June 29, 2021

Jim’s Recipe Jiggly and Fluffy Sponge Cake

I am cleaning my phone gallery and I found these Jim’s Recipe’s photos, it was my husband’s pasalubong two months ago. When I opened the box, the bread looks familiar so I made some research, and true enough, this is the popular jiggly and fluffy sponge bread that I have seen before. I have no idea that this is already available in the Philippines. 

Jim’s Recipe is a bakery in Malaysia, they offer quality sponge cake and pastries which attract attention and now they have over 50 stores worldwide such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and many more. The sponge cake contains simple ingredients like eggs, milk, sugar, cheese, and dairy but it tastes and smells good. I also like their cute packaging. 

My husband bought Cheese Sponge Cake for PHP250 but it is also available in other flavors like Original PHP180 and Chocolate Sponge Cake PHP250. You need to consume the bread within 3 days but it is not a problem because we finished the bread within 24 hours. This bread is not overly sweet so it is a perfect match with coffee or hot chocolate.

Update: July 2021

Last week, my husband went to DHL at Festival Mall and because of that, he bought Cheese Sponge Cake and Chocolate Sponge Cake. And between the two, we prefer the chocolate flavor with nuts. 

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