June 26, 2022

Where to Stay in Norway: Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport

A few months ago, I felt happy because I thought, I don’t need to book a hotel before our flight back to the Philippines. For my two previous trips kasi, I booked at Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport and Radisson Blu Hotel Oslo Gardermoen. Five years ago, I have no choice but to book because of my early flight and three years ago, our flight is in Oslo so I don’t want to have a problem with our luggage. Baka mastress pa ko kasi magcheck-in pa ko sa Trondheim and Oslo ng luggage since hindi siya same flight booking. 

Last month, I learned that my son and I need to have a negative swab test result that we need to upload for our One Health Pass Registration. Waah! Again, I left with no choice but to book a room at Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim. My stepfather volunteered to use his SAS Reward Points for our reservation because five years ago, my husband was able to use his points. Unfortunately, when he called customer service, he was informed that he cannot use his points for this hotel. So may certain hotel na lang siya pwede gamitin. Sayang!

Three years ago, I registered at Radisson Hotel Rewards Program but when I tried to log in, wala na yung membership ko. I even checked my email; I don’t know if they removed inactive members. Anyway, I just registered again so I can avail the 10%  members discount. There are different rates, you can book a room only, room with breakfast, guaranteed rate, or cancellation rate. To save money, I chose the guaranteed rate kasi feeling ko no reason naman na magcancel pa. 

But I was wrong, the following day, I learned that we no longer need the Negative RT-PCR or Antigen Test because we are both fully vaccinated. I was happy because I was able to save money for our swab tests but sad because I can no longer cancel my hotel reservation. I paid 2301.11NOK (PHP13,399.56) for three persons with breakfast. I find it so expensive kasi literal na tutulugan lang namin yung hotel. Wala naman ibang magagawa sa hotel. The only advantage is, it is just beside the airport so there is no reason to be late for our flight. 

Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport 

This was our third stay in Radisson Blu Hotel, you can check my previous blog posts below. 

We took the train from Trondheim Central Station to Trondheim Lufthavn (Airport), travel time is less than an hour but because of the train delay, we reached the hotel past 3PM. No long lines so checking in was fast. I paid for our reservation and the staff gave me the key card and informed me about the breakfast time. 

Five years ago, we ordered an extra bed for my mom but this time, since my son is already an adult, my reservation is good for three people. So when we entered the room, there is a prepared extra bed and towels are good for three people. 

The room still looks the same, but one thing I noticed is the toiletries. The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are on pump bottles. They still don’t provide toothpaste, toothbrush, and bedroom slippers. No bidet too. 

For food and drinks, the hotel has Longhorn Restaurant and Bar but we bought dinner inside the Trondheim Airport

I booked a room with breakfast so off we went to Longhorn Restaurant and Bar which is just located in the lobby so it is not hard to locate. For the breakfast buffet, I think there is a little improvement; they have more food on the buffet table and on their menu compared to our previous stay. 

We had early check-out since our flight was in the afternoon. I just gave our key card and they will email you the receipt or you can request a printed one. 

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