June 27, 2014

Philippine Airlines Experience

Like I always say, our family always travels on a shoestring so Philippine Airlines is not always our option. I always book our flights on low-cost carriers especially if there is a seat sale. I booked our Manila to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Singapore flight last August and I was waiting for the promo fare for our Singapore to Manila flight.

I could not wait any longer for a seat sale so last December, I was checking and comparing the fare on different airlines. We chose Philippine Airlines because the difference is less than 2k from low-cost carriers. We all know that we have free meals and free baggage allowance already in PAL. 

I tried Philippine Airlines when we went to Cagayan de Oro for our Camiguin trip. But the food is nothing special, just biscuits and coffee. Hehehe!

But international flight is different, there is a small pillow that you can use, and a headset if you want to watch movie or sound trip. You have a full meal, there are appetizers, main course, and dessert. 

Now I know and experience the difference so if ever I have extra budget, I will choose PAL but if the budget is limited, low-cost carrier is still fine with me, especially for short time travel.


  1. I've only tried PAL for my domestic travels. You're right, the food's nothing special. Lol! I want to try them out for international flights too.

  2. I've also tried PAL only for domestic flights. Good to know they have complete meals on board the international flights because people deserve to get their money's worth. :)

  3. I really prefer to fly PAL over other airlines, even for domestic travel. My experiences with them were always better than with the rest.

  4. I do like PAL even if it's a bit more expensive. They provide good customer service too