December 21, 2019

GoPro Editing Tips For Perfect Holiday Video

Usually when you go on a great tour, sometimes it’s not sufficient to tell people about it you want to show them, also. And in our gradually more digital world, the best way to do this is with a video.

How to Make a Holiday Video 

You don’t need to be an expert to make a holiday video.  Here is some information for arrangement, filming, and editing that will help you make great holiday videos, even if you don’t have any earlier experience.

Protect Your Equipment 

When you’ve decided which type of camera you’ll be using to create a holiday video, you’ll need the exact objects to protect it during your holidays. In the market, there are many small camera bags that will protect your camera like the Venture Case from GoPole. It will maintain your camera and trimmings dry and planned.

Here are some tips of GoPro editor 

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash
Use amount 

One of the trimmings you’ll be using lots will be a mount for your GoPro. You must select an accurate position to mount the camera. To shape that out, test dissimilar places for a suitable angle and flat shots.

For instance, if you are snowboarding, a front POV might not be a great shooting angle. You want to confirm any activities or particular moves that you make. So what do you do? Ask one of your friends to film your moves for you or you make use of a GoPole with the camera mounted.

If you’re shooting video while biking, ensure you mount the GoPro on the top front side of the helmet to give you a better POV than the handle mount. Ultimately, you will discover the best pose through experiments and mistakes.

Make sure constancy 

When you are shooting something from the sidelines or taking photos, a tripod assists a great deal in achieving the preferred consistency. Furthermore, a GoPro is friendly with a lot of third party accessories to keep the camera steady and thus avoid the instability of the hands.

In cases where you’re shooting while in movement, a lot of solidities can be obtained with the utilize of gimbals. Mostly mechanical gimbals. They hold motors that oppose the motion of the hands that causes unbalanced videos.

Nevertheless, I will recommend going for a good quality mount while shooting POV videos in great sports like mountain-biking or snowboarding.

The Ideal Place to Attach your GoPro 

You have many choices when it comes to finding a position to mount your camera. You can set it on your head, arm, bike, car, pet, around your leg, and on many other sitting rooms. Also, as far as mounts go, you’ll find many special ones on the market. From in-house models like GoPro Gimbal, too many other more reasonable accessories that you can find in online stores. You should try out with your camera and set it in different spots to find the most excellent angle.

Find a new angle 

A GoPro presents a very wide angle of view that makes it straightforward to capture the action but to make accurately fascinating videos; you should do more than just put it and forget it. Change up the angle to give viewers an inclusive outlook of what’s going on, rather than just sticking to one point of view. For instance, when recording the action, it’s most common to mount a forward-facing GoPro, but sometimes looking back at you can generate uniformly entertaining recording. If you’ll be repeating an act many times like surfing or snowboarding; consider relocation the camera on each run to capture a greater diversity of shots.

Make use of filters to get better video quality 

This tip is mostly for filmmakers and videographers who want to add a proficient touch to the videos. Using filters to get a better photo and video superiority is quite common. Take for example the variety of filtering apps accessible on Android. The filters that we are talking about here are to improve the video quality right from the start, offering better views in different scenarios.

For instance, for shooting superior quality videos underwater you can use a red filter to stabilize the blue-green color effect. Further, utilizing an impartial density filter for shooting in extremely clear surroundings; this filter decreases the shutter velocity and reduces the jarring image excellence.


What changes can you compose in the settings by hand? 

It gives you the opportunity of choosing the motion of the videos. You can either pick 4K superiority at 30p or 2.7K at 60p. Videos of these resolutions are of very high superiority and also take up a lot of data freedom. Hence, if you’re looking to discharge high profile and specialized videos continue the setting as 4K or 2.7K. For usual and rapid sharing purposes, 1080p is more than adequate.

You can also formulate changes in the feature ratio. Some specialists recommend choosing different aspect ratios for different scenarios and results. Nevertheless, I favor the customary ratio of 16:9 which is attractive much the standard these days.

Using Protune 

If you are well versed in modifying and selecting the settings of the GoPro, for higher adjustments in the settings, you can try using the protune quality. It is flagship software for editing GoPro videos.

Protune presents a toned down fundamental image which can then be used to create changes additional transforms in the graphics.

December 11, 2019

Day 2 in Stockholm Sweden

The year 2019 is about to end but I’m not yet finished with my Scandinavian series and the last time I posted about Sweden was October. Waah! Anyway, I will try my best to finish my series before the end of the year 2020. hehehe! Nothing special happened on Day 1 because we just traveled from Copenhagen to Stockholm so we woke up early the following day so we can visit a lot of tourist spots.

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Day 1 in Stockholm Sweden

Day 2 in Stockholm Sweden 

As I’ve said before, I did not prepare any Stockholm itinerary so we don’t know where to go and what to do. But of course, there are tourist spots that I wanted to visit but I don’t even have an idea when and how are we going there. Toinks. It is really important to have an itinerary so we can budget our time but since we don’t have a trip plan, we just rely on Stockholm Pass Guidebook.

We just bought our Stockholm Pass at the hotel but if you want to save money, you can buy it online. Click here to buy Stockholm Pass. The rate may vary depending on the season and of course the number of days of the ticket. This was the rate when we traveled last April 2019. We bought the 3 Days Stockholm Pass, the total is 3952SEK for 3 adults and 1 child. (PHP22,497.63)

Stockholm Pass Price

1 Day Adult Pass SEK 669.00
1 Day Child Pass SEK 335.00

2 Day Adult Pass SEK 929.00
2 Day Child Pass SEK 465.00

3 Day Adult Pass SEK 1129.00
3 Day Child Pass SEK 565.00

5 Day Adult Pass SEK 1479.00
5 Day Child Pass SEK 740.00

Actually, I don’t want to stress about our itinerary so I just wanted to follow the sample itinerary but my mom doesn’t like to do a boat tour or sightseeing by boat. Well, I can’t blame her because she lives in Norway and the Ferry boat is just a normal thing for her. But of course, wala niyan sa Pinas so kelangan pa rin namin maexperience so kelangan may isang boat tour. Hehehe!

Drottningholm Palace and Boat Tour 

We just walked from the hotel to the City Hall (landmark) where the Stromma ticket booth and boat are located. We got lost but thank God, we found our way. We’re running late because we only have 7 minutes left and the boat will leave at 10AM. Fortunately, we’ve made it on the first boat trip to Drottningholm Palace. You need at least half a day for this trip because boat travel is already 2 hours (round trip).

On your way to the palace, you can see some interesting sites and when you reach the island, you will see the following places.

1. Drottningholm Palace
2. The Chinese Pavilion
3. Drottningholm Slottsteater
4. Drottningholm Slottspark

Boat to Drottningholm Palace: 230SEK - Adult and 115SEK - Child
Drottningholm Palace: 140SEK: - Adult 70SEK - Child
Chinese Pavillion at Drottningholm: 100SEK - Adult 50SEK - Child
Drottningholm Court Theatre: 110 - Adult FREE - Child

We did not pay anything because the boat and tourist spots are part of the Stockholm Pass. Drottningholm Palace is the home of the Swedish King and Queen and one of Sweden’s World Heritage sites. The palace deserves a separate post so I will share more about it next time. We had our snacks at the convenience store but there are restaurants too but since we want to ride the 1PM boat back to the City Hall, we want fast food.

Stockholm City Hall 

After one hour, the boat docked and we went straight to bus stop #23. The bus stop is near the famous Stockholm City Hall. The beautiful city hall is a tourist spot and it attracts more than 400,000 visitors. It houses offices, ceremonial hall, conference room and the luxury restaurant “Stadhusk√§llren”. It is also where the Nobel Prize dinner held. We are torn between, visiting the city hall or wait for the bus. But since we don’t want to miss the bus ride, we decided to skip the City Hall Tour.

Stockholm Panorama Bus Tour

For our next tour, we availed the Stockholm Panorama. The bus tour will take you to all the city districts and famous sights such as the Royal Palace, Royal Opera, Shopping Area, Gamla Stan, Museums and many more. There are FREE flyers and earphones that you can get so you can listen to the history and other information during the bus tour. Just choose your preferred language. It is a simple tour but it gives you a glimpse of Stockholm City.

Stockholm Panorama: 330SEK - Adult 156SEK - Child

The bus tour is 75 minutes long but of course, it may take a while depending on the traffic condition. During our trip, there is construction within the city. Stockholm Panorama is free with our Stockholm Pass but if you don’t have the pass and you want to experience this, you can buy the ticket here. We alighted at the bus stop #20 Ice Bar since this is the nearest stop to our hotel. We had an early dinner before we went back to Generator Stockholm.

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December 09, 2019

Trip to Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall

A few weeks ago I bought a Deal Grocer voucher for my husband. Since we live in the South area, I chose the Madison Galeries branch. Fast forward to my husband's appointment, I was hesitant to go with him kasi mapapagastos lang kami kasi like his colon-cleansing, napakain kami sa The Farm Organics while waiting. But in the end, sumama pa rin kami ng anak ko.

It was our first time in Madison Galeries, a boutique mall located in Alabang. According to their website, it is specifically designed for the Alabang community kaya pala sosyal ang interiors. The lifestyle mall offers restaurants, retail stores, specialty services, entertainment, bank, supermarket, and even office space.

Mardi Gras Bazaar 3

On our way to Karada, I already saw banner and poster of Mardi Gras Bazaar 3 Warehouse Clearance Sale! Up to 80% daw. When we reached the third level, ang dami tao malapit sa escalator; akala ko kung ano meron, nandun pala yung bazaar. We’re still early for the appointment so we went inside. No entrance fee.

When I entered the room, I was happy that I changed my mind at sumama ko kasi napashopping na ko ng Christmas gifts nang walang kahirap-hirap. There is no shopping cart or basket so I have no choice but to buy an eco-bag para may paglagyan ako habang namimili. It was funny kasi nung napaparami na kami nakuha, nagkatanungan na kami kung magkano ba dala namin cash. Baka wala pala kami pambayad pagdating sa cashier. Hehehe! The bazaar is not that big so we were done in less than an hour.


After putting our shopping bags in the car, we went straight to KARADA. I bought Heal Your Aches & Pains: 90-Minute AP & BT by a Local Trainer voucher at Deal Grocer for P1675, the regular price is P2,095. KARADA is a Japanese Body Therapy and they have more than 300 branches across the globe. They offer different packages, you can choose AP Balance, Body Treatment, Foot Treatment, or a combination. You have the option to choose a local trainer or Japanese trainer, of course, mas mahal kapag Japanese. My husband was very much satisfied with his first session and sabi nung therapist balik daw after a week. Waah! Ang gastos naman kung weekly session. But I’m sure we will buy another voucher again pag may promo sa Deal Grocer ulit. I will share more information in a separate post.

Operating Hours: Mondays-Sundays 10am – 10pm
Landline:: 403-4933
Mobile No: 0917-6670128
Email Address:

Nonna’s Trattoria

After my husband treatment, we went to Nonna’s Trattoria restaurant. We wanted to avail the Buy 1 Get 1 Pizza promo that we got from the bazaar. “For every P1500 worth of single or accumulated receipts from Mardi Gras Bazaar”. Unfortunately, the restaurant was full so sayang hindi namin nagamit.

Burnt Cookies PH 

We checked other restaurants pero wala kami type na kainan, sa kakaikot namin, we found another bazaar. While walking, we got a free taste of cookie at Burnt Cookies and after tasting it napabalik kami sa kiosk. The price is not cheap so we just bought two pieces, we bought Chocolate Chunks and Chips Cookies P80 and Bittersweet Cookies P90.

The cookie needs to be refrigerated but we ate everything on our way home. My husband said, “Sarap noh, kaso ang mahal”. I told him, butter pa lang kaya mahal na. I also bake so I know na nag-iiba talaga lasa depende sa ingredients na gamit mo. The cookies may be expensive but it is really good, after taking a bite you can tell that they are using premium ingredients.

And because of the taste, naparesearch ako nang bigla and I found our that they are using chocolates from Mindanao. Yes, you’ve read it right they are buying chocolates from @aurochocolates and @malagoschocolates. I’m pretty sure, aware na kayo na ang Malagos Chocolate is an award-winning Philippine Chocolate. They received a lot of awards both local and international and the recent one is “2019 International Chocolate Awards”.

December 06, 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids: Personalized Books

Hello December, they say it is the most wonderful time of the year but for me, it is the most stressful month. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas Holidays but I just feel that there are so many things that I like to do and finish before the year ends. It just so happened that I enrolled in another course so life became swamped with lessons again. My head is aching because of too much information but I’m hoping that I can manage everything.

As of this writing, our Christmas tree is not up yet and I don’t know if we will put one or not. There are Christmas Parties and get-together invitation from left to right. I’m contemplating which one will I say yes and which one will I say no because I am not a superwoman so I can’t say yes to everything. Lastly, my Christmas gift list is almost finished since I started buying gifts early but those gifts are still waiting to be wrapped. Hehehe!

Speaking of gifts, are you done with your Christmas list? If not you can add this to your gift ideas. This is a nice gift if you have kids, nieces, nephews or godchildren from 0-10 years old. It is a personalized book where your child is a star. Yes, your kid is the main character of the story. If you remember, I bought the “Super Duper Birthday Party” book when my son was 7 years old. We are still keeping the book as a birthday souvenir too. You can check my review here. How I wish, I bought another book like “Magical Christmas Adventure”. Sayang, my son is already a tween. Anyway, there are more books that you can choose from.

My Magical Christmas Adventure
Super Duper Birthday Party
Underwater Adventure
My Great Space Race for Boys or for Girls
Look Who’s a Big Brother or Big Sister
The Crowning of a Fairy Princess
A Super Hero Saves The Day or A Super Heroine Saves
The Day My Book of Nursery Rhymes
Welcome to the World

What I like in this personalized book is you can check each pages so you will get an idea of the flow of the story, the look of each pages and how can you personalize the book. You can do a book tour on their website.

Aside from the personalized books, you can also order personalized coloring books, wrapping paper, wall art, placemats, notebooks, folded notecards, flat notecards, gift labels, wall clocks. One more thing, they offer worldwide shipping. For more information check the link.