July 05, 2016


Pasalubong is a Filipino tradition wherein we buy something from our destination so we have something to give to our family and friends. It is very common to balikbayans, OFW, or even travelers. 

My husband is not an OFW but he is always out of the country twice or thrice a month because of work and because of this, may pasalubong kami lagi. Lol Though I don’t really demand pasalubong at magastos ito. Mamumulubi kami because 2-3 times na gastos ito.

But there are times I asked something especially if I’m interested in trying delicacies or food from that country or place like lechon in Cebu, Kaya Spread in Singapore, and Royce in Brunei or JapanMost of the time my husband will buy chocolates especially if there is a sale

Sharing with you some pasalubong that we’ve got during the last business trips.

Pasalubong from Singapore 

When he went to Singapore, I asked him to buy Kaya Spread so I can make Kaya Toast. I tried it before when someone gave me a bottle of this coconut jam and I liked it. He bought some at the Changi Airport and unfortunately I didn’t like it, it is not sweet and parang walang lasa. 

I just can’t remember the brand that I’ve tried before na ok ang lasa. Let me know if you know the best brand of Kaya Spread. Sayang, this is expensive pa naman, parang P1k+ itong Kaya Spread.

So I told him, don’t buy pasalubong na from Singapore kasi ang mahal, even the chocolates are expensive mas mura pa sa Pinas. 

Pasalubong from Thailand 

The famous pasalubong in Thailand is tamarind so he bought a few packs only since we will be going to Japan in a few days na rin. 

Pasalubong from Indonesia 

Every time he goes to Indonesia, I don’t ask anything because I don’t know what is the best pasalubong from Indonesia. So I was surprised when he bought this Monica original layer cake 55,000 rupiah. 

In Indonesia “lapis” means layer and this is a traditional snack which can also be found in Netherland because of colonial links. The taste is just okay.

Pasalubong from Brunei

He just came back from Brunei, initially I asked for Royce chocolate but before he left, I told him wag na lang para tipid but still, he brought something home kasi may tira pa daw siya Brunei dollar, hehehe! 

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           Royce Nama Chocolate

In fairness, we liked the Munchy’s Oat Krunch cookie and Loacker “Rose of the Dolomites”chocolate. Ubos agad. Hehehe! The Munchy’s are made in Johor Malaysia and of course, Loacker is an Italian company.


  1. Oh, there is Royce in Brunei? When I went to Brunei, we traveled by boat through Malaysia. The boat stops in Labuan where chocolates are very cheap (Duty Free)! Plus, Pinoys working there were giving us a lot of freebies!

    1. Yes, Royce is cheaper in Brunei compared here in the Philippines. :) Pinoy din yung nasa airport but no freebies. Hehehe!

  2. My husband also told me that Brunei is cheaper if you will buy pasalubong but he is always buy his pasalubong in Brazil kasi minsan lang sila dumadaan sa Brunei.

  3. I love all the pasalubong featured on this post. Brunei is my favorite and its been awhile since the last time I say Royce chocolate. Looks delicious!