January 30, 2018

Shopping at Mumuso

I was in Southwoods Mall last week and while looking for a restaurant, I saw Mumuso. We are all familiar with Miniso and Daiso which a popular store in Japan but now we also have Mumuso which is from South Korea

Mumuso means Hibiscus Life, it is a national flower of the Republic of Korea. Just like the two stores, Mumuso offers affordable quality products. So far they have 23 branches around the Philippines and I’m so glad they have a branch near our place which is Southwoods Mall.

The store in Southwoods Mall is not that big but it offers different products that you might like such as bags, wallet, organizer, toys, notebook, and even beauty products. I wasn’t able to take some pictures because I’m busy checking their cute products. I have no plans to shop pero napabili pa rin ko, I just bought the things that we need in the house. 

Volcanic Soil Refreshing Blackhead Removing Pore Strip P99 
50 Individual Packed Teeth Floss P99 
Blue Cotton Stick (Pointed + Round Head) P129 
Korean Solid Color Bow Hairband P99 

I bought two pieces of 3-step Blackhead Remover Nose Strip at Althea Korea but my husband prefers the Nose Strip, yung wala ng step 1, 2 and 3. Step 2 na agad, hehehe! Which is actually good because it is much cheaper. The 3 steps nose strip is around P60 to P80 per pack (one time use only), yung nabili ko na pore strip P99 lang, marami na. Before, sa Watsons ako nakakabili nito.

I also bought packed teeth floss and blue cotton stick, I like the cotton buds because it is a combination of a pointed and round head. I think this is expensive for P129, feeling ko mas mura sa grocery, though rounded lang meron. The bowknot hair band, I got this because cute and I feel that I need this. Then when I got home, parang namahalan na ko sa P99. hehehe! Anyway, according to the packaging, I can use this Bowknot Hair Band when 

1. Washing my face or doing my makeup 
2. Doing sports and yoga 
3. Put a mask on face 
4. Read and learn 

You have to pay for the shopping bag if you want an extra bag.

Update (April 2018)

I was back in Southwoods Mall and I bought some stuff for our upcoming travel. I bought cellphone ring (P99) and Vaccum Flask for (P479)

Southwoods Store Biñan, Laguna

Update: June 10, 2018

I went back to Mumuso and bought Vaccum Flask P399 and Glass Container P199 for my son and the following day, my husband showed me this video. The video claimed that Mumuso is not from Korea but China. Some beauty products are imitations of some popular brand. It so sad to know this information because all along, I thought this is a Korean store. I felt deceived. :(

January 29, 2018

Lunch at Buffalo Wings N’ Things

I was out last Friday because my friends’ daughters were part of Matilda play in their school so they invited us to watch. I told them that I can only watch the morning schedule because I need to be home before my son’s class dismissal. Good thing, there are still available tickets. So my friend and I went to their school as early as 8:30AM and we left immediately because we were going to our kids’ school din.

We just received a letter that we need to pay Field Trip fee. Actually, I was surprised that I need to pay the fee because for the last three years, kasama na yung Educational Trip sa tuition so I immediately checked the schedule of school fees and wala nga dun yung field trip. Waah! There was an additional 15% increase this school year tapos wala pa field trip fee. Then, due date na agad ang bayad in 5 days. Anyway, wala rin naman ko magagawa kundi magbayad because my son wanted to join the Field Trip. Kung ako lang, hindi ko na siya pasasamahin kasi ang panget ng pupuntahan nila. hehehe!

Buffalo Wings N' Things

After that, we went to Southwoods Mall to eat our lunch. This mall started operating last September 30, 2017 but it was only last Friday that I was able to visit this place. I told my friend na dumaan kami dito kasi hindi pa ko nakakapunta and she gladly agreed with me.

We were checking all the restaurants in the mall and I suggested Buffalo Wings N’ Things because it’s been years since the last time I ate here. You can check my review here and here. I browsed their menu but I ended up ordering my usual order which is Garlic Parmesan Cheese Chicken and NY Cheesecake Ice Cream P99. They have Lunch Special Promo that time so 6pcs of Garlic Parmesan Cheese + Steamed Rice is only P149. Last time, fries ang kasama nung chicken but now, additional fee if you want fries. Anyway, my friend ordered Garlic Parmesan Cheese Chicken P149 and Chicken Quesadilla P189. 

We enjoyed our food but when it comes to bill out, ang tagal namin naghintay maybe because there are a lot of customers and isa lang ang staff na nagtake ng order, serve and pati sa bill-out. I hope they will hire additional staff. :)

Anyway, I noticed the “Hukad” tarpaulin at Southwoods Mall so if you live or if you’ve been to Cebu, you knew this restaurant. We tried this restaurant when we went to Cebu two years ago and I will try this again pag-open na.

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January 26, 2018

10 Most Popular Spots in Dominican Republic for Families

The mention of Dominican Republic conjures up images of powdery white beaches and warm blue waters. It is just the ideal destination to head for a vacation with your children. What makes the Dominican Republic simply perfect is a family beach vacation. There are homes for rent in Dominican Republic as well as all-inclusive resorts at affordable price points. One can look forward to nightly entertainment, kid’s clubs and multiple restaurants along with a range of activities and watersports. The finest outdoor playground of the Caribbean is simply a picture-perfect vacation for families on a budget. 

As one of the best kid-friendly destination, the Dominican Republic boasts of beautiful beaches and lush tropical landscapes. Just two hours south of Miami, the relaxing Caribbean getaway offers cultural outings, water sports, and all-inclusive resorts. There are miles and miles of coastline overlooking the Caribbean Sea, rainforests, National Parks and cacti-studded deserts. 

Here are the 10 most popular spots for families on vacation with kids. 

1. Pico Duarte is the tallest point in the Caribbean as it rises more than 10,100 feet. The highest mountain in all of the Caribbean Islands is made of uplifted rocks and is covered with cool pine forest and ferns. Located in the Cordillera Central, one can indeed take a cool break from the heat of the tropics of the Caribbean in Pico Duarte. Several routes are available for hikes and trekking. La Ciénaga Route is one of the most popular routes and is not difficult at all. La Pelona, only two meters lower is a twin summit of Pico Duarte. 

2. Lake Enriquillo is the deepest point in the Caribbean, and it falls 131 feet below sea level, and lies to the south are the Sierra de Neiba. Water flowing off the Neiba drains to saline Lake Enriquillo, which is the largest natural lake. The secluded and picturesque place is popular among the tourists and is the only habitat of the American crocodile. There are natural reefs and natural springs of curative sulfur as well as an astounding variety of wildlife near the lake. 

3. Puerto Plata towards the North Coast is a historic seaport. Christopher Columbus called it as the "port of silver" during his 1492 voyage because of the glistening silver color of the coast takes on during the sunset. The seaside city has been catering to the ships carrying goods ever since ancient times and offers spectacular beaches. Explore the majestic colonial architecture or enjoy breathtaking views atop Mount Isabel de Torres with your family. 

4. Cabarate is a small village that lies east of Puerto Plata. The fishing and farming hamlet has become a popular sports capital of the country. The grown-up beach town area is booming with condos and new development and is an ideal spot to base yourself. Enjoy surfing, or windsurfing, or kitesurfing as well as get a great dining and shopping experience. 

5. Get a beach-oriented family break in Dreams Palm Beach. There are miles and miles of fantastic, white-sand beaches. Children can enjoy their clubs and other fun activities like kayaking in the reef-protected section of beach. There is excellent food in a wide choice of restaurants as well as some great movies to enjoy while relaxing on the sand. 

6. Playa Rincón is simply perfect with its soft, white sands and multihued water. There's a small rivulet at the far western end, and it is indeed great to take a quick freshwater dip. Enjoy great swimming across the uninterrupted stretches of the beach in calm waters. It is indeed a great spot to spend the entire day with your family, simply lazing around and picnicking. 

7. Punta Cana is another most popular destination, and millions of bodies can find their own space and place amidst the expansive beach with countless palm trees. Hundreds and thousands of tourists arrive here during the winter months. The best part is that one can holiday here on a budget, enjoy excellent accommodations and all the food and drink plus the water sports. 

8. Samaná is a first-class premium of Dominican-Caribbean dream. Much more cosmopolitan and far more laid-back, there is a strong European vibe here. Tourists and travelers come here majorly for North Atlantic humpback whales from mid-January to mid-March. The whales do their migratory song and dance. You will love the lively social scene as well as the best and most secluded beaches here. 

9. Montaña Redonda, with its dramatic mountaintop viewpoint id perfect for a weekend getaway. You can take photos as you swing in sky-high swing sets and jaw-dropping sea views. After the horse rides and zip lining, enjoy some great food at the local restaurants. 

10. Centro León, the large, modern museum is loved by all the families. The world-class institution boasts of an impressive collection of paintings that showcase the evolution of Dominican art from the 20th century. The three exhibition rooms focus on the island’s biodiversity, its history and cultural diversity, Dominican art; and aviary and photography exhibition.

The above are just a few of the offerings from the one of the Caribbean's most geographically diverse countries. It is hard to ignore the evocative colonial architecture, the stunning mountain scenery and the beaches galore. Plan a great trip here with your family and come back with some great memories. You will surely love it and your kids will have precious new lifetime adventures to talk about back home.

January 25, 2018

Boomdeahdah Beauty Products Review

I’ve been buying Korean Beauty Products since September and so far I’m happy with all my orders. I find joy in discovering new beauty products and most of all, I can buy those products at a discounted price.

Boomdeahdah means “We love the whole world”, this is one of my favorite brand in Althea Korea site because their products are budget-friendly. So far, I already tried the Rose Body Lotion and 8 variants of their facial mask. You can check my review here and here.

A few weeks ago, I saw the Boomdeahdah Set for P300 and I immediately added this to my cart. I am satisfied with their product so I reorder. The set includes

1 Lemon Lime Facial Mask
1 Pomegranate Facial Mask
1 Rice Facial Mask
1 Berry Facial Mask
1 Honey Facial Mask
1 Rose Body Lotion
1 Water Drop Hand Cream Lotus

Yes, a total of 7 products for P300. Check the product description below.

Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion - contained Rosa Damascena Flower Extract that makes the skin texture smooth by providing rich nutrition.
Boomdeahdah Water Drop Hand Cream Lotus - a hand cream with water drop type that makes your skin smooth without stickiness.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Lemon - Lime - Brightening - Lemon extract and lime extract deliver vitamins and moisture to seriously dry skin to keep it moisturized and fair.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Rice - Brightening - It contains rice bran extract and sweet almond extract so as to make dull skin fair and healthy.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Berry - Firming - Containing strawberry extract, blueberry extract, and raspberry extract. It makes dull skin fair, transparently clean, and youthful.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Pomegranate - Firming - It contains pomegranate extract and patented natural vegetable extract in order to soothe exhausted skin from the external environment and to keep it smooth.
Boomdeahdah Facial Mask Honey - Nourishing - It contains propolis extract, royal jelly extract, and honey extract to nourish and tighten rough-textured, dry skin.

Among the set, it was my first time to try the Boomdeahdah Water Drop Hand Cream Lotus. Honestly, I’m not fond of applying lotion or cream on my hands, nalalagkitan kasi ko so hand sanitizer lang lagi ako. And of course, I always do household chores so feeling ko sayang lang yung cream.

But after using the water drop hand cream lotus, it changed my mind. I find this product so amazing because from its name, nagiging water droplets talaga yung cream. It is not sticky, not greasy and I like the smell of it. So now, I’m using it after washing dishes, it makes my skin moisturize and soft. I’m not sure about the brightening effect yet because more than a week ko pa lang natry. But definitely, I will buy this again.

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January 24, 2018

Lunch at The Farm Organics

Update September 30, 2019:  We went to Nuvali and I noticed that this restaurant was already closed. 

We went to Solenad last weekend so we can check the local products at Tienda Sa Ayala Malls. After buying some local products, we decided to have an early lunch in Nuvali. There are so many restaurants in Nuvali, you can choose from Solenad 1, 2 and 3. But since we are in Solenad 3, we checked the restaurants that we haven’t tried yet. As far as I can remember, we only tried Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and of course Kuya J.  

We were looking for one restaurant so before we entered the building, we asked the guard for directions and he said “Ay sir, dun yan sa kabila, “The Farm Organics” lang nandito. So my husband and I contemplated kung lalakad pa ba kami or magFarm Organics na lang kami. Of course, tinamad na kami maglakad so we entered the building and went straight to the restaurant. 

The Farm Organics 

As we all know, not all products that we see in the market are all natural or organic. If we ever see natural or organic products, it is too expensive. In 2010, Tom and Tanya decided to turn their ranch into organic livestock farm and it was certified organic by the OCCP in 2011. They started selling their products in the supermarket and now they also have different restaurants where you can try their organic beef.

The Farm Organics offers certified organic grass-fed beef from their farm in Masbate. Not only that, they make sure that the ingredients that they use in their soups, salads, and dressings are fresh and high quality. They are using organic eggs too. 

What is Organic?

1. Free-range or pasture-raised livestock that are antibiotic and growth hormones free. They produce organic meat poultry, eggs, and dairy.
2. Organic produce is non-genetically modified crops which are grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

We ate at “The Farm Organics” before, they have a branch in Twin Lakes Tagaytay. But at that time, we took advantage their buffet meals from 10-7PM. But here in Solenad 3 branch, I did not see the buffet package so we checked their a la carte menu. 

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We were still full from our binatog and corn with butter and cheese morning snack so we just ordered Farm Salad P340, 1 Local All-Natural Burger Steak P190 and 2 orders of Local All-Natural New York Steak at P490 each

My husband and in-laws enjoyed the Farm Salad. I did not try it, alam niyo naman hindi ako mahilig sa raw vegetables. Hehehe! 

My husband ordered the Burger Steak and he liked it and according to him, the burger patty is very juicy. 

My son and I ordered the New York Steak, share na lang kami but when I saw the meal. Good for one person lang pala yung beef, malayo sa picture sa menu. Mas maliit in real life. Hehehe! Good thing busog pa kami sa binatog so hindi naman kami nabitin. The meal includes one cup of rice or farm bread and mushroom gravy. The steak is good, though nadisappoint lang ko sa size. My husband teased me, sana nagburger steak ka na lang. Me: Oo nga, mas mura pa. hehehe!

So if you are into, healthy living, healthy diet or looking for a new restaurant, The Farm Organics is a good try. #healthierthanmost 

The Farm Organics 
G/F Cinema Bldg. 
Solenad 3, Nuvali 
Sta. Rosa Laguna

Other branches are in Alabang Hills, Commercenter Mall, BGC and Twin Lakes Tagaytay

January 23, 2018

New Year and New Eyeglasses

I knew that I need to have an annual eye check-up but I always delay my check-up. I even mentioned in my old post that I should give importance to my eyes but I’m not doing it. Why? Because I’m aware that going to an ophthalmologist means new eyeglasses again and it means additional expense.

Suddenly, I realized na naka-3 palit na anak ko ng eyeglasses in a span of two years pero ako, I’m still wearing the same eyeglasses so last month, I took advantage of the holiday break and off we went to the doctor. I underwent the same process again and my doctor advised me that I need to change my eyeglasses.

They can’t explain to me, how fast nag-increase yung grado ko because almost two years akong hindi bumalik. But so far, my eyes are okay naman, tumaas nga lang grado ko. So from 175 and 100, 250 and 175 na.

After my check-up, we went to different optical shops so I could check the price of frames and lens. I didn’t find anything I like and there are eyeglasses that I like pero hindi pasok sa budget ko. I decided that I will use the same frame, lens na lang papalitan ko but the staff told me that it will take a few days pa. I’m dependent with my eyeglasses so I don’t think kaya ko ng ilang days na walang salamin so we went home, nag-isip isp muna ko.

Starfinder Optical Festival Mall

After two weeks, we went to Starfinder Optical in Festival Mall, my friend suggested this Optical Shop, sabi niya kasi may murang eyeglasses daw dun. She even said, meron din sa SM Sta Rosa, I told her na nanggaling na ko sa SM pero hindi ko napansin yung Starfinder. Actually, hindi ko rin alam kung saan ang Starfinder Optical sa Festival. Hehehe!Buti na lang nakita namin, nakatago pala siya.

Starfinder Optical was established in 2007 and it has now 15 branches all over the Philippines and Korea. Starfinder Optical is not an ordinary optical shop, they consider themselves as a fashion lifestyle store. They are offering eyewear, not only to correct the vision but they make sure that the eyeglasses will complement your personal style.

True enough, I’ve seen a lot of style and color of eyeglasses from kids up to senior citizens at a reasonable price. One thing I like, you can buy eyeglasses for P500 only. I’ve seen a lot of optical shops na nagsale or offer ng P500 eyeglasses but when you check, wala ka naman mapili. While checking the eyeglasses, napaisip ako na bakit ang mahal ng eyeglasses ko dati, e parang may kapareho sa P500 lang.

Actually, dito lang ko sa P500 namili. Hehehe! The staff just let me choose and try different eyeglasses, wala nakabuntot sa akin. I only asked the staff if I need some information. After several minutes of checking and trying eyeglasses, I asked the staff if I could get my eyeglasses on the same day and she said yes, but when I told her about the Crizal Prevencia, ioorder pa daw nila.

My lens is Crizal Prevencia because I always use computer and gadget. Crizal Prevencia Lens will protect my eye against harmful blue light and UV.

Staff: Ma’m bakit di niyo pa iupgrade yung lens niyo, konti na lang idagdag niyo.
Me: Magkano yung isang lens?
Staff: P3000

I asked my husband if okay lang na yung Crizal Eyezen na lang kunin ko and he said yes. So I went back to the staff and I told her, sige yung Eyezen na lang. I gave her my prescription and then she asked my age.

Staff: Ay mam, sorry hindi na pala P3k yung lens niyo. Lagpas na kayo sa age bracket. P4600 na siya.

Eyezen+ 0 - patients age 17 and under
Eyezen+ 1 - patients age 18 to 34
Eyezen+ 2 - patients age 35 to 44
Eyezen+ 3 - patients age 45 to 50

Waah! If I knew it, sana pala before pa ko nag birthday nagpacheck na ko. So P500 + P4600 = P5,100, sobra sa budget ko so I declined and I told her that I will stick to Crizal Prevencia Lens. I paid P3000 using my credit card then she asked me to sign something. When I read the paper, I saw Less Senior/PWD ID so I told the staff that I have a PWD ID, so she computed my discount. Since I paid using my credit card, ang hirap bawiin ng sobra so I told her that I will go for Crizal Eyezen, nagdagdag na lang ko ng konti. Thanks to my PWD discount.

And because I chose Crizal Eyezen, the optometrist still checked my eyes, she did some measurement and maski yung eyeglasses ko, sinulatan pa. Sinusukat daw niya yung eye focus. Anyway, to give you an idea, Eyezen lenses are enhanced lens that will protect your eyes from computers, TV, and smartphone. It will make your eyes relaxed, focus and gives clearer and sharper vision.

Crizal Eyezen Complete Protection

1. Optimal UV Protection
2. Repels water
3. Resists smudges
4. Anti-reflection
5. Resist scratches (2x more scratch resistant)
6. Repels dust
7. Harmful Blue Light Protection (reduces the risk of AMD)
8. Light Scan Technology (Protects Against Harmful Blue Light)
9. Wave technology (sharper, clearer vision) 
10. Eyezen Focus (comfortable, relaxed vision) 

I was able to get my eyeglasses after few days, the timeframe is 3-5 days. They always give you an authenticity card na wala sa ordinary lenses. When I tried my eyeglasses, I immediately noticed that it is clear, mas maliwanag paningin ko. Let see if I will stick to this lens or I will go back sa Crizal Prevencia para mas mura. Hehehe!

Update: October 2019

This is the third time that we went to Starfinder and I was a little bit disappointed kasi ang tagal na ng pagpapagawa ng salamin. Dati kasi 3-5 days lang, ngayon after 9 days na yung release date nila and night before the release date, we received a text that the eyeglasses is ready for pick-up. On a happy note, they gave us a 20% discount voucher code and sabi nila wala expiration so next year magagamit ito ng anak ko since every year naman kami nagpapalit.

P1390 (kid's frame) + P3900 (Crizal Prevencia Fog ID) = P5290

Starfinder Optical 
2/L Festival Supermall
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

January 22, 2018

Tienda Sa Ayala Malls at Solenad

Last year, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about TienDA sa Ayala Malls but it is too far from where I live. When I saw the Alabang Town Center event, I have a get-together on that date naman so hindi rin ko nakapunta. So when I saw a new post that there will be TienDA in Solenad, I immediately marked the date on my calendar. This will be the last leg of the weekend traveling market.

Nov 18-19, 2017 Abreeza Mall
Nov. 25-26 Ayala Center Cebu
Dec. 2-3 at UP Town Center
Dec. 9-10 Alabang Town Center
Dec 16-17 at Ayala Malls The 30th
Jan 20-21 Ayala Malls Solenad

TienDA sa Ayala Malls is a partnership between the Ayala Malls and Department Agriculture where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and other local products from farmers and fishermen across the Philippines.

I was really curious if they are selling goods at farmgate prices, meaning mura di ba because there are no middlemen involved. So last Saturday, we were there as early as 10:30AM, according to the flyers, the event will start at 11AM but we’re glad that they are already selling their products.

So we checked the different booths, and I asked my husband if mura ba? To be honest, I don’t go to the wet market so I’m not really aware of the SRP. Yes, ever since I got married, si hubby namamalengke sa amin for practical reasons and of course, mabigat para sa akin ang mamalengke ng 1 week meal, baka mas lalo pa ko lumiit. Bilang lang sa daliri yung sumama kami ng anak ko sa palengke.

Anyway, since sabi ni hubby mas mura sa mga suki niya and yung iba pareho lang sa palengke. Konti lang nabili namin, we bought pomelo from Davao, salted egg, corn, longganisang Lucban, and of course, we ate binatog and corn with butter and cheese. I was looking for the suman, pero wala ko nakita. Maybe, iba-iba yung seller per event.

We cooked the longganisang Lucban and surprisingly, we liked it. I knew that we tried longganisang Lucban (pasalubong) before and okay lang lasa pero yung nabili namin sa TienDA masarap so my two boys went back to TienDA just to buy the longa para makapaghoard kami at malayo ang Lucban, Quezon but unfortunately, ubos na daw. Marami din naghoard. lol

Before they left, my son ate corn with butter and cheese (new favorite niya) and they tried the Tubo (sugar cane) juice. He even told me “Mommy, sayang, you should come with us so you can taste the Tubo juice, it is good for the teeth, body and anti-aging pa”.

Me: Paano mo naman nalaman na anti-aging yun.
Ethan: I read it, it is in the cup of the juice.

We tried the pomelo and it is really good. I just bought few pieces because my husband told me, he might go to Davao so dun na lang daw siya bibili ng marami.

January 18, 2018

Discover the Wonder of Blue Lagoon in Iceland

They say that your trip to Iceland won’t be complete without visiting the famous Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon was formed in the year 1976 during the operation of Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant. People began to bathe in the lagoon and apply silica mud on their skin. Those people notice that it has great effects on their skin and even people with psoriasis notice an improvement in their skin condition too.

And because of that, public bathing facilities where opened, followed by a special clinic for psoriasis patient and now they are also offering skin care products. Blue Lagoon is one of the 25 wonders of the world so there is no doubt that this is a popular tourist destination in Iceland.

Since it would be my first time in Iceland, I also wanted to visit this place but after reading a lot of reviews and blog, I did not include this anymore. I’ve read about the “Shower without Bathing Suit” and wala daw cubicle or curtain so open bathroom. I told my mom that I’m not comfortable in taking a bath na walang cubicle and I don’t like wearing a swimsuit because I have psoriasis so she agreed with me, even though I know that she likes to go there.

The rates of Blue Lagoon is not cheap, the cheapest rate is more or less PHP3000 per person. My son (2-13 yrs old) is still free of charge but like his mom, he was not interested.

Standard ISK6100
Comfort ISK8100
Premium ISK10200
Luxury ISK53000

* Free entry for children is limited to general admission. No additional services or products are included. But it's possible to purchase add-ons upon arrival – towels, bathrobes, meals, etc. Blue Lagoon has an age limit of 2 years old. Guests from 2 to16 years old must be escorted by guardians while visiting the Blue Lagoon.

They also offer a guided tour for 40 minutes but it can only be booked by group of 11 a or more. So hindi kami pwede dito. Price is ISK2000 per person.

Day 1 in Iceland

Upon arrival, my aunt (cousin of my mom) told us that we are going to Blue Lagoon but my mom said, that we are not interested anymore since I have psoriasis. But my aunt told us, na mas okay nga daw yun because the unique water of Blue Lagoon is good for psoriasis patient. To be honest, I already knew about that information because they have special rates for psoriasis patient pero maharlika ang presyo. You can choose from Introduction Treatment or Out-Patient Treatment and the price is ISK25000 for one day, so PHP12k+.

And ayaw ko nga maghubad at swimsuit. Hehehe! So day before our trip, my mom and I were contemplating if we will go or not. But prior to our trip, my aunt already informed her contact about us so her contact already reserved for us. Yes, pre-booking is required, you cannot just go there because they also limit the number of people inside their facilities.

Day 2 Blue Lagoon

To make the long story short, we still went to Blue Lagoon. Of course, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the wonders of the world. So after breakfast, off we went to Blue Lagoon. Travel time is more or less 20 minutes from my aunt’s house. It is also near the airport so if you want you can go straight here before going to Reykjavik.

Watch my video here

Distances From Keflavik International Airport to Blue Lagoon: 23 km
From Reykjavík to Blue Lagoon: 47 km

When we got there, they are trying to convince me to try it but I’m stubborn so hindi nila ko napilit. I told my mom na siya na lang magtry ng Blue Lagoon but she was hesitant kasi mag-enjoy siya tapos kami nasa labas. But I told her, that we’re just okay and I knew na bucket list niya yan. Hehehe! So grab the opportunity and enjoy, kukunan na lang namin siya ng pictures. The contact of my aunt works in Blue Lagoon, so the Pinay accompanied my mom inside. She said she reserved four persons, sayang daw.

As I mentioned before, we did not include this in our itinerary so my mom did not bring any swimsuit. But don’t worry because you can rent swimwear, towels, and bathrobes there. I just have no idea about the rates.

According to my mom, she was given a wristband which serves as the key for her locker. The wristband acts as an in-water credit card that you can use to buy drinks and of course pay before check-out. My mom said, there is a separate area for men and women. And sayang daw kasi may cubicle naman yung bathroom so may privacy. Shower gel and hair conditioner are already provided in the shower area. A Silica Mud Mask was included in the package too.

My mom did not stay that long because the Pinay needs to go back to work, she has a meeting that day. My mom was also surprised because she did not pay anything, the Pinay told her na since she is working in Blue Lagoon, meron daw sila mga free passes. Wow! Thanks for the treat, it is really nice to have kababayans abroad noh? Kaya pala sabi ng Pinay, sayang naman when I said, I don't like to go inside, treat pala yung nireserve niya sa amin. But anyway, my mom enjoyed her time in Blue Lagoon.

Before exit, you will pass their souvenir shops where you can buy skin care products like the silica mud mask. Anyway, if you are planning to visit Iceland. Take note of this.

1. Pre-booking is required.
2. Open all year round.
3. Opening hours depend on the season.

Even I was not able to try the unique water, I’m still happy seeing Blue Lagoon up close and personal.

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Thingvellir National Park

January 17, 2018

What to do if Caterpillar Stings You

One Saturday evening, my son told me that he has an itchy arm. He showed me his arms and I was surprised to see the rashes. He even said “Mommy, may caterpillar na nagcrawl dito kanina”.

Me: Huh! San ka naman nagpunta at may caterpillar? 
Ethan: Kanina sa Landmark. 

I was shocked because we just went to Asian Hospital, Festival Mall and Landmark so I have no idea na madidikitan siya ng caterpillar or higad. So I asked him again kung saan sa Landmark? Doon pala sa Water Garden, nagpicture-picture sila mag-ama while waiting for the mall to open. He did not notice the caterpillar and yun ginapangan na siya sa arms. According to him, inalis lang daw ng daddy niya and that’s it. 

At that moment, nahigh blood ako. Inalis lang and wala ng ginawa after? How I wish, they wash the affected area as soon as possible. Tapos, they did not tell me anything about the caterpillar, we went to optical shop, we ate at Tenya Tempura Tendon and we finished our grocery shopping pero wala ko kamalay-malay. At that time, there are no visible rashes on my son’s arms. I’m sure my two boys have no plans of telling me kung hindi lang kinati anak ko. I just told him to wash his arms with soap and water. 

The following day, my son woke me up as early as 5AM. 

Ethan: Mommy, I could not sleep. 
Me: Just close your eyes, makakatulog ka rin. Zzzzz
Ethan: Mommy, my skin is so itchy, I cannot sleep. 
Me: Turn-on the light so I can check. 

I was surprised because he has rashes on his back, stomach, arms and cheek. I have so many things to do last Sunday but I have no choice but to go to the clinic. I checked the schedule of the clinic and I saw na may 9AM sked ang Pedia. We were there as early as 8:45AM and we waited for almost two hours at wala pa yung doctor. Hayz! Anyway, the pedia prescribed antihistamine medicine and antipruritic cream. 

After check-up, I was not relieved yet because I have no idea what kind of caterpillar crawled on his arms, napaparanoid ako baka poisonous at need ng anti-tetanus vaccine pa. But now, after 4 days, sa arms na lang yung may mark ng rashes. Thank God, that there are no worse symptoms.

So let me share some do’s and don’ts that you need to remember if ever you experience this but I hope you won’t. Huwag balewalain ang higad. 

What to do if Caterpillar Stings You

1. Do not use your bare hand in removing the caterpillar because it can sting you. 
2. If you have adhesive tape, you can use it to remove the spines or hairs from the skin. The tape will get the remaining hairs or spines on your skin. Some use vinegar, urine or melted candle wax in removing the caterpillar spines. 
3. Wash the area with soap and water. 
4. You can apply baking soda + water paste, hydrocortisone cream or antihistamine cream to reduce the discomfort.
5. Apply cold compress. Nakakanumb din ito ng skin so iwas kamot.
6. Monitor other serious symptoms like blisters, difficulty in breathing, nausea, and vomiting 
7. Just to be safe, you can just visit the doctor like we did. 

My son took antihistamine medicine and I applied antipruritic cream on his rashes for 3 days lang, nagstop na ko nung wala ng redness and dry na yung rashes. If I will compute it, we spent P1300+ for check-up and medicine. Nang dahil lang sa higad, nakakaloka!

January 16, 2018

Lunch at Tenya Tempura Tendon

Last week, I’ve been seeing the TempuRamen on my newsfeed so I immediately check if there is a branch near us. Fortunately, there is branch at Festival Mall so I told my husband that I want to try this restaurant and he agreed.

Tenya Tempura Tendon started in 1989 at Tokyo Japan and it is the most successful tendon restaurant chain in Japan. Tendon is short for Tempura Donburi (rice) bowl. They aimed to serve high-quality tendon and tempura at an affordable price. Aside from Japan, Tenya operates in Indonesia, Thailand and of course Philippines. We’ve been to Tokyo, Japan but I cannot recall if I’ve seen Tenya restaurant there. 

Anyway, last Saturday, after my Psorclub meeting at Asian, we had early lunch at Tenya Tempura Tendon, it is located in the Water Garden of Festival Mall. The restaurant is not that big, good thing we had early lunch so it is not yet crowded. 

Upon arrival, the staff immediately ushered us to our table and gave us the menu. We took our time browsing the menu and we could not find the TempuRamen so we asked the staff and she gave us a flyer. 

My husband loves Japanese foods while my son and I only eat some of the Japanese foods, so we like katsu and tempura, basta cooked meals. I tried eating ramen before but it is not really my favorite kasi feel ko lang siya kainin if the weather is cold or if I’m not feeling well. 

My husband ordered TempuRamen for P295, It is a combination of tempura and ramen. It served mixed tempura, you can taste black tiger prawn, eggplant, and green beans. For ramen, you can have wheat flour noodles in tonkotsu broth with corn, ground pork and soft boiled egg. 

At first, I ordered Classic Tendon for P225, it has black tiger prawn, squid, kisu, green beans and sweet potato. But the staff suggested the Classic Tempura Soba/Udon Teishoku for P315. Nasalestalk naman ako, Lol! This meal has high-quality soba and udon imported from Japan. It comes with Japanese rice, mixed tempura, tempura sauce, radish, leeks, and ginger. You can choose either hot or cold soup, of course, I chose hot. 

When they served the meal, I was #shookt because the serving is too big for me. I tried my noodle soup and I did not enjoy it because ang hirap lunukin ng soba/udon noodles. Hehehe! Mas type ko yung ramen ni hubby. So if ever I’ll go back, I will stick to Tendon Sets, mas mura pa. 

If you have kids, don’t worry they offer Kid’s meal too, you have two option and my son chose the Kids Meal 1 for P245. The only difference between two meals is the tiger prawn, Kids Meal 1 has one prawn and Kids meal 2 has two pieces of prawn for additional of P20. You can also choose the serving plate, for boys you can choose train, boat, and car. 

The meal includes 1 black tiger prawn, chicken fillet, onigiri, ningyo-yaki and yakult. The kid’s meal is already a complete meal, you have the main course, drinks and dessert. My son enjoyed and finished his meal, he just removed the nori because he doesn’t like that.

The price is not affordable but overall we liked it. The food is good, I enjoyed the light and crisp battered mixed of seafood and vegetables. My son likes the ningyo-yaki, it’s the baked Japanese cake with nutella. Service is good too. 

Tenya Festival Supermall 
(02) 512-4862 GF 
Water Garden, Extension Site, Civic Drive, 
Festival Supermall Alabang, Muntinlupa

January 15, 2018

Starbucks Planner 2018

I’m not fond of drinking coffee or tea so I don't frequent Starbucks. Unless there are FREE Starbucks Beverage Promo, mapapadalas ang caffeine overload. Their drinks and foods are not cheap too so we seldom go here but I still visit this cafe from time to time. What I like in Starbucks, halos lahat yata ng puntahan namin na lugar meron siya. So sometimes we eat our breakfast here kasi siya lang ang open ng maaga. It is cheaper than eating in the hotel, we did this when we went to Japan and Cebu.   

And because of that, I don’t collect stickers for the planner. I stopped using big planner in the year 2015. I only used printed calendar, blog planner, and family planner. This year, aside from my monthly calendar and blog planner, I now use bullet journal for my things to do na hindi kasya sa monthly calendar. Before I only use scratch paper or post it, pero para mas organized and I can also look back at my notes, bullet journal is the answer. 

But a few days ago, I received this Starbucks Planner. I had my first Starbucks Planner last 2013 and it was a gift too. I like the Starbucks Planner 2018 because it has cover, stencils, calendar, Starbucks card and the planner is not that heavy. I remember the SB Planner 2013, ang bigat niya dalhin kaya hindi ko talaga siya dinadala.

I just learned that for every redeemed planner comes a donation to partner NGO’s (Teach for the Philippines and PETA) so worth it din pala yung caffeine intake para sa stickers. 

So now, ang dami ko ng sinusulatan. Hehehe! What planner are you using?

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