medyo bitin. Hehehe! 

I like the place because it is not crowded and though it is a non-airconditioned room, you won’t feel hot. If we were not in a hurry, we will take our time in eating our food. The service was good too. 

Marcia Adams 

J.P.Rizal St, Brgy Sikat 
Alfonso, Cavite 
0917 801-1456 
Cash payment only 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MarciaAdamsResto/timeline

February 18, 2015

Pasalubong from Bacolod

The first time I went to Bacolod was in 2012, it is where we celebrated our wedding anniversary, it is our “Eat, Pray and Love” version. Bacolod is not really known for tourist spots but famous because of Masskara Festival. I'm not fond of festivals but one thing I like in Bacolod is their food. 

Read: 31 Hours In Bacolod
Food Trip in Bacolod

The famous tourist spots in Negros Occidental are “The Ruins” in Talisay, Ancestral Houses in Silay, and 7 Falls in Mambukal Resort which is far from Bacolod. But whenever you research for Things to do in Bacolod, you will see those places but the truth is they are located outside Bacolod. 

Whenever my husband has a business trip in Bacolod, I always asked him to buy a cake for my pasalubong. Since I was young, I dislike blueberry cheesecake but after I tasted the Calea Blueberry Cheesecake, everything changed. Now I love Cheesecake. 

Too bad, Calea is located in Bacolod but I was happy that I can taste this from time to time. This cheesecake is not overly sweet, the crust has nuts that give a different texture and taste. You can also taste some chocolate chips. Yummy! 

I told my husband to buy half cake only because we’re only three in the house. I remember last time, hirap na hirap kami ubusin yung whole cake.

Aside the cheesecake, I also love Napoleones. It is a puff pastry with cream inside and top with powdered sugar.  I bought two boxes of Napoleones when we were in Bacolod but it did not reach Manila anymore. Kinain na namin sa biyahe. 

So if ever you visit Bacolod, go to Calea and don’t forget to buy Napoleones.

February 16, 2015

How Did You Spend Your Valentine’s Day?

Last week I was planning where are we going to celebrate our Valentine’s day because that it also our 12 years anniversary as a couple. But none of my lists materialized. I was thinking to join my husband business trip in Bacolod because we have no classes for 4 days due to “Educational Congress” but since the trip was just overnight it is not practical to spend for plane ticket. 

Day before Valentine’s day, I sew drawstring pouch again, this will serve as a treat bag or envelope where my son will put his Valentine’s card. For the last few years, we’ve been receiving cards such as Mother’s Day, Christmas card and Valentine’s card because that is part of my son’s school/summer class activity but since we have no classes, I know that we won’t be receiving any card so I told my son to make card for his daddy. 

After dinner, we painted the drawstring pouch and my son said “Mommy, faster! Daddy is coming home”. Hehehe But my husband texted me that his flight was delayed so I know we have more time to prepare. 

I printed a card with funny messages and I had a hard time choosing one. In the end, I chose this message “There's nobody I'd rather lay in bed and look at my phone with” It is funny but true, most of the time we will lie in bed side by side and our focus is on our phones. So I told my husband that we should change that.

I also printed this love quest survey and favorite questionnaire, like I said, we’re celebrating our 12 years and many things have changed so it is nice to get to know each other again. 

I waited for my husband’s pasalubong/Valentine’s gift and he came past 12AM, just in time for Valentine’s Day so we ate Calea blueberry cheesecake before going to bed. My husband knew that I don’t like flowers so he already stopped giving me flowers. 

And because napuyat ako, I was really lazy to go out on Valentine’s Day. My husband wanted to go to Nuvali for the Nightsky Cinema but I chose to stay at home and rest. 

There’s nothing special on our Valentine’s day but one thing I like in this celebration is we “Spend less and love more”. We have simple celebration and gift but it is also nice to know more about my husband. I enjoyed reading the love quest survey. 

Click to get the printables. 

Funny Valentine’s Card

Valentine’s Card 
Love Quest Survey/Questionnaire 
Be my Valentine Card

February 11, 2015

DIY Drawstring Bag and Pouch

After I finished hand sewing my felt stuffed letters, I decided to make a drawstring pouch where I can put all the letters.

I searched for different tutorials and I saw a 3 minute video on how to make a drawstring pouch which I followed. Since I’m just using a plain white cloth, I tried to put some design by placing our initials. 

First time to try applique and it is not easy to sew along the edge but still I was glad with the result. 

And because of that I watched the Bag Making Basics Class that I enrolled online and printed the step by step guide. These are the finished products.

I like this drawstring bag because it has a lining inside so it has a “clean look”. 

Lastly, I watched the free tutorial video from Brother sewing machine. This project wasn’t easy because I have to do zigzag stitch, straight stitch and button hole. So it took me a long time trying to figure out how can I do button hole. Thank God for the sewing manual. 

I’ve made six but I need to buy more ribbon or string for the remaining drawstring pouches.

Among the three, my favorite is the second drawstring bag. If you notice, I’m still using my fabric scrap from pajama

February 10, 2015

Shakey’s Countdown to 40

It is no secret here that our family loves Shakey’s so we are frequent diner of this restaurant. Last Sunday, after paying our phone bills we ate our lunch in Shakey’s. I saw this 1 to 40 Meal Deal but I did not mind it because I saw salad. I don’t eat salad so we browse the menu again and order Deal 2. We always order Deal 1 but since we wanted pasta, we upgrade to deal 2. 

The staff, informed us about the 1 to 40 meal deal since there’s only a P35 difference with our order. She gave us this sticker menu where we can create our own combination of soup, salad, appetizer, pizza, pasta, mojos, and chicken. For number 4, you can choose either dessert or drinks. 

We still ordered our favorite which is Manager’s Choice pizza, Chicken ‘N Mojos, Carbonara and Banana Split for P1240

The only downside of this meal is we can’t use Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard. Sayang din ang 10% discount. After paying our bill, the staff gave us this scratch card but unfortunately, we did not win anything. Better luck next time. 

FYI, every Shakey’s 1 to 40 MEAL Deal purchase entitles the Guest to one Scratch Card from February 4 to March 15, 2015 with a chance to win one of the 40 instant prizes. 5 winners of 11” Macbook Air, 5 winners of Iphone 6 Plus, 15 winners of Ipad Air 2 and 15 winners of GoPRo Hero4.