July 14, 2014

Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

It is not a secret here anymore that I always experienced Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. In a span of 7 years, last April is the 4th time that I’ve experienced it. I don’t like it because the severe abdominal pain is no joke. That’s always the sign that I have UTI so I always request urinalysis before going to my OB-Gyne. 

Treating my UTI is not easy maybe because of the Methotrexate that I’m taking for my psoriasis, it is also the reason why I always have UTI because it weakens my immune system. It took me six weeks to cure the UTI and I was really tired going to the doctor and undergoing lab tests every week such as urinalysis, urine culture, and KUB ultrasound. Last year I even had a transvaginal ultrasound to check if I have lumps.

My doctor always advised me to drink cranberry juice but I didn’t follow, lagi ko sinasabi na pwede ba coconut juice na lang because I don’t like the taste of cranberry juice. But I realized if I wanted to prevent UTI I should try drinking cranberry juice. I searched the effects of cranberry juice and now I understand why my doctor advised me to drink it. According to organifacts.net, the health benefits of cranberry juice are...

1. Anti-aging benefits
2. Prevents Lung Inflammation
3. Prevents Scurvy
4. Prevents Peptic Ulcers
5. Prevents Kidney Stones
6. Good for Obesity
7. Cures Cold
8. Strengthens bones and teeth
9. Prevents Cancer
10. Avoid Respiratory Infections
11. Prevents tooth decay
12. Sustain Cardiovascular Health
13. Antitumor effects
14. Prevents Urinary Tract Infection

Healthy Balance Cranberry Juice (less than PHP200)
Fontana Cranberry Juice PHP82

Florida's Natural Grower's Pride Cranberry
Tipco Mixed Fruit Juice & Cranberry PHP105

As I mentioned, I don’t like the taste of cranberry juice so I tried different brands so I can choose. So far, I tried Healthy Balance, Florida’s Natural, Fontana, and Tipco. The winner is Tipco, I like the taste. 


  1. I also drink Tipco's Cranberry Juice. I'm prone to UTI as well and was advised to do this. :) I like Tipco's Spinach Juice as well!

  2. Sorry to hear about your condition. I've never had UTI, ever. But I do like Tipco's Cranberry Juice. Actually, I love all their variants. :)

  3. I also like Tipco's Cranberry Juice! Used to drink it all the time in the US because it's my baon :D

  4. I drink cranberry juice on a daily basis. Fontana is my brand. :)

  5. I have never considered cranberry juice as a healthy food. I wonder if they have these juices in S&R, where we usually shop. Thank you for spreading awareness!

  6. Love cranberry juice! Another alternative for UTI is buko juice :)

  7. The first and only time I got UTI (which was last year lang, kung kelan 30 na ako), I was made to take cranberry pills. They really work!

  8. I love Tipco also! I actually like all of their juices. My favorites are orange and broccoli

  9. hello, may I ask, pano ung procedure nun pag inom nun? i mean after meal ba?

  10. Ok din po and Pfanner na brand ng cranberry juice.