February 09, 2019

3 Things You Need to Budget When Traveling With a Group to Vegas

Planning and budgeting for a large group in Las Vegas is a difficult task. But, if you have an idea of what the group will do while in the city, it will take the pressure off your shoulders. Such a  vacation requires your group to consider some key factors when budgeting. You must have a good plan for all the activities the group will engage in. You need to know how the group will be accommodated, what they will eat, and how they will be transported.  In this article, we focus on three things you need to budget for when traveling with a group to Vegas.

1. The Hotel 

There are plenty of accommodation facilities in Vegas. But picking a hotel that can accommodate a group of people could be a challenge. You need to plan and make your reservations early to avoid the inconveniences. The facility should have rooms for conferences, just in case you need to assemble at one place to plan for the day. Group hotels charge between $200-250 per room. So if you are in a group of 10 people, you need to budget about $2,500 per day. If you will be in Vegas for 5 days. You should allocate $12,500 to accommodation. The goal here is to have all the members of a group stay in one place for safety and planning purposes.

2. Meals

Obviously, budgeting for meals is very important when traveling in a group.  If the facility you will be accommodated in does not serve meals, you’ll need a restaurant where you can go for meals. Many hotels offer buffets that cost about $30 for breakfast. So for 10 people, you need about $300 per person. If you will be in Vegas for 5 days, it will cost you about $1,500. Picking a hotel that offers a group menu is important. It will allow you to dine at the same place. Group menus may be cheaper depending on the hotel chosen. Some hotels offer rigid menus while others allow you to choose what to eat. Lunch will cost about $45 per plate so you need about $450 per day for a group of 10 people. For 5 days, you need about $2,250. Dinner will cost about $50 per person. For a group of 10 people, the budget for dinner should not be less than $500 per day. If you will be in Vegas for 5 days, you need to spare about $2,500 for dinner.

3. Transportation

Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination.  So, you need to make plans for transportation early enough. If you are in a group, you need a Charter bus Company Las Vegas to move your members from the airport to your hotel. You will spent about $750 to transfer members of your group to destinations of their choice. It will cost about $15 to transport each member of the group to a chosen destination. So, for ten people, you need about $150 per destination. If you are planning for a group tour in Las Vegas having a budget is necessary. You need to budget for transport, accommodation, and food. You should also have some spare money to use to pay for entry fees.

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