August 09, 2013

Rudy Project Watch

Honestly, we’re very satisfied with our present credit card company but my husband tried to apply for Citibank credit card when he saw the Rudy Project Watch freebies. 

Fortunately, he was approved but the thing is he needs to spend P5,000 before he can redeem the watch. It is not a problem because we will just use the card for our groceries.

“Approved cardholders can avail of the watch upon using the card for a single or accumulated purchase of at least P5,000 within 60 days from card approval date.”

He was told that he will receive a notification once he reach the P5,000 but more than two weeks had passed and still no notification. He called the bank for follow-up. After one week, he printed the voucher and went to the store to claim his watch but to his disappointment, he cannot claim the watch because his name was not included in the list that was July 13. It was noted that he can start claiming the watch as early as July 11.

The following week, we went to different store to claim the watch but still his name was not included. I ended up buying this watch at 20% off, P1450 original price.

He called Citibank for follow-up and as usual, puro promises na naman. He told the rep that if he cannot claim the watch on this date, he will just cancel the card. As I mentioned, we are very satisfied with our present credit card company and we do not want to deal with poor customer service. We received freebies before but this was the only time na we’re really having a hard time claiming the freebies.

We went to Solenad to claim the watch because he was told that everything was fine and the representative gave a contact number just in case he can’t claim it again. For the third time, his name was not included. He called Citibank to fix the issue. Finally, last August 2, after almost an hour of waiting, he was able to get his free Rudy Project watch. It took us several weeks to get the watch, follow-up on June so he can print the voucher and follow-up on July to claim the watch. #sigh

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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