February 21, 2014

Stay Away from the Sun with Lined Valances

Rooms that are facing the western sun are really warm during afternoons. If your bedroom happens to be in this part of the home, chances are, you don’t feel comfortable inside. Putting some curtains can make your room dark so you will have to turn on the lights during broad daylight which can add up to your monthly electric bill.

Why not cover your window with a lined valance? They cover the upper part of your window enough to let the sun out while it enhances the appearance of your room. Lined valances are specially created by manufacturers to protect the homes from damages brought about by ultraviolet rays. They are made of thick fabric enough to block the sun from damaging the wall paint.

If the kitchen is facing the west, the food will spoil easily especially if you live in a tropical country. With a lined valance, the food spoilage is prevented while the kitchen looks beautiful. The skin of your children is delicate so their rooms should be adorned with bright colored valances. Lined valances come in different color variations such as mocha, crimson, sage, brick, sand, marine, taupe, java, and grass. Name the color you want and you will have it.

Indeed, these valances are in demand in places where terribly hit by La NiƱa especially in California because they give ample protection to the home. The searing heat during summer can be annoying if you are a stay-at-home mom. Before the arrival of the summer season, you need to hang the lined valances on your windows especially if you have an attic. Your kids love to stay in the attic, so make sure the dormer windows are adorned with the valances.

A piece of the lined valance is priced at $14 and the most expensive one could reach as far as $65. Their price is a bit expensive because the fabric is thick enough to block the UV rays that can be damaging not only to your home but to your skin. With a lined valance, staying at home can be relaxing during hot summer days.

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