June 21, 2019

Dinner at Wow Samgyup Unlimited Korean Grill

Blame it to Korean Drama series, you can now see unlimited Korean Grill restaurants almost everywhere. Filipinos love to eat especially if the rate is budget-friendly. Just this month, I finally tried Wow Samgyup Unlimited Korean Grill and I’m happy that we have another option for Korean BBQ.

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My mommy friend suggested it for our get together. We’ve been planning this before I went to Norway pero hindi kami makumpleto-kumpleto so finally, naging complete na rin. And because mahina naman ko kumain especially sa dinner, I suggested na early dinner na lang kami so we were there as early as 5PM, pinapasok naman kami.

Lunch - 11:30AM to 5PM
Dinner - 5:30PM to 11:30PM

The rate varies depending on the time and unli meals that you will choose. You can choose Unli A (Pork) and Unli B (Pork and Beef). Drinks are not yet included so you have to pay if you want soju, softdrink, beer, ice tea or fruit shake.


Weekday Lunch P399
Weekday Dinner 449
Weekend & Holiday Lunch P449
Weekend & Holiday Dinner P499


Weekday Lunch P449
Weekday Dinner 499
Weekend & Holiday Lunch P499
Weekend & Holiday Dinner P549

Rates for Kids 

FREE - 1-4 yrs old
Half of the regular rate - 5-10 yrs old
11 years old and above - regular rate

The place looks clean, round table lahat and for the chairs, just like in South Korea you can put your bag inside the chair, just don’t forget lang to get your stuff after you eat. We chose Unli B so for our first order, we tried everything on the list.


Kibon Samgyup
Yangyeom Samgyup
Dae Pae Samgyup
Maewoon Samgyup (Spicy)


Kibon Samgyup
Yangyeom Samgyup
Dae Pae Samgyup
Maewoon Samgyup (Spicy)
Woo Samgyup
Yangyeom Woo Samgyup

The staff served all the meat, pero parang 6 plates of meat lang nandun. I can’t remember if meron bang not available on the day that we ate. The she advised us to get our appetizer at the buffet table. Oh, that is something new to me, sa mga natry ko na narestaurant, they will serve all the appetizers, soup, sauces and rice then you can ask for refill. But here, everything is self-service when it comes to other foods.

They have a lot of food in their buffet table so parang dito pa lang mabubusog ka na. Imagine, may fried chicken and meat balls. When it comes to rice, may steamed rice and fried rice pa. I like the idea of this because you can just choose the food that you want to eat, hindi yung mapipilitan ka na ubusin para hindi masayang.

We are just a group of 5 so medyo busog na kami sa first serving of meat pa lang but we still order Woo Samgyup, Yangyeom Woo Samgyup and Bulgogi para matagal-tagal pa kwentuhan namin.

Watch the video here


1. Minimum of 2 pax to avail the unlimited promo
2. One table should avail of the same unlimited set (Unli A or Unli B)
3. Strictly no leftovers (uncooked, cooked food) Leftover charge: P200 per plate.
4. No takeout
5. No outside food & drinks.
6. No service charge.
7. Lifting of the exhaust tube is prohibited to maintain its good ventilation.

Wow Samgyup Unlimited Korean Grill
Carmona, Cavite

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