November 23, 2015

When Plan Fails

I’m a type of person who likes to plan, short-term or long-term goal. I also love to write a list of things to do, things to buy and many more because I want everything to be organized. But sometimes no matter how you plan, you cannot control everything. There will come a time that you feel that everything is not falling into place. 

As early as July, I already knew that Nov 18 and 19 is a special non-working holiday because of APEC Summit (NCR). I immediately informed my husband to mark his calendar. But come November, he told me that he needs to go to Singapore for his conference Nov. 19-20. I was really disappointed because he will work on holiday, sayang yung two days. And again because of APEC, there were cancellations of flights and no-fly out advisory so the supposed to be 3 days business trip became 7 days, Nov.15 to 21. He was in Indonesia and Singapore last week. #feelingofwwife

I also informed him that my son’s Field Trip is Nov. 23 so he can file a vacation leave just in case my son wanted to join. He already filed a leave but unfortunately, the date of the conference (Philippines) moved to Nov. 23-24. Waah!

I was already thinking how I can persuade my son not to join the field trip. Unlike in preschool, parents can still accompany their kids but my son is now in grade school and no chaperone allowed.

Last Monday, I already received the itinerary and waiver form for my son’s Field Trip. They are going to 

SOS Children’s Village 
Rave of Pasig 
Repertory Philippines 
PAF Aerospace Museum 

Me: Do you want to join the Field Trip?
Ethan: Yes 
Me: Even without mommy? 
Ethan: How about daddy? 
Me: No chaperone allowed so we can’t go with you. 
Ethan: What is a chaperone? 
Me: Someone who can accompany you like mommy, daddy or guardian. 
Ethan: Ayaw, scared ako if no mommy and daddy. How can I go to CR? 

I felt sad because my son wanted to join but because of the no chaperone policy, he declined. But I felt relieved because I don’t need to convince him, he made my life easier because he did not want to go. I even asked him the following day just to make sure that he is firm with his decision. 

After school, I asked him if his classmates are joining the Field Trip and he said yes. I asked him, kung ok lang sa kanya na hindi siya kasama and he said yes. If only my husband is available. I will tell my son na susundan namin siya. We can do convoy just to make sure that he is okay and he won’t be lost. Or we can do our own field trip. Yes, I’m a paranoid mom, because I still can’t forget my “Where is my Son?” experience. 

So even I already paid for this Field Trip because it is included in our tuition, I’m happy because I have peace of mind. Today is our rest day because he did not join the Field Trip. 

"Peace of mind comes when you stop expecting and start accepting".


  1. I can understand your apprehension in letting your son join a field trip without a chaperone. Mahirap no? When my daughter joined a field trip in 3rd grade, I went with them (only 2 parents came to accompany the kids, one of them was me hahaha). Mahirap mag let go pag bawal ang chaperone lalo na mga bata pa.

    1. True, grade 1 pa lang. Mahirap na at baka mawala. :)

  2. I think that it will take some time to let go and allow them to go on school field trips without parents around. For me it isn't an issue coz I trust that the kids knows how to behave and know what to do when they are on trips with the school. My eldest even went to Vietnam with the school this year

  3. It sure takes time for parents like us to let go of our kids. But I don't really mind, I'll just make sure that they have everything they need and make sure the teacher knows what she needs to do, like for bathroom breaks, etc. I can't really deprive them of the experience because this will be memories for when they're older.

  4. I know how you feel, pag hindi pwedeng walang chaperone, I would rather not let my kids go. I would convince my hubby to bring all the kids to our own field trips nalang. And, it's true that sometimes things will not go according to plan. It's hard to manage expectations.

  5. Aw, I feel you sis. kasi letting him go without chaperone wala ka din namang peace of mind and thinking your son na wala kang magawa kasi wala ka. So these things I wiill consider din siguro in the future for my zd.

  6. Matt had his field trip last Monday. Ayun, Daddy and I went with him. Good thing allowed naman parents to join kahit grade level na. Mas nagenjoy pa ata kami ni Daddy, haha. Anyway, when my plan fails I consider that as God's sign so siguro there's a better one coming.

    1. Buti pa kayo, ewan ko ba sa school namin bakit bawal chaperone.