May 28, 2015

Jollibee Big Burger Steak

Our family loves Jollibee because we like their food, it is our go-to restaurant if we are in a rush. We are thankful for the 24 hours branch and drive-thru option because we can buy food anytime.

Aside from chicken joy, my son and I love Jollibee Burger Steak. I think the burger steak meal is one of the cheapest meal they offer so I always order that.

Last month, I asked hubby to buy dinner before he goes home. I wasn’t feeling well that time so I did not cook. He suggested Jollibee na lang. I said ok and I said: burger steak na lang sa kin. 

He dropped my dinner and they (hubby and son) off to watch Avengers Age of Ultron movie.  When I opened the pack, I was surprised because the burger steak was so big so I called my husband to ask. He said, “yan na lang meron, wala yung dati”. 

Anyway, the big burger steak is 1/3-pound Champ patty. It is really big and thick but I find it dry and the mushroom gravy was not enough. I still prefer the old burger steak which is juicy and just enough for the rice. I did not finish the burger steak, how much more if my son will order this. For sure, marami tira. I think this is good for those who have big appetite and who want to order extra rice. Hehehe! 

The Jollibee Big Burger Steak is P80 for solo and P95 with a regular drink

Update: July 2015

I mentioned before that I did not enjoy my big burger steak because I find it dry but a few months ago my husband told me na masarap naman ha, natikman niya na daw. Knowing him who is not fond of burger steak, as in di daw niya type talaga and he can't really understand me bakit favorite ko daw yun. hahaha!

So finally last Saturday, I gave it another try and I was surprised that it is no longer dry and di na bitin ang mushroom sauce. Thank God for the improvement.

I also saw the commercial yesterday, burger steak meal is back at P50. Yehey!


  1. I love their burger steak also :-) my current fave is ultimate burger steak with mashed potato

  2. Aside from shanghai, burger steak is my fave in Jollibee...make that the breakfast steak.

  3. Replies
    1. Last month pa yung "not feeling well" :)

  4. There is Jolibee in my country, but I haven't had the chance to try it yet!

  5. I just had this for lunch the other day. Sulit talaga!