July 28, 2015

Lunch at Sbarro

After my phototherapy session last Saturday, we went to Festival Mall to pay bills and buy stuff in National Bookstore for my son’s experiment in Science. While going to the bookstore, we saw Sbarro, I thought they are already closed, they just moved to new location lang pala.

It’s been a while since our last visit so we had lunch here. We availed their cheese promo pizza, NY-style 17-inch pizza for P289. The Pasta Tortellini is P144.75 (I think 25% off). 

My son is not fond of pizza before, most of the time he will just eat the pizza toppings but ever since he watched the “Home Alone” movie where Kevin ordered cheese pizza, he now loves pizza. He wants cheese pizza and if it is not available, we will order pepperoni.

As expected, we enjoyed our pizza and pasta. The cheese pizza is so big so we took home the left over for our snacks.


  1. 289 lang for a 17-inch?
    I think the nearest branch to us is SM North.

  2. I love Sbarro! It has been months since we last went to Sbarro, nakakamiss Pasta Tortellini.

  3. Sbarro's pizza and pasta taste really good. It's my go to fast food for a slice of pie.

  4. thanks for visiting our store.. grazie! see us again