July 30, 2021

Worth Remembering Quotes from Hi, Bye, Mama

I’ve been seeing this Korean drama series on Netflix since last year but I was trying to avoid this because I know that this drama is about a mom who passed away after delivering her baby due to a traffic accident. My sister passed away last year so I know that my heart won’t take this kind of drama. I watch Netflix before bedtime so I don’t want to sleep with a heavy heart. But after more than a year, I finally had the courage to watch this series and I just finished it yesterday. 

Hi, Bye, Mama is a story of Cha Yu-ri who died because of a tragic accident. After she died, she became a ghost who follows her family and friends for five years. Then she was reincarnated and was given a chance to become a human again if she succeeds in returning to her place within 49 days. But it was a challenge because Gang-Hwa, her husband is already married to Oh Min-jung. 

How I wish it can happen in real life, that our loved ones will return even just for one day so we were able to say our last goodbye because not all of us had a chance to say our farewell. Anyway, this series is a comedy-drama so it is a roller coaster of emotions. I like the casts of this series too, magagaling sila lahat umarte especially Seo-woo, kasi boy siya in real life. I like the beauty of Kim Tae Hee, sa Love Story in Harvard ko siya last na napanood and nagmature lang siya ng konti pero mukhang bata pa rin. Kim Min-kyung, perfect lagi sa mga mother role.

There are so many lessons that you can get from this series like the unconditional love of the mother and stepmother and how people deal with pains when they lose someone. Speaking of pains, what a coincidence because when I opened the 365 Pocket Prayers for Women Book, the prayer today is about sorrow. 

A prayer about sorrow when I’m burdened with grief 

Merciful God, I’m mourning a loss, and my grief is heavy upon me. I have moments when I’m overwhelmed with sadness and I can’t think of anything else. Yet sometimes it seems that others feel I should be over my loss by now. I’m comforted by the example of Jeremiah, who in the book of Lamentations declared his grief in almost the same breath that he proclaimed his hope in faithfulness. That shows me that the grief process is not intended to be swift, and it’s not a steady progression. I’m reassured to know that tears and joy may be intermingled for a while. The best comfort is that you are with me Lord and that you care about my pain. Thank you for your promise that those who mourn will be comforted. 

Sharing some worth remembering quotes or lines that I love from the Hi, Bye, Mama series.

“Everyone passes through a tunnel of darkness in life. A long tunnel that makes you think that you will never see light again. But there are no tunnels without exit, there is no eternal love or eternal pain in the world” 

“Since my beloved family isn’t in this world, I will fly up to them” 

“A woman who lost her husband is called a widow. A man who lost his wife is called a widower. And a kid who lost his parent is called an orphan. But there’s no word for a parent who lost their kid”

“Goodbyes hurt more as you get older and understand life better” 

“We could never possibly find a way to deal with goodbyes."

“If I had known the time given to us was this short, I would have treasured every insignificant moment”

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