February 07, 2020

Breakfast Buffet at Balay Dako

We always go to Tagaytay for a food trip but until now I still have a long list of restaurants that I want to try. I feel happy whenever I ticked something off on my list and finally last December, we were able to visit Balay Dako. I wanted to try this restaurant but the problem is they only offer buffet breakfast every weekend and holidays so we grabbed the opportunity when I saw that they are open few days before Christmas.

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Balay Dako does not accept reservations, it is a first-come-first-serve so we left the house as early as 5AM because we will fetch my grandmother-in-law in Laguna. We arrived in Tagaytay past 6:30AM. From the parking lot you can already see the wooden house, it lives up to its name because Balay Dako is a Negrense word which means “big house”.

My husband registered and the staff gave us a number, pang #18 na kami. They started calling the number at 7AM and the staff ushered us to our table. We have a breathtaking view of Taal Lake and who ever think na after few weeks, magkaka-ashfall.

It’s funny because I don’t like to visit during weekends and holidays kasi for sure marami tao. Pero marami pa rin pala tao kahit weekday and hindi pa holiday so I guess lagi sila puno kahit mahal ang rate. According to their site “Antonio’s is much more than a restaurant. It is an experience”, so charge it to experience na lang kahit lugi ko sa 11-years old son ko na mahina kumain. Hindi ko pa rin maaccept na adult rate na siya. Hehehe!

Balay Dako Buffet Breakfast Rate

P700 - adults
P450 - children below 4 feet
FREE - toddlers and below

Update: November 2022

P1200 - adults 

Prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

Antonios’ Group of Restaurant has 5 restaurants in Tagaytay, the first restaurant that we have tried is Breakfast at Antonio’s and this time buffet breakfast at Balay Dako. This restaurant serves Filipino cuisine so if you love Filipino food or if you have balikbayan, this is a good choice. PHP700 + service charge is not cheap but if you check the buffet spread mukhang sulit naman sa dami.

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They offer mixed green salad with 4 types of dressing, fresh fruits, bread, assorted jams and spread, hot and cold drinks, dessert, cereals, granola, soup, and main course. For main course, they have assorted tuyo, homemade longganisa, bacon, daing na bangus, ginisang gulay, chicken and pork adobo, tapa, corned beef, atchara and ensaladang mangga.

They have a station where you can create your own omelet and fried rice. Just choose from the available ingredients and the chef will cook it for you. They also have balut, penoy and taho. Of course, I was not able to try everything but my favorite foods are puto bumbong, taho, champorado, ginataang halo-halo, ensaymada, daing na bangus and since Christmas season may Ham.

Watch the video here

Balay Dako Opening Hours 
Saturday, Sunday and on selected holidays

Balay Dako
Tagaytay - Nasugbu Hwy,
Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite


  1. Masarap talaga mga food nila pero ayun nga nagbase kasi sila height so lugi yun mga kids na mejo malaki.
    Love all your photos nakakagutom ��

  2. Our first time in Balay Dako was in 2017. We've tried their Bulalo, Tawilis and sorbetes. We should probably go back and try their buffet breakfast, too. I love the main courses they offer that you mentioned here.

    1. Mas sulit siguro pag buffet because ala carte meals are expensive too.

  3. Time check 12:30. Nagutom tuloy ako �� We loveee Tagaytah staycations and foodspotting but haven’t been to Balay Dako. Will bookmark this for our future Tagaytay trips.

  4. Hindi pa kami nakapunta dito :( We want to try their breakfast buffet. Okay na ba pumunta ulit sa Tagaytay area?

    1. Hindi pa kami nakakabalik after eruption pero open na ulit ang Balay Dako. Though yung ibang restaurant na napagtanungan namin for Valentines sana, close pa.

  5. Balay Daku has some of the best food. I love the photos.

  6. Take a visit to Balay Dako and enjoy the tastiness first hand.