May 11, 2021

Quarantined Mother’s Day Celebration

The year 2020 made me realize that life is indeed short and no matter how I plan, there are things and events in my life that I can’t control. This global pandemic taught us so many lessons in life. It taught us to celebrate life and appreciate small or big things. It taught us to create new traditions and do something that we can look forward to. 

If there is no community quarantine, we usually celebrate special occasions through travels or food trips but since we can’t do that as of now, we are satisfied with celebrating it at home. So last Mother’s Day, I prepared a simple lunch. Usually, the kitchen is closed every Mother’s Day so my husband called one restaurant to reserve food but unfortunately, after lunch pa yung available schedule so I told my husband, huwag na lang.Hangry na ko noon. 

Since I don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen, I prepare easy-to-cook meals like steak, mashed potato, gravy, and corn. We love this Meltique Beef so it is always part of our grocery list, this is a little bit expensive but still cheaper kasi mahal ang steak sa restaurant. I just put this in the air fryer and cook for few minutes. 

I bought these 
Knorr Potato Flakes and Knorr Gravy Mix during Flash Deals and nagamit ko na rin. I appreciate these foods because they made my life easier and I can prepare them in few minutes. The only downside is masyadong madami yung mashed potato. 2kg and hindi siya nakapack individually just like the gravy mix so halos maubos air-tight container ko para lang mastore siya. Hehehe! Sharing the recipe below. 

Knorr Potato Flakes Recipe 

6g of salt 
900ml of boiling water 
400ml of cold milk 
200g of Knorr Potato Flakes 

1. Boil water with salt then remove from heat. 
2. Add cold milk, then stir potato flakes. 
3. Rest for 2-3 minutes 
4. Stir briefly again after 2-3 minutes until smooth 

Knorr Gravy Mix Recipe 

1. Dissolve 110g of Knorr Gravy Mix in 1L of room temperature water. 
2. Bring to boil, stirring frequently, and simmer for 3 minutes before removing from heat. 
3. Use the sauce as it is, or as a pour-over sauce for pasta, meat, or vegetables.
Optional (I added mushroom)

Since I don't want to keep the box and the plastic, I made a recipe card. I printed and laminated the recipe cards for future use. You can download my free printable recipe card here

Two days before Mother's day, I made this "Happy Mother's Day" cake topper so just in case maisipan nila ako bilhan ng cake. Joke! We always have cake naman every occasion or kahit walang okasyon. hehehe! Hindi nga lang gaano kita kasi chocolate cake yung nabili sa akin. 

This is a simple Cricut project, I just used this Happy Mother's Day SVG file, vinyl stickers, and acrylic cake topper

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