October 30, 2019

Glimpse of PAGSS Airport Lounge at NAIA 1

Hubby went to Hanoi, Vietnam via Philippine Airlines last week and he was surprised when he learned that he needs to go to NAIA Terminal 1. He has Mabuhay membership so he can stay at Mabuhay Lounge but this lounge is only available at NAIA Terminal 2. We already canceled our credit card with FREE AIRPORT LOUNGE since there is already a limit of 2 lounge access per year.

Fast forward to his trip, he was happy that he still has airport lounge access. As I’ve said before, there is no Mabuhay Lounge but he was able to stay at PAGSS Airport Lounge. I’m not sure if this is a new airport lounge but for our past experiences, we were able to try MIASCOR and Club Manila at NAIA Terminal 1.

PAGSS Lounge accepts passengers from Kuwait Airways, Air China, China Airlines, China Southern, China Eastern, Eva Air, Xiamen Air, and Philippine Airlines. AUB credit card holders can stay in the lounge too. For economy passengers who do not have airport lounge access, PAGSS Lounge accepts walk-in, just pay $25 per person.

Important Information 
Children under 5 years old are admitted free with an adult.
Separate smoking room available.

When it comes to size, the PAGSS lounge is similar to Mabuhay Lounge but since this is a shared lounge of 8 airlines and 1 credit card company, the lounge tends to be crowded. But at least you can eat and drink for free, you have wifi access, and a comfortable environment compared to the boarding gate.

Who Has Access to Airport Lounge?

You may stay in Aiport Lounges if you are Mabuhay Miles Elite, Premier Elite, and Million Miler member. If you are not a member but you have a Business Class ticket you can access the lounge for FREE. Check the list below of different lounges.

Domestic Lounges
International Lounges 

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