January 28, 2016


I lived in the Metro Manila for so long so there were so many adjustments when I moved to the province when I got married. Malls and restaurants are very limited. Malls here are not big. 

In our place alone, the only fastfood here are Jollibee and Tropical Hut. As in for years yun lang pagpipilian so I was really happy when I learned that we have Classic Savory and Shakey’s here.

Two weeks ago, we’re hungry and we have no food in the house so I asked my husband to buy pizza for our merienda. He did not know the number and we had not so good experience with Shakey’s Delivery so we decided to go to the restaurant na lang.

We ordered Mojo’s and Dip and Pizza, I did not know na pwede pala yung half-half. Sometimes, it really pays to peruse the menu. My son likes pepperoni kasi and di ko naman siya trip so win-win yung half-half. Hehehe! 

P15 for gravy

The staff was offering Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard but we were still contemplating if we will get a card again.  


After a week, my friend and I went to Shakey’s to have our lunch before going to the bank. We asked for the lunch set menu and I was surprised to see the menu, our favorite “Bunch of Lunch”(chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, a slice of Hawaiian Delight and Mojos) was no longer there. 

All combo meals have salad, We ordered the 2 Super Platter Meal, Mojo’s and Dip and Rice. The meal includes two slices of Hawaiian Delight, one piece chicken, mojos, chicken and corn soup and garden fresh salad, spaghetti and garlic bread.

They served the mojo’s and dip and soup first. It took them a long time to serve the platter meal and kulang kulang pa, so no picture yung garlic bread and pizza. 

I do hope they will bring back the bunch of lunch set or kulang lang kaya yung nabigay sa min na menu? Any idea?

January 27, 2016

Yabu: The House of Katsu

Our family loves Yabu ever since we tried it in 2014, it is our go-to restaurant if we are in ATC and Southmall. If the waiting time is so long and we’re hungry, that’s the time we go to another restaurant. 

My son loves Tonkatsu too, during our first visit he did not order Kid’s Katsu Set so every visit he always shared food with me. But last month, nagbago ang ihip ng hangin. He ordered his own meal.  
The Kid’s Katsu Set is available for children 10 and below only at P255 per set. You can choose from Tonkatsu, Chicken Katsu, Cream Dory, and Menchi Katsu. My son ordered Tonkatsu which includes hire, potato croquette, edamame, Japanese rice, cabbage, and a bowl of fruit. Served with your choice of curry or honey mustard sauce. The potato croquette was not available kaya siguro ang daming edamame. 

My son just ate the rice and katsu. Our usual order here is Rosu Katsu, we tried other sets like the Chicken and Menchi but we prefer the Rosu Katsu. We like Yabu because you can refill the rice, soup, cabbage, and fruits so sulit. The service is good too. 

What’s your favorite in Yabu?

Yabu: House of Katsu 

G/F SM Southmall, Food Street, 
Alabang-Zapote Rd 
Almanza Uno, Las Piñas 
(02) 551-3511

January 26, 2016

The Cafeteria by Chef Florabel

The hospital food is known to be bland so whenever we’re confined in the hospital or if we are going to have check-ups, it seems that you are on diet because you don’t enjoy the food. 

Most of the time we eat somewhere before going to hospital but last month when my son had check-up at pedia-dentist, we decided to eat in the hospital just to make sure that we won’t be late. 

There are few options in Asian Hospital food court so I was surprised to see The Cafeteria by Chef Florabel, hmmm may bago kainan. My husband ordered Ensaladang Talong P75 + Rice P35, Pork BBQ Meal P185 and Country Style Liempo P175

The foods are not bland but I cannot say that it is affordable because I know that you can order meals in fastfood with drinks and the price is still cheaper. Softdrinks in can pa lang is P50 na e. But this is a good option if you don’t want to go out in the hospital anymore just to buy food. 

Update: March 2016

We ate here before my son's eye check-up and I noticed that they have the same menu lang pala sa Market on 5th Avenue in St. Lukes BGC. My son ordered his favorite Pork BBQ P185 and I tried the Porkchop with Egg P185.

The Cafeteria by Chef Florabel 
Asian Hospital and Medical Center 
Civic Dr, Alabang, Muntinlupa

January 25, 2016

DIY Tooth Pocket

Last month my son visited the pedia-dentist, she advised my son to wiggle the milk teeth in front of his permanent teeth. Unlike other kids, my son’s teeth were so intact na parang ayaw ng umalis. The two permanent teeth were out already but the baby teeth are still there so we have no choice but to remove it to give way to the permanent one. 

A few weeks ago, my son told me that his tooth is already moving so I kept on reminding him to wiggle the tooth so we don’t need to go to the dentist anymore. But of course, he’s so scared of the pain. Though he doesn’t believe in Tooth Fairy, I told him I will be his tooth fairy so I sew Tooth Pockets where he will put his tooth and I printed Tooth Record and Tooth Fairy Receipt. Check my Pinterest to know the source of free printables. 

Sewing this tooth pocket is so easy if you don’t want to sew you can use glue. My son was so happy when he saw these tooth pockets. 

January 16, 2016 

Finally, after several days, he agreed to remove his tooth. My husband showed him a video where the tooth was tied in Nerf Dart. We tried it but the tooth was still there so my husband just pulled the tooth using the thread. 

The first tooth was out so I was able to save P1,800 for this. I was praying that the other tooth will fall out soon so no more trip to the dentist. But unfortunately, ayaw niya umalis. It was moving pero matigas pa siya para bunutin. 

January 23, 2016 

Simple Tooth Extraction by Pediatric Dentist

Last Saturday, we went to the dentist. We’re running late already because my husband informed me that our schedule is 1PM. Waah! According to my calendar, our schedule is still 4PM, binago pala nila and my husband did not inform me. 

The staff informed him the day before but he forgot to inform me because he was in Brunei working and went straight to the airport to go back to the Philippines. Anyway, we’re 10 minutes late and waited for another 5 minutes so they can prepare the room. 

The pedia-dentist asked me kung bubunutin pa ba, mga two weeks matatanggal na daw yung tooth. I asked my son kung masakit na ba yung tooth and he said yes so the doctor said, we need to remove it na. 

So she explained to my son step by step, the doctor applied anesthesia then after two minutes, injection naman ng anesthesia. I was holding my son’s hand to let him know that I’m just there. 

He cried during the process, sino ba naman ang di masasaktan di ba. Pulling the tooth was easy as 1, 2, 3, matagal pa yung sa anesthesia. The staff gave him yoyo and a tooth holder where they placed his tooth.

I was already paying the bill when his dad came, ganun kadali lang and mas matagal pa naghanap ng parking ang daddy niya. My son experienced two ways of removing tooth, so I asked him kung sino mas type niya, si Daddy ba o si dentist. Si Daddy na lang daw, hehehe! Sana nga, so I can save P1,800. 

I know that I can still save money if I will visit other dental clinics but I don’t want to risk the experience at baka matrauma sa dentist. 

January 22, 2016

Caring for your Vision

Not a lot of people know that I’m wearing eyeglasses because I don’t always wear my eyeglasses especially when I’m going out because I’m not comfortable with it.

I started wearing eyeglasses when I was in college, I feel and look so old if I’m wearing it so I only use it if I need to read or take an exam. When I started working, I only use it at work then after office hours, I will remove it. When I became a full-time mom, I only wear it if I will read or use the laptop. Yeah, I’m so weird about not wearing my eyeglasses, I tried contact lenses but I’m also not comfortable wearing it. And there are so many do’s and don’ts to follow.

I know that I need to have an annual check-up but I did not put it on my priority list. I have always been in the hospital for my check-up and lab test (psoriasis or UTI) and sawang sawa na ko to go to different doctors so pati itong sa ophtha, kinatamaran ko na. I always say to myself, I will go to ophtha next year but it never happened for the last several years. I’m definitely sure that going to my ophtha is an additional expense that is why I’m delaying it.

Wake Up Call

I mentioned before that my son is now wearing eyeglasses and I told him, always wear your eyeglasses ha!. But my son asked me. “How about you mommy, why are you not wearing your eyeglasses?” Toinks! It was a wake-up call that I’m not a good role model. How I can convince my son to wear his eyeglasses if he sees his mom not wearing eyeglasses. So after 8 long years, I finally went to Ophtha. I asked my friend for a referral so after watching my son’s Grade Level Assembly, off we went to Eye Clinic.


There are different tests that I’ve experienced like visual acuity test and refraction testing to know my correct lens prescription. I was advised that my eyeglasses no longer fit my eyes. The doctor showed me my present grade (eyeglasses) and asked me if I can see or read the letters. Imagine, blurred lahat. From 100 and 25, now 175 and 100 na grado ko. Ang laki ng tinaas dahil ang tigas ng ulo ko.

Then she passed me to Glaucoma-Ophthalmologist, the assistant drop fluid in my eyes, anesthesia daw, I'm not sure if for glaucoma testing. I was advised that my eyes are ok, I just need to use the correct lens para di sumakit ulo ko and she prescribed eye drop to prevent dry eyes. Then I need to go back after one year.

So lesson learned, take care of your eyes. It took me a long time to realize that my eyes are very important to me, kailangan ko pa ba mapanood ang “Ningning”. I just remembered that my late grandfather is blind, natakot na agad ako.

A regular eye exam is very important in order to know if you have signs of getting glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and especially if you have a family history of eye problems. We have eye problems in our family, both sides, halos lahat nakaeyeglasses.

Lastly, there are different lens na pala noh. I just discovered it when my son had eye check-up so nakiuso na rin ako. I’m now using a Crizal Prevencia Lens. It is a lifelong benefit of eye protection against harmful blue light and UV.

The Complete Protection 

For your eyes: UV
For your vision: reflection, scratches, smudges, dust, and water.

Crizal Prevencia Lens 

1. Repels water
2. Resists smudges
3. Anti-reflection
4. Resist scratches 92x more scratch-resistant
5. Repels dust
6. Harmful blue light protection. Reduced risk of AMD
7. Light scan technology. Protects against harmful blue light.

Read: Crizal Eyezen Complete Proctection

January 21, 2016

Dekada: Historic Filipino Cuisine

I was in hiatus last month so until now I’m not yet finished with my backlogs. My mom went home last month and whenever she’s home she wanted to eat Filipino foods so when we went to Trinoma we checked the different restaurants and we saw Dekada

We’re all first timers so it took us time to browse the menu, the name of the meal is very unique. I’m sure you are familiar with the name because you learned that in History class. 

We wrote all our orders in one piece of paper and gave it to the staff. The staff informed us that some of our orders were not available, nagpapalambot pa daw so we changed it. We ordered Sizzling Pork Sisig P218, Beef Salpicao P328, Binusog na Pusit P278, Aligue Rice P328, Suam na Mais with Squash P128, Crispy Tilapia with Salad P298, Inihaw na Liempo P298, Bulalo P408, Sinigang na Salmon Head P328, Leche Flan P88, Boneless Bangus P248, Calamansi Juice P128 (each) and Pandan Rice

We were informed that it will take 15 to 20 minutes, so we said ok. After 20 minutes, they served the Crispy Tilapia with Salad so we thought parating na rin yung ibang orders, after few minutes wala pa rin lumalabas. So we asked the server to serve 1 cup of plain rice so my mom could eat her food.

My mom almost finished with her meal before our order came. We liked the Bulalo because the meat is very tender but not the Inihaw na Liempo, ang kunat niya. 

We’re so busy eating and my sister said, nasan na yung ulam namin? Waah! Hindi pa rin pala complete, so we follow up again the Sinigang na Salmon. To think na ang bilis lutuin ng salmon di ba. 

Ang layo sa picture sa menu, nagshrink dito ang beef salpicao. Taste is ok.
My sister in law asked for the refill of calamansi juice and the staff said, hindi po bottomless yung calamansi juice, dalandan lang po. What? It is clearly stated in their menu Calamansi juice/Dalandan juice bottomless P128. They should change that, nakakaloko or they should inform na regular drink lang yun pag inorder ang calamansi. 

We’re already paying our bill, when we have to follow up again na kulang pa ng isang leche flan yung naserve. Hayz. We’re really disappointed with our experience, very slow service. The 20 minutes became 45minutes and kulang kulang pa rin order. I was not able to try the other dishes so I don’t know if they liked it or not. The interiors is nice, the price is reasonable but they need to improve their service and update their menu.

January 19, 2016

Endless Summer in Canyon Cove

We had staycation in our home last holiday break, no grand vacation for us but at least I had time to finish my “things to do” list before the end of the year.

After Christmas, my husband told my son that they will swim in our Clubhouse but when he went to Admin office, walang pumasok na staff. So nag long vacation na rin sila. He was so disappointed because there was no notice that there will be no office on December 26. And because nagpromise na siya, we need to swim. #trustissue 

Since it was a last minute decision, we were choosing from the resorts that we have tried in Batangas. Check it here. We chose Canyon Cove again because both pool and beach are nice. Nasugbu is also near, paglagpas lang ng Tagaytay. 

He called the resort and asked if they accept day-tripper and the staff said yes. He called his mom to ask if they want to join and off we went to Canyon Cove the following day, December 27, 2015 at 5:30AM. At the gate, the guard told us na fully booked na daw sila but we told him na day trip lang kami.

After parking, the guard ushered us to the Day Tour Counter and he even helped me in carrying some of my stuff. Medyo malayong lakaran siya ha, dati may kiosk lang sa labas, now nasa loob na ng building. I did not bother to check the rates because we just went there last March 2015 so I was really surprised when the staff told me, Ma’m P4500 lang po itong cash. P5500 pala ang total. Toinks! 

Day Trip Rates in Canyon Cove 

P1000 - adult (300 consumable)

P500 - kid (200 consumable) 
FOC - 3 years old below 

You can read my old posts for more information 

Day Trip in Canyon Cove

Staycation in Canyon Cove
Kainan sa Dalampasigan

Most of the time, my son prefers the pool because may shark daw sa beach. Hehehe! But after we went to Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel, love na niya beach. 

So after several minutes in the pool, he wanted to go to the beach na. He enjoyed playing in the sand.

Then we ate in Island Cafe (Max’s) for our lunch, we ordered Chicken and Spaghetti for my son because he likes the chicken, Chopsuey, Kare-Kare, Pork Binagoongan and Halo-Halo for dessert. 

Then we spent most of our time at the beach so it is better if you bring a blanket so even you do not have a cottage, you can stay under the trees. 

If you prefer pool, there are tents there where you can stay beside the restaurant.

This was our last travel last 2015.

January 18, 2016

My Son’s Check-up at Pediatric Ophthalmologist

I received my son’s Annual Physical Examination (School) last November and there was a note that we need to see an ophthalmologist. I immediately asked my friend for the contact number of their pedia-ophtha because I know that it is not easy to get a schedule. There is only a limited number of pedia-ophtha here in the Philippines.

My husband called and the earliest we got is December 22, 2015. So aside from preparing for the holiday last year, we’re so busy going to the hospital, I mentioned before that we went to pedia-dentist last December 18.

When I saw the result of my son’s APE, I felt sad because I know that he needs to wear eyeglasses and he is only 7 years old. Wearing eyeglasses is not easy because you have to take care of them and it might limit you to do some activities.

Fast forward to our check-up, the first step was this. You have to look at the picture inside the machine.

Next, the doctor called us, I gave the result of APE and he checked my son. He let my son read the letters. There was a time that we’re repeating the instruction of the doctor because my son was not reading the letters. We thought that he was not listening to the doctor so we have to repeat it but the sad truth is, he can’t see the letters, that is why he’s not saying anything.

My husband was so silent at that time because he can’t accept the fact that there is something wrong with my son. At his age, my husband has 20/20 vision while my son needs to wear eyeglasses.

Then we went out for some test, the assistant drop liquid in my son’s eyes to relax the eyes, one drop in each eye. Three times yun, I’m not sure kung every 15 minutes. Then check-up again in this machine.

After that, the doctor called us again to measure the correct grade for my son. She said that my son has astigmatism and farsightedness. She explained the terminology. She also said na buti may check-up sa school kasi mas naagapan daw yung mata. If we notice daw na lagi nababangga or natatapilok anak namin, dahil yun sa mata. Imagine, there are times that I think na clumsy anak ko kasi pag nasa mall kami, natatapilok or nababangga siya kaya lagi ko talaga siya hawak. Yun pala, there is something wrong with my son’s eyes.

We will go back after two months to see if there is an improvement after wearing eyeglasses. I was also thankful because the school has an annual check-up because we don’t have that on our health card so at least we were able to go to the doctor immediately.

After the check-up, eyeglasses hunting na kami. Nakakalula pala ang price ng salamin sa mall and wala rin naman gaanu difference sa clinic so we went back to our pedia-ophtha’s clinic and dun na rin kami nagpagawa ng eyeglasses, P1500 frame + P4000 lens.

And because of the holiday, January 5, 2016 na narelease yung eyeglasses. Super remind ko sa anak ko na alagaan ang salamin at ang mahal. 

For your information: 
Astigmatism - the cornea or the lens, has an abnormal or irregular curve. Vision is disordered, could be blurred, unfocused or fuzzy.
Symptoms: dizziness and excessive squinting or closing of the eyes.

Hypermetropia - farsighted - inability to see near objects clearly in focus.
Symptoms: uncomfortable vision when reading, headaches, and tired eyes.

Read: Caring for your Vision

January 15, 2016

Dayrit’s Burger and Roast Beef House

My husband is a frequent diner of Dayrit’s because this is near in their former office in Makati. So before going to Manila last December 29, we dropped by in Magallanes just to eat here so I can try their dishes too. 

Read: Yummy Crepe at Cafe Breton

This is the interior of the restaurant, there were few diners that time but I noticed na marami nagtake-out order. While perusing the menu, I learned that they also offer frozen food to go, family party trays and cold cuts (per kilo). 

Since that was my first time, I asked hubby what are the specialties and he said masarap naman lahat but his usual order is Roast Beef Plate (w/baked potato topped with cheese, bacon bits, vegetable and choice of bread or rice) P340 and Macao. 

He told me na malaki yung serving nila so I suggested yung short order na lang kami. So we ordered plain rice with Tocino P145, Chorizo Macao P160 and Roast Beef P195. The serving of short order is still big so I wasn’t able to finish my roast beef so I shared it with my husband. 

My son ordered Tocino but ended up eating the Chorizo Macao because he liked it very much. 

Good thing that they are selling this per kilo so we bought one pack for my son’s baon. I just sliced it and put it in food container. (one chorizo per container) The Macao did not last long, three days only to be exact. He ate this breakfast and lunch (school) walang kasawaan. Now, he is asking this and gusto nga niya na baon sa school. The problem is, it is located in Magallanes, so kelan naman kaya maliligaw ang hubby ko dun. lol 

June 10, 2016 

I love traveling to different places but if I’m going out of the country, one thing that worries me is food. I’m not adventurous when it comes to food and I’m really loyal to Filipino foods so I really miss it when I’m out of the country. 

So after our 7 days trip in Japan, we ate in Dayrit’s Burger and Roast Beef House. Oh, I really miss these foods and busog sa sarap. I ordered pork binagoongan and I was happy because there is green mango on the side. I love their pork binagoongan and it is good for two persons so I take-out the leftover. 

My husband ordered corned beef and so-so lang daw taste but my son is a happy camper because, after a long time he ate Chorizo Macao again. I bought a pack of this again because back to school is near and favorite niya itong ibaon. My son likes Leche Flan so he ordered this dessert. 

February 2018 

My husband messaged me that he is going to Magallanes and asked if I wanted to buy chorizo. I said yes, because it is my son's favorite baon in school and I also told him to buy banana bread (P130). It's been more than a year that I'm not baking so I miss eating banana bread. 

We tried the banana bread and taste is good. My son was looking for chocolate chips because whenever I baked banana bread, I add nuts or chocolate chips. Well, I think miss na nila luto ko. I need to buy new oven na. :) 

September 2018

On our way to Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, we dropped by at Dayrit’s Burger and Roast Beef House so we could eat our lunch. Food at Sofitel is expensive so para tipid maglunch na kami before check-in. Hehehe! We ordered Pork Binagoongan, Chorizo Macao and extra rice.

This is always my default order because I like the green mango, unfortunately, wala na naman green mango. I’m not sure kung inalis na nila yung mango kasi 3rd time na ito nangyari na wala green mango yung Pork Binagoongan. Maybe next time, I will change my order na lang.

This time my son enjoyed the tocino and after one week, he asked me to buy the tocino for his baon. Oh, napalitan na favorite niya! So my husband went back to Dayrit's to buy a pack of tocino P190 (I think 1/2 kl) and banana cake P140. Nag-increase na ang price ng banana cake.

August 2019

On our way to Sheraton Manila, we had lunch first at Paseo de Magallanes. Every time we eat at Dayrit's, I always order Roast Beef Plate or Pork Binagoongan. I like the combination of green mango and shrimp paste. Unfortunately, hindi lagi green mango ang side dish, most of the time kasi tomatoes lang ang nilalagay nila. So I was happy na may green mango nung last na kain namin. My husband and I shared on this meal while my son ordered tocino meal.

Aside from the meals, we also take out some foods here like banana bread, meringue and my son's favorite baon "Chorizo Macao".

Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House 
Unit 4 Mega Center Bldg. 
Paseo de Magallanes 
Magallanes Village, 
Makati City

January 13, 2016

A Trip to our Alma Mater

We went to Manila last month because my husband will get the stuff that he needs to install our CCTV camera at home. The traffic was bad and my son and I wanted to pee. We saw UST and I told him that we will just stay in school and balikan na lang niya kami. 

UST is a memorable place for us because this is our alma mater and we became couple a month before we graduated. Tee...hee... 

I was sharing our story to my son and showing him our school. 

Ethan: Mommy, look at the church. 
Me: (insert smile) That’s not a church, it is called Main Building. 

Miguel de Benavides

Monument Replica of arch door of the old university building in Intramuros erected in 17th century as it survived the war of 1941-1945. Arch of Centuries gate-way to history of the finest breed of Filipinos. 

There are so many changes in the school, when we are still studying there are no fastfood inside the university. I remember that we had bazaar here during our Commerce week but now kainan na siya. 

We stayed in McDonalds while waiting for my husband and dahil nahihiya na ko at ang tagal na namin dun, we transferred to Krispy Kreme


- University of Santo Tomas is also known as UST, Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas or The Catholic University of the Philippines. 
- founded on April 28, 1611 by Archbishop Miguel de Benavides
- one of the largest Catholic universities in the world (terms of enrollment) 
- largest university in Manila. 
- this is the only university that have been visited by different popes. 

Pope Paul VI November 1970 
Pope John Paul II February 1981, January 13 1995 
Pope Francis January 18 2015 

- was declared a National Historical Landmark on May 24 2011 buy NHC of the Philippines.

January 12, 2016

My Son’s Experience with Pediatric Dentist

My son had his first dental check-up last July 2014, he was already 5 years old when we were able to convince him to go to the dentist clinic and have oral prophylaxis. Last June 2015, we went back to the clinic again for our scheduled cleaning. The dentist informed me that my son has no permanent teeth yet and advised me to have an x-ray if by 8 years old wala pa rin permanent teeth.

November came and my son gave me his “Annual Dental Examination” result in school. I’ve read that there is no tooth decay, no cavities and there are already two permanent teeth. Then I just kept the paper without checking my son’s teeth.

After few days, I noticed the two permanent teeth of my son, I was surprised because the two teeth are at the back of his milk teeth. Then I began to worry about his teeth so I told my husband to schedule an appointment for a Pediatric dentist and the earliest we got is December 18. So after his Christmas Party, we went to Asian Hospital for his scheduled appointment. It was our first time with pedia dentist, the last two visits kasi sa dentist lang.

A pediatric dentist is dedicated to the oral health of kids from infancy up to the teenage years. Pedia-dentist provides comprehensive oral health care which includes risk assessment, diagnosis of oral conditions, preventive dental care, counseling, treatment and many more. They are not ordinary dentist so they know how to examine and treat kids that will make them comfortable.

I really noticed the difference between the dentist and pedia dentist, the way they talk, handle and treat my son. Mabait and mas mahaba ang patience nila talaga sa bata. First, she interviewed my son, she asked a few questions then she checked my son’s teeth. She assessed and informed us about my son’s teeth.

She said that we need to remove the two front milk teeth to give way to the permanent teeth or else hindi magiging maayos yung tubo. But she is giving us one-month pa para hindi mahirap tanggalin. As of last month kasi super intact pa yung milk teeth. Normally, the milk teeth will just fall out on their own. She told my son to wiggle the two front teeth every day.

Then she cleaned my son’s teeth, she was teaching my son how to brush the teeth properly, my counting pa each side of the teeth. After cleaning, she put fluoride and advised us do not eat and drink for 1 hour and do not brush the teeth before bedtime (one night only) para maabsorb yung fluoride.

Lastly, my son chose his prize for being a good kid, he chose a balloon. Hehehe! And because this is not the usual dentist the fee is not cheap, I almost fainted when I learned that I need to pay P1950 for cleaning + fluoride treatment. Hehehe!

January 11, 2016

DIY Dinosaur Plush Toy

It is not a secret here that my son loves dinosaurs so last year he asked me to make a dino plush toy. I said yes but I was busy and lazy last year so it really took me a long time to fulfill my promise. 

My son asked before we watched Jurassic World. We’ve been to Dinosaurs Island and nagshowing na lang ang The Good Dinosaurs hindi ko pa rin nagagawa. #lazymom 

The last time I sew was July 2015, I sew one dozen of pillow cases and after that I forgot to make any sewing project so yesterday, I push myself to sew again. My husband was teasing me when he saw me preparing my sewing machine. 

Hubby: Gumagana pa ba yan? Baka kinakalawang na. hehehe!

My son saw me sewing the dinosaur and he asked me, 

Ethan: Mommy, you want to be like Wowa?
Me: Why? 
Ethan: because you’re making stuffed toy. 

I smiled because he remembered the handmade doll that his Wowa made for him, you can check it here and here.  

Anyway, here are the steps of DIY Dino Plush Toy 

Cut the pattern and fabric. 

Pin, sew the fabric (opposite side) and leave a small opening. 

Turn the fabric inside out and put the fiberfill inside. 

Then hand sew the opening. Glue the eyes. 

You can do this by hand but I wanted to use the sewing machine, hehehe! I realized that it is not easy to make a small plush toy and marami pa curves so medyo matagal. Not a perfect dinosaur plush toy but my son was very happy and he even said. “Galing ka mommy!

But after few hours.

Ethan: Mommy, this dinosaur cannot stand, it needs four legs. 


Ethan! Mommy, you need to put ribbon at the back (spikes)

Okay, so I need to improve this dino plush toy pag sinipag ulit ako. hehehe!