July 22, 2013

Banana Float Recipe

These past few days had been very busy, hindi ko man lang naramdaman ang weekend. My son’s homework last Friday was to make a scrapbook from 0 month old till five years old so I spent most of my time looking for pictures. Spell S-T-R-E-S-S!

I have hundreds of photos and good thing that my folders are arranged per month and per year so it made my life easier but choosing pictures were not easy. After choosing the pictures, I write captions for each pictures #parangblog. =) We went to the mall to print the pictures and bought supplies for scrapbook. #napakagastosnahomework.

Anyway, sharing to you this easy dessert, actually I always use mango for this recipe but we only have banana at home.

Bananas or mango
1 pack of all purpose cream
1 can of condensed milk
Crushed graham cracker

1.Sliced bananas.
2.In a separate bowl, mix condensed cream and all purpose cream.
3.In a bowl, layer your incredients. Graham + banana + cream mixture.

4.Put it in a fridge.
5.Serve after meal.

My son helped me in making banana float so it is a great bonding too. 


  1. This looks like a nice and easy dessert! Will give this a try soon :) Anyway sis, kaloka naman yung homework ng son mo. Di ba nararamdaman ng teachers na sa mga ganyang assignments ang parents ang mas nahihirapan? >.<

  2. ang gastos naman ng homework at such young age! :)) akala ko cocoa yung crushed grahams. pero parang masarap din if grahams and cocoa :D

  3. welcome back.. medyo 1 week ka din nawala.. hehehe! di ako magaling sa art, kaya baka kawawa baby ko pag mag scrap book project sya. swerte ni ethan. ^_^

  4. hahhah :) . the objectives of that activity was for him to know the Human life Sequence and one of the Method of Maria Montessori especially teaching history is by using "timeline" and they will know (hope they will..hhaha) that they are already growing which is part of Life..and hope it was fun activity for the family....
    but, as I'd checked the worked of kids...one was really caught my attention, yung gawa na makikita mu yung effort and love...if casa has already giving such valuable grades...sya na yata ang pinaka mataas..hahha..tnx for the wonderful worked Mommy..ay iste Ethan...pala...hahhah joke po :)

    1. we enjoyed it naman, narush lang kami kasi kulang sa oras. =)

  5. My nephew's yaya makes ice cream by whipping all-purpose cream and condensed milk. It's good too. Tastes like real creamy ice cream. =)