July 18, 2019

The Day I Learned How to Crochet

My mom is an expert when it comes to crochet, so we always have potholder, handmade doll, and other crochet projects. I always see her crocheting since I was a kid but in my mind, this is not something for me. It looks so complicated so I have no plans of trying it.

But during our summer vacation in Norway, out of the blue, I asked my mom to teach me how to crochet. Of course, she taught me the basic stitches which are single crochet and slip stitch. Then my son told me that his classmate knows how to make a bracelet. Waah! Mas nachallenge ako, if a 10-year old girl can do this, mas kaya ko ito. So I told my son, I can also make a bracelet for you so I made a simple chain bracelet. Lol.

1. Cellphone Holder 

But of course, I challenged myself to make my first crochet project. I don’t want a potholder because I have a lot of potholders from my mom so I make a cellphone holder for my son. Every day, I crochet several rows and I realized that it is not easy to crochet kasi masakit sa kamay. So now, I will never look at a crochet potholder the same way again. I know that it takes time, effort, and love just to finish a crochet project.

After a week, I was able to finish my crochet cellphone holder. I know some people can do this in one sitting but it took me a long time because there are times that I have to undo it and repeat because my project was not straight. But I’m proud of my first project and I’m happy because my son was using it. He can put his cellphone and power bank inside the cellphone holder.

2. Handmade Dolls 

My mom always makes a handmade doll, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you've already seen some of her works, but you if you miss it, check it here and here. I also took some photos of her handmade dolls. My mom made these for displays, gift for family or friends and sometimes she sells it too.

Looking at these handmade dolls, feeling ko hindi kaya ng power ko and I’m not sure if I can finish it during our summer vacation. But of course, nothing is impossible when you believe. So for my second project, I will make a handmade doll so I can give this to my husband on his birthday.

My mom has a lot of crochet books and magazines so I just choose the pattern that I like. The pattern was in Norwegian language so my mom assisted and guided me until I finished the project. My first handmade doll was not perfect because I can only make square or rectangle, pagpabilog na medyo mahirap pa sa akin. But after finishing my first handmade doll, I decided to repeat the project para may kapartner.

I just crochet part by part of the doll and after that, I joined them. I’m so happy that I finished these handmade dolls in one month. The blue handmade doll looks good na compared to my first one. Sometimes, I still can’t believe na gawa ko ito. These were my birthday gift to my husband and he was surprised when he opened his gift last month. He knew that I have crochet project pero hindi niya ineexpect na ito yung ginagawa ko. I will make another one if I have the yarn para family of three na.

Next time, I will share the crochet projects that I’ve made after my summer vacation, made in the Philippines na. Hehehe! How I wish, dati ko pa inumpisahan matuto.

“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning we stop growing.” - Loyal Jack Hewman

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