October 03, 2014

All I Want for Christmas: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Military Women

Someone has to protect our country during the holidays, and this job falls squarely on the military. It’s no fun being away from family, especially if you’re a woman. But you can make the holidays a little kinder, a little more gentle, by sending a thoughtful gift to a soldier that’s deployed in a strange, far away, country. Here’s what to send.

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash
A Military Ring 

A military ring is a ring that features the military branch crest and gemstone. You can order them in either silver or gold, and it’s a symbol of the dedication and pride that every soldier feels for serving in the military. Military Rings for women tend to run a bit smaller than for men, and they’re more feminine. This doesn’t always mean they’re cheaper though. But, if you really want to “wow” someone, send them this

A Paracord Bracelet 

A paracord bracelet is a bracelet that’s made of parachute chord - yes, nylon. It’s the same chord that’s been used in the military since WWII for parachutes. It’s strong. It’s lightweight. It’s great for all kinds of survival situations. This is what soldiers love, even women. Say you’re out in the field, and you need something to help you catch some wild game, or you need something to climb up a tree, or maybe you just want to relax and do a little fishing on your day off - this is what you need. 

When not needed, it’s a bracelet. But, it “magically” unravels into a tactical cord that has at least as many uses as baking soda, except that the bracelet is more stylish. 

A Teddy Bear 

The female soldiers in the civil war would have loved this as a gift had they been able to get their hands on them. A teddy bear might seem a little childish, but most soldiers, even females, tend to feel a little homesick when they’re deployed. This is one of the best ways to make them feel like they have a home, and that someone is thinking about them. It can get pretty lonely over there. At night, it can also get a bit chilly. Having something to snuggle will make life a little bit easier. 

A Blanket 

While the military does provide blankets, they tend to be very utilitarian and not very “cozy.” Sending a homemade blanket, or even a nice store-bought one can really brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be super-fancy, but try to send something that’s soft, comfortable, and homely. 

Remember, many female soldiers carry a stigma with them that brands them as unfeminine. The reality is that they’re like most females. They like feminine things, like soft blankets that make them feel like they’re home instead of being wrapped up in government synthetic materials. 

A Pillow 

This might sound strange, but nice pillows aren’t a common thing if you’re deployed. You get the standard-issue pillow, and that thing isn’t comfortable. It’s cheap. Sending a fluffy pillow, or something that feels like it’s from home will make just about any soldier’s day. Helen Moser loves to send things to our troops overseas, especially during the holidays. An avid writer, she likes to give people creative ideas for supporting the military. You can find her interesting posts on many blog sites today.

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