May 02, 2022

Cricut Project: Angel Wings Memorial

It’s been two years already since my sister passed away and the pain is still there. As the quote says, “Normal is having tears waiting behind every smile when you realize someone important is missing from all the important events in your family’s life.” Sometimes it is hard celebrating family events because I know someone is missing and it is hard to accept that this is now the new reality. 

Anyway, before I left the Philippines, I made this Angel Wings Memorial project for my late sister’s second death anniversary. I know that I won’t be able to do this during my vacation so I try to finish it but because of my limited time, I was not able to finish the project. Despite that, I still packed my unfinished project so I can continue it here in Norway.

I purchased the 3D Angel Wings Memorial SVG File and this includes a tutorial video. You need 6 layers of cardstock and I just used whatever colors I have. I cut everything before I left and I assembled everything here in Norway and that is the only time I realized that I forgot to cut the words after “In Memory of My”. So my mom just printed the word daughter and paste it into the space. She also bought a frame for it. 

When I go back to the Philippines, I will redo this project so I will have my own Angel Wings Memorial for my late sister, father, and grandmother. Last year I’ve made a pillowcase for her which I also brought here, so at least she was able to travel to Norway. 

“If we love, we grieve, that’s the deal. That’s the pact. Grief is a terrible reminder of the depths of our love and like love, grief is non-negotiable. - Nick Cave

Update: November 2022

As promised, I will redo this Angel Wings Memorial project, this time I’ve made a new version of this for my father so he has a photo on his columbarium. I only used one color which is Rainbow White Smooth Coated Glitter Cardstock that I bought from The Happy Station. 

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