May 31, 2012

Book Review: Brainy Connections EBook Review

I can’t remember if we have children’s books when we’re young except for the Bible stories books. My mom used to read me stories every night and this is one thing I missed when she left. Now that I have a son, I always buy books for him though I admit that we don’t read books every day. But I’m trying my best to read at least one book a day.

I don’t have Ebook for kids yet but fortunately, I got two samples of Brainy Connections Ebook, Codley and the Sea Cave Adventure, and Lexi Flairheart and the Forbidden door.

Codley and the Sea Cave Adventure; 

Codley is an adventurous octopus who loves to explore the ocean and meet new friends. Codley has a friend named Pokie the Puffer Fish.

Codley and Pokie decided to explore a mysterious cave where they met a new friend and experienced a dangerous and strong current.

I love this book because it talks about friendship. My son who loves fish and other sea creatures will definitely enjoy this.

Lexi Flairheart and the Forbidden Door; 

Lexi is a five-year-old kid who loves to bring a backpack wherever she goes. She is like the other kids who are curious and want to learn new things. She hates closed doors and she always wants to see what’s on the other side. She even opened the forbidden door and discovered new things.

This book is good for those kids who are curious and innovative.

About the Author

Lisl Fair has a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Therapy and Audiology. She left private practice to spend more time with her four children and took up a career in writing from home.

She is the author of numerous magazine articles dealing with a variety of parenting subjects and is involved in the development of educational children's books.

She is involved in Brain-Based Learning and Development and helps parents and children discover how they are unique on a part-time basis.

Both eBooks are available on for $2.99 each. 

May 30, 2012

Roast Chicken

We all know that it so easy to buy roast chicken because you can find roast chicken store everywhere but nothing beats homemade roast chicken. Roast chicken is one easy recipe that you can do at home and I always do this during my lazy moments because all I need to do is preheat the oven, season the chicken put it in the oven and leave it there for more or less 1 hour.

I only use salt, pepper, lemon juice or calamansi juice and garlic (I put this inside the chicken). Then I put some soy sauce (color) and olive oil before I put it inside the oven. Sometimes I put herbs like thyme and rosemary. 

May 28, 2012

Unexpected Joys of Motherhood

The moment I saw the two lines in my pregnancy test I was so happy and I could not explain the feeling, all I know is I will be a mother soon but it was not a successful pregnancy. But God is so good and He gave me another chance and now I have a son. I always say that my son completes me because I know that without him I won’t be a mother.

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born, she never existed before. The woman existed but the mother never. A mother is something absolutely new“ – Rajneesh

No one says that motherhood is a sweet journey and you never know how hard it is unless you become a mother. I hope there is a Motherhood 101 lesson in school so I would be prepared but there isn’t any lesson but every day is a chance for me to learn how to raise my son, how to be a good mother, and how to enjoy being a full-time mom.

Being a mother is not easy because there are always challenges, trials, and mistakes along the way. There are times that I feel that I’m not doing the right thing and I’m such a failure mom but I know that it is all part of life. Despite all of these hardships and challenges, I can definitely say that I’m grateful because God gave me the opportunity to become a mom and I will not trade this for anything because there are a lot of sweet moments, happy memories, and joys of motherhood.

My unexpected joys of motherhood

1. I’m happy that I chose to be a stay at home mom because I have more time with my son and I can capture those first-time moments. Witnessing his first smile, crawl, steps, etc. are priceless memories.

2. I enjoy taking photos of his developments, milestones, and crazy moments.
3. The first time my son called me “mommy”
4. Hugs and kisses from my son are enough to melt my heart even when I’m mad.
5. I have a companion when my husband is not around.
6. I know I will have separation anxiety if my son wants to have his own bedroom.
7. Our everyday activity and bonding.
8. I find blogging inspiration from him.

Motherhood is a lifetime journey and process. I learn and discover some things that I did not know that I have. I never thought that I could love someone unconditionally. Honestly, I’m not fond of kids’ maybe that is why I don’t want to be a teacher because I have very little patience but when I had my son, everything change. He changed me.

May 25, 2012

Butter Cupcake

I got this recipe from Yummy Magazine and I did not like the result because I find it too dry and I can’t taste the butter. After three years, I tried this recipe again but this time I add ½ cup of chocolate chips but still the same result. Hubby and son like it maybe because I add some chocolate chips.

Here is the recipe and procedure if you want to try.

1. In a bowl, mix together ½ cup of softened butter and ½ cup sugar.

2. Add 2 eggs and 1 tsp vanilla.
3. Blend in 1 cup flour and 1 tsp of baking powder.
4. Spoon the mixture into paper-lined muffin cups
5. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes or until sides of cupcakes are lightly browned. 

May 24, 2012

Weekly Menu

When I was young, I never thought that preparing meals are stressful but now that I’m a mom, I realized that thinking what to cook every day is a challenge so I always have weekly menu but still I’m having a hard time thinking what to cook for the whole week.

Every day I only cook one meal because there are only three people in the house so how much more if you have big family, you have to cook meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whew! 

We only eat light breakfast, our usual breakfast are sandwiches, cereals and oatmeal but for weekend, we eat rice meals so I have to cook the usual breakfast meal like hotdog, bacon, omelette, spam, or any dish with SI-LOG (SInangag (fried rice) itLOG (egg). For snacks, it varies, sometimes I bake cupcake, cook pasta or sweet treats like banana-q which is good for 2 to 3 days.

Writing weekly menu may be hard but you can also save on this because you will only buy what you need for the whole week so no wasted ingredients and because of this I defrost our fridge every week, day before our market day.

I usually use scratch pad to write my weekly menu but now I’m going to use this, I hope this will inspire me to write our menu. I bought this 2 years ago at Baby Couture (P50) and this is the only time I’m gonna use it. Hehe!

How about you, how do you plan your meal?

May 21, 2012

Lunch at Hainanese Delights

Update: This restaurant is already closed

We had a quick mall trip last Saturday to finish some errands and we saw this new restaurant at SM Sta Rosa. Hainanese Delights serves barbeque and Hainanese chicken rice, we’re having a second thought in trying this new restaurant because it was 12nn and we can’t see any customers but we still give it a try.

They immediately gave us the menu and while checking the menu, one staff came and gave us some plain soup and glass water. We ordered Hainanese chicken delight P120 and pork chop P120. After a few minutes, the staff came back and gave me my receipt, I asked if I need to pay immediately and she said yes. I gave her the money and she went back again for my change.

After a few minutes, customers started to pour in and the staff gave them the menu, plain soup, and a glass of water. But one thing I noticed, was the staff did not get their order, the customers went to the counter, ordered, and paid their bill. Nahiya ko bigla, feeling ko paspecial ako, but kudos to the staff for the extra effort. She could inform me that I have to go to the counter but she still gets my order and went back twice to our table.

Fast forward to our order, we did not have any regret and it is indeed “a delightful experience in every bite.” (I read this line in their restaurant). P120 is worth it (rice all you can), rice pa lang masarap na. #panira ng diet

Hubby: 1 cup  + 6 scoops of rice
Me: 1 cup + 2 scoops of rice

If my son has no tantrums, we will order and eat more. Price is really affordable.

How to Get your Pag-ibig Housing Loan Billing Statement

My husband has been paying our monthly amortization at Pag-ibig office (Shaw) for the last several months and finally, he asked if there’s another way to pay our monthly dues and the Pag-ibig staff informed him where we could pay our dues.

We could pay our monthly amortization at SM Payment Center; we just need to print the monthly billing statement from their site. Here is the step by step guide on “How to print housing loan billing statement (HLMBS) through Pag-ibig Fund Website”

How to Get your Pag-ibig Housing Loan Billing Statement

1. Go to
2. Click E-Service/Member’s E-Service
3. Click Housing Loan Payment Verifications
4. Type Surname, Name, Housing Loan Account Number and the code appearing in the box.
5. Click “View Billing Statement” (To disable the pop-up blocker on the upper left side of the screen click “Temporary allow pop-up)”
6. View, Download, or Print Billing Statement

Note: The housing loan monthly billing statement is available for viewing or verification a week before the due date.

We receive the monthly text and email from Pag-ibig regarding our due so even without the statement, we can pay in SM Payment Center. Super late magdeliver ng bill statement sa amin, good thing there are other options to get the Housing Loan Billing Statement. 

Where to Pay your Housing Loan, Installment, or Amortization?

1. Over the Counter (OTC) Payments at the HDMF Branches

Any HDMF Branch, if payment is made on or before the due date specified in the “due date” portion of the Housing Loan Monthly Billing Statement. You may visit for the list of HDMF branches.

Only at the HDMF Branch maintaining the account, if payment is made after the specified due date in the “due date” portion of the Housing Loan Monthly Billing Statement.

2. Accredited Collecting Agents (Developers with Collection Servicing Agreement with HDMF, SM Business Service Centers, and Landbank of the Philippines [All branches]).

Only if payment is made on or before the due date specified in the "due date" portion of the House Loan Monthly Billing Statement. You may visit for the list of Accredited Collecting Banks/Agents for local and overseas. 

Update: Please be informed that effective July 1, 2018, all housing loan borrowers shall be required to pay their monthly amortization/installment through the Fund's accredited collecting partners.

1. Metrobank
2. SM Payment Center, SM Savemore Supermarket, SM Hypermarket. (PHP5 fee)
3. Bayad Center and its authorized partner (PHP7 fee)
4. Landbank of the Philippines
5. Western Union
6. LBC
7. For Overseas: AUB, IREMIT, PNB and VENTAJA

Note: I paid our amortization last Sunday, March 2013 and SM is now charging an additional P5 for Pag-ibig Service Fee.

My husband paid our amortization last November 20, 2016 and the staff informed him that we need to pay the exact amount. Hindi na daw pwede yung sobra. So sayang na naman ang centavos na hindi maisusukli for sure ng cashier. But this year, 2018 they accept our payment naman kahit nakaround-off na and wala na centavos. Maybe it depends on the cashier, some cashiers wanted an exact amount and other cashiers allow round-off. 

How to Check your Pag-ibig Payment History 

1. Go to
2. Click E-Service/Member’s E-Service
3. Click Housing Loan Payment Verifications
4. Type your Surname, Name, Housing Loan Account Number, and the code appearing in the box.
5. Click “Payment History” (To disable the pop-up blocker on the upper left side of the screen click “Temporary allow pop-up)”
6. View, Download, or Print Payment History

Note: You can only view the last 12 payments made. If you want the full payment history, you can go to Pag-ibig office and they can print it for you. We've done this last year when we planned to apply for Pag-ibig Repricing. 

Update January 2020

For the very first time, we did not receive any bill from Pag-ibig, no email, no SMS, and when I check online, there is no new bill that I can download. So we just paid our Monthly Amortization using the old bill. My husband called Pag-ibig regarding our concern and we were advised na bayad na daw kasi kami kaya wala bill.

Last December, we went to Pag-ibig, nagbayad kami para less principal so ang nangyari, binawas daw doon yung January bill namin. Waah! Less principal nga so hindi ko gets bakit naging advance payment. So paano kaya yung bayad namin ng January, magiging for February. Hay! Anyway, we were advised to call Pag-ibig if 5 days before the due date, wala pa rin daw bill.

Update February 2020

We received our bill for February, ang total due namin is P19.01 so naging advance payment din yung binayaran namin last January. Nagkulang lang ng konti since ginaya lang namin yung total due nung December bill.

Update August 2020

Before the start of the community quarantine, we paid our March bill and when we received our April Bill, they charged us March and April due plus late interest so hindi nagreflect bayad namin nung March. So we emailed Pag-ibig regarding this concern and they advised us to disregard it and wait for a new bill.  Ilang buwan ang nakalipas pero walang new bill and kahit mag-email kami, wala din nangyayari. When we received a text that we need to pay our due at tapos na daw ang Bayanihan Act. Hindi naman sinabi kung magkano due namin, so I just multiply kung ano ang amount sa March bill x 4 (April to July) and paid at SM Payment Center using the April Bill (changed amount lang). Just this week, we received our August bill and the amount due is P0.00. I don't know why. May error ba sa system nila? I will wait for next month's bill and I hope maayos na.

Update September 2020

We received our September Bill and we were surprised because there is a "Grace Period on your Loan Payments (Accrued Interest PHPXX.XX)" Waah! Alam namin na hindi kami nakapagbayad because we don't have a billing statement, nung April pa kami nanghihingi ng updated bill sabi nila wait daw. Then April 15, we saw their announcement on their Facebook Page.

"We're putting ALL LOAN PAYMENT dues ON HOLD while the Enhance Community Quarantine is in effect, which means all borrowers can settle their accounts once the quarantine ends. 

This is in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 11469, otherwise known as the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act"

No dues
No penalties
No application required

Now you have one less thing to worry about.

So we patiently waited for our bill online and wala update since April. When we received the text last July na kelangan na namin magbayad dahil tapos na ang Bayanihan. We paid the April to July monthly amortization kahit wala sila binigay na amount due namin. Then last August, we received a bill pero no amount due, P0.00 so akala namin okay na. Nakakagulat dahil ang laki ng accrued interest na babayaran namin + the September due and no explanation kung ano computation nila, we emailed Pag-ibig pero no reply.

Update October 2020

Since no update na naman sa email about Accrued Interest, my husband went to Pag-ibig Office and the staff explained to him about the Accrued Interest so ending, he paid the Accrued Interest + Monthly Amortization so hopefully back to normal na ang bill namin. In short, no penalty nor interest, parang yung interest is for the housing loan na hindi daw nila siningil nung may Bayanihan Act. Hindi siya interest dun sa 3 months na hindi namin nabayaran during community quarantine. Lesson learned, pumunta na lang sa Pag-ibig Office para may sagot agad at wala din nangyayari pag nag-email ka. 

Note: No more bills since we finished our loan already. :)

Hope this helps!

May 18, 2012

Shanghai Akasantei

I’ve never been to Shanghai but if ever I will have a chance, I will surely visit Shanghai Akasantei. It is a teppanyaki and yakinuku restaurant that my husband never failed to visit every time he’s in Shanghai. It is located in Pearl City and 10 minutes away from the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel.

Shanghai Akasantei produces Japan-style teppanyaki in an elegant dining room. They offer various wonderful dishes from world travel. They serve unique dips and each dip has a distinctive flavor that would give you a good appetite such as Japanese Miso, English Miso, English Mustard, and Black Pepper Sauce.

It is an eat all you can restaurant for RMB298 (P1,800+), just choose from their menu and staff will gladly cook it for you. Hubby told me that there are prices on the menu so one of their traditions is to compute all the food that they have ordered and the price that they have to beat is RMB4800 (P28,000+). But of course, they will only pay RMB298 per pax. So I wasn’t surprised if my husband gained weight after his business trip.

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Summer Essential

Summer is not yet over because we can still feel the scorching heat of the sun though there are times that we experienced occasional rain showers, it is still hot. My family summer essential is aircon; it seems that we can’t live without this appliance.

When we move to our house, we can’t really sleep comfortably because aircon wasn’t installed yet and we can no longer use the old aircon because it will not fit our new room. My son had skin rashes because of the heat so we went to my doctor to have it check. When we reached the hospital, the rashes were lessening maybe because of the aircon of the car. So after the check-up, we immediately bought aircon and have it installed as soon as possible.

Aircon is very important to us and I don’t even know how we are going to survive the summer heat without the aircon. I’m very much thankful to the inventor of this appliance, whoever you are. Hehe! And because it is very significant in our lives, we make sure that we maintain this home appliance. Preventive maintenance is a must at least once a year but my husband is in-charge for that. Sometimes if our aircon needs a minor repair, he will not call any repairman like Hvac Austin and Cedar Park AC Repair, so it is really a big saving on our part. But if he can’t fix it, we will just call our neighbors to fix it.

The only disadvantage of this appliance is, it always makes me nervous every time I receive our electric bill. 

May 17, 2012

Career Change

“As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned’

I know that I posted this quote before; this is one of my favorite quotes because I can totally relate. I’ve said it numerous times that it was not my dream to be a full time mom but now I’m a stay at home mom for four years already. So I believe that no matter how I plan my life, there are things that I cannot control, so I just let go and let God to be my guide.

Well, I’m not alone because most of my friends also change their career, we all took BS Commerce but one of my friends is now an engineer and another friend is now a chef. Not all ended up with business position.

The same thing happen with my husband, he used to work in semi-conductor manufacturing company. He used to handle, evaluate and improve equipment utilization as an Equipment Engineer. Most equipment in their company mostly uses compressed air to perform their functions. This compressed air must be free of compressor oil; this can be done by using air compressor filter to make sure that the output product from this equipment is free from oil contamination. So there are times that he needs to work overtime but he only works inside the plant.

But now he works in manufacturer of telecommunication products and the job is very different from his previous job. He now evaluates and develops products and he also trains technicians and end-users. Most of the time he is out of the office, he is in out of town trip or he is out of the country. But whenever I asked him “which job he loves, the previous one or the present one”? He said, he loves both.

How about you? Are you planning to change your career? 

May 16, 2012

Mother's Day at Taal Vista Hotel

As I mentioned in my previous post, hubby just came back from Shanghai last Saturday so I know that we will not have any Mother’s Day celebration. Well, the truth is, it is not a big deal to me, I can’t even remember if we really celebrate this occasion, as far as I know, the year 2009 was the first and last time that we celebrate Mother's day. A simple greeting from my family is enough and if I could have a rest day on this day. hahaha!

Surprisingly, last Sunday hubby was suggesting that we could have an overnight stay in Tagaytay because he wanted to sleep, sleep and sleep. #jetlag. I asked him what’s his budget and he said P500. Oh my P500 for an overnight stay in Tagaytay, I told him I rather stay at home than stress myself looking for cheap accommodation. Today is my day! 

But hubby was determined to pursue our overnight stay so after lunch, I checked Pina Colina and Hotel Kimberly site but there was no promo. Then I checked Taal Vista Hotel, they have an on-going promo. The promo price is almost the same with Hotel Kimberly regular price but since we haven’t tried Taal Vista Hotel, we chose the latter. P4,075 for a superior room but unfortunately no more rooms available so we have no choice but to get the De Luxe room for P5,075 less discount (SMAC or BDO Rewards) = P4,775.

After 50 minutes, off we went to Tagaytay (1:50PM). We reached Taal Vista Hotel at 2:50PM so one hour travel time from our place.

For me, Taal Vista Hotel has the best view of Taal Volcano but unfortunately, we can’t see it from our room, all we can see are building walls.

The most exciting part of the staycation is the complimentary buffet breakfast; I think this is open for walk-in visitors for P678. 

foggy morning

Al fresco

During our stay, here are the choices: Hungarian sausage, beef tapa, bacon, fried silinyasi, chicken longganisa, steamed rice, fried rice, goto and champorado. There is an omelet station, bread station, vegetable salad & fruit station, cereal & pancake station and drinks station.

Bread: muffin, banana bread, white bread, ensaymada and malunggay pandesal
Drinks: coffee, milk, orange juice, mango juice and pineapple juice.

Our favorites from the menu are malunggay pandesal and goto.

After breakfast, we went to the swimming pool and we spent the rest of our time at the swimming pool.


1. They really have the best view of Taal Volcano

2. Facilities and amenities are good.
3. I love soft pillows, our room has 4 pillows. The bed is comfortable.
4. Welcome drink is good for up to four persons unlike in other hotels. 


1. Since this is not a cheap hotel, I was expecting more for the service. During my overnight stay, I did not hear any “welcome to Taal Vista Hotel, good afternoon, good morning, and good evening”. 

The staffs are just ok. I’ve stayed in pension houses, guesthouses, hotels, and other luxury resorts but this was the first time that I did not hear any greetings from the hotel staff. 
I don’t know if it is just an isolated case, I don’t expect them to greet me whenever we bump into each other but a smile and nod will do to make the guests feel welcome.

2. No bathtub 

3. It was Mother’s day and wala man lang freebies or greetings for mothers.
4. No Wi-Fi 

So before we left the hotel, I filled out the survey form and gave it to the receptionist. I was not expecting good service anymore but Raffy gladly assisted us during our check-out and he was really smiling. He even asked if we already have a car pass and if not he need to sign our parking ticket. I just hope they have more staff like Raffy. 

I received a call from Taal Vista Hotel because he read my comment in the survey form and asked if we had a bad experience in their Hotel. I told them that it was not really a bad experience but I hope they improve their service. He asked if I will still visit Taal Vista Hotel, and I said yes. 
If they will have a good promo, I will try this hotel again but if not, I will just book cheap airline tickets.

Update: I received a call and apology letter yesterday (May 22, 2012) and they informed me that they have launched a new smile campaign program to correct the error. I tried to reply to their email but I'm receiving a Mailer-Daemon Notice. Anyway, It is good to know that they are seriously taking into consideration the guest feedback or comments. 

Note: If you are reserving a room don’t forget to give your SMAC or BDO rewards number so they can give you additional discounts (if there are any) and upon payment, give your SMAC or BDO reward card so you can earn points for your stay.

McDonalds is just in front of this hotel and there’s a small stall beside PAGCOR where you can buy mami for P30.

Kids in the City: Newcastle

Newcastle isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind for a city break with the kids. Look online to find deals on a Newcastle hotel and take the family somewhere unexpected this summer. Consider central Newcastle hotels as a base to explore this impressive northern city; it has lots to offer children of all ages.

BBC Newcastle Tour

Do you have a TV star in the making? If your bairn was born to be the face of the next generation’s primetime slots, check out the Geordie home of the BBC. Families will learn about the production of popular TV programmes and the inner-workings of TV studios. Children will love seeing sets from Tracey Beaker, reading the BBC news and presenting the weather. 

Book your tour at BBC Newcastle in advance to avoid disappointment on the day. This is a working studio and places are limited.

Discovery Museum

Whether your child loves history, science or simply learning about the world around us, the Discovery Museum in Newcastle is one of the best hands-on attractions around. If you have a large family you’ll be delighted to hear that the Discovery Museum is free to all, providing a completely complimentary day of interactive fun and learning for the whole brood.

Saltwell Park

Pack a picnic and take in the summer air at Saltwell Park. This common is an impressive 55 acres and is simply filled with activities to keep everyone entertained. From bowling greens to adventure parks and boating lakes to animal houses, this handy park is free for everyone.

For the more adventurous among us, learn a little about Saltwell before you travel and educate the kids on the Saltwell Towers and the history of Newcastle. Exploring the city with a family doesn’t have to be expensive. Go online to find deals on Newcastle hotels and spend your days indulging in some of the free attractions on offer. 

May 15, 2012

Glimpse of Shanghai China

Hubby just came back last Saturday from Shanghai business trip, this was not his first time trip, if I remember it right, this is the 4th time that he visited Shanghai but this is the first time that I’ll be sharing photos of his trip. My husband is not fond of taking pictures so even though his work entails a lot of out of town and out of the country trips, he has no souvenirs (except for the expo trip in Shanghai). I’m not surprised because even team buildings and Christmas party events he has no photos unless someone I knew posted pictures on Facebook.

He always brings a camera to document his business trip but all photos are business-related. I always remind him to take some pictures so at least I have an idea of the place he visited. Whenever I asked him about his hotel, he will just tell me the same thing, check the internet. Well, he always stays in Marriott Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel, again no pictures inside the hotel.

I’ll be sharing some limited pictures that he took during his seven days trip so you can also have a glimpse of Shanghai. Shanghai is known for its architectural buildings and some popular tourist destination such as Oriental Pearl TV Tower located in Pudong, The Bund, Yuyuan Garden, and City God Temple.

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May 13, 2012

Scalp Psoriasis

If you’ve been following this blog for quite some time now, you know already that I have psoriasis and I had this since college, (4th-year college). It started on my scalp and I thought it was severe dandruff, so I used different dandruff shampoo but it wasn’t working. But when I went to the doctor, she confirmed that it was scalp psoriasis. Then she prescribed medicine and shampoo.

When I reached home, I immediately search the internet to know more about my condition and I was shocked when I learned that this skin condition has no cure yet but it can be controlled and prevented. I can’t remember the last time that my scalp was free from scalp psoriasis. My case will range from mild to severe scalp psoriasis.

Having scalp psoriasis is difficult because sometimes hairdressers or barbers will reject you because they thought that scalp psoriasis is contagious. I'm lucky that my aunt has a salon so I won’t experience this but now that I live in South Luzon, there are times that I need to go to a nearby salon and I’m always nervous because I don’t want to be rejected.

So if I have mild scalp psoriasis and I need to go to the salon, I will ask my husband to remove my scalp psoriasis using oil, sort of hair spa. I used baby oil, virgin coconut oil or aromatic oil. I’m still in search of good oil for scalp psoriasis and I’ve read that Moroccan oil is good for psoriasis but I don’t know if this argan oil is available in the Philippines.

Right now, I’m using Xamiol for my scalp psoriasis but it leaves my hair so sticky, I was really having a hard time removing the gel from my hair so sometimes I will use this and sometimes I won’t. And because of that, I don’t know if the medicine is effective. Last Saturday, I had my check-up again and I asked my doctor if she could prescribe new medicine because I don’t like Xamiol.

Even I wash my hair twice or thrice, my hair is still sticky. She told me to apply my shampoo directly to my dry hair then wash. Then she gave me this flyer for illustration, good thing that she has a copy. I was hesitant at first but it really works. So this is the secret of how to use Xamiol. Well, I just hope that they include this in every box of Xamiol because not all patients know the secret. 

May 11, 2012


Growing up without my parents beside taught me to become independent. I always do things on my own and as much as possible I don’t ask any favor. I don’t want to disturb or bother someone for my own problems. So people who are close to me think that I’m very tough.

But things change when I got married, all of a sudden I realized that I’m not that strong and I need someone to help me and to take care of me. Now, I’m so dependent on my husband so even life is difficult, I don’t like him to work abroad because I know that I can’t take a long distance relationship.

Though I know that we can have a better life if he will work abroad but we never dream to be super rich, all we wanted is a simple life where we can afford our needs and some wants. But even he is not working abroad; his job entails a lot of out of town and out of the country trips. So whenever his away, I’m always scared and paranoid, what if something happens and he’s not beside us. 

I’m always paranoid because there are instances that I need to go to the doctor for my son’s check-up, my son was sick but we have no choice but to commute because my hubby was in business trips. Two years ago, we experienced a signal #3 typhoon; I couldn’t sleep because I was really scared. We have no electric supply and water supply for almost 48 hours. I don’t even have an internet connection for two days because the antenna has been hit. I was saving my cell phone battery so I can still text or call my husband who was in Shanghai that time.

During those times, I always say, why now when my husband wasn’t home? But that's life! Another thing that scares me is when I need to fix something at home. I have no idea about tools such as self-drilling screws, bolt, grinding wheels, locksmiths and many more. But I know some tools like a screwdriver, hammer, electric drill etc. So whenever he’s away I always pray and hope that no more bad experiences.  

I always take one day at a time but time is really slow whenever he’s not here. How I wish I can fast forward the time so he will be home soon. Six days of waiting plus one more day and he will be home again. 

Mother’s Day Card

My son gave me an advance gift for Mother’s day; this is the second mother’s day card that I received from him. Though last year was much better, #choosy, you can click here to view my first mother’s day card. But I appreciate his effort for coloring this card because I know he doesn’t like to color na. I always say that my son loves to color but now I don’t know what is happening. I always notice this on his teacher remarks.

First few days: “Wonderful”
Next Few Days: “”Nice”
Then: “Checked”

After few days, I saw a note “Ethan, next time please color the picture nicely”. Oh my, I don’t know what is happening, so after class, I will trace the activity so he can color it again and ok naman result. I always remind him to color the picture nicely and don’t go beyond the line. The following day, teacher’s remark is “Keep up the good work”

So feeling ko ok na, then this is the result of my Mother’s Day card, black heart, and red bear but since I’m his mother, I love this card. He gave me this card with a smile. =)

Some kids are born lucky, they get to have the best kinda mom and I'm the luckiest coz you are mine! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's day to all the moms!

May 10, 2012

If Ever I won the Lottery

The lottery is very popular in the most part of the world including Philippines. A lot of people really take chance on this game and they even include lottery in their everyday budget. They also have their favorite or lucky number. These people are praying and hoping that they will be the next lucky winner.

With our present economic situation, we can’t really blame people if they gamble their money in the lottery. They feel that this will be the best solution to have a good life. Why not? The lucky winner can win millions of peso and this means they can afford their needs and wants. They can buy house and lot, condos, brand new fancy car, latest gadgets and many more. They can travel around the Philippines and even around the world. If ever I won the lottery, I will spend part of the winnings in traveling.

Though I love joining giveaways and contest, the lottery is not my thing. I haven’t tried this game and I have no plan yet because I’m afraid that my winnings will cause me more harm. (assuming I will win, hehe!) Don’t get me wrong. But here are the things that I don’t want to happen if ever I won the lottery.

1.  Your family might take advantage of you 

After winning the lottery, I’m absolutely sure that you will gain more relatives. They feel that your winnings are for the whole clan. They want you to rescue them from their debts or financial problems. They will borrow money from you because there is no interest. 

2.  Your friends and colleagues might take advantage of you 

Of course not only family but friends too will like to get a share of your winnings whether it is a free meal, drinks, movie or even a weekend getaway.

3.  You will become a target for bad people 

A lot of people will come and offer you some investment opportunity, networking or insurance and convince you to buy from them.

4.  You might be a victim of a robbery, carnapping and even kidnapping.

But if these things will not happen, I might try my luck in lottery.