December 15, 2020

DIY Christmas Ornaments using Cricut Maker

I have so many stories to share but I have very limited time to blog because of the holiday rush. I became busy ordering and preparing my gifts. I’m finishing some client tasks and I’m trying to update my shop. Lastly, I am now enjoying my new toy and I’ve been doing a lot of craft using my Cricut Maker. 

And one of my projects is Christmas Ornaments, I wanted to make more of this but I only have 4 acrylic blanks. I ordered twice from the seller but I don’t know why I can only order a maximum of two. Shipping is not cheap so I did not reorder. I planned to add this to my Christmas gifts too but maybe next year. 

Anyway, since I am still exploring the Cricut Design Space, I just searched and downloaded some FREE SVG files on Pinterest except for our family name, because I used Photoshop for it. I have tried a lot of designs and I wasted a lot of vinyl stickers. Hehehe! But after a few hours of trying and learning how to do it, I finished our four ornaments and I’m happy that I’ve made it. 

The new members of our Christmas tree will be part of our Christmas tree story. Sharing some of the DIY ornaments that we made in the past several years. I’m proud to say that we are still using these ornaments except for the salt dough ornaments. 

“Some Christmas tree ornaments do more than glitter and glow. They represent a gift of love given a long time ago.” - Tom Baker

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