July 05, 2022

Virtual Recognition

We didn’t have Recognition two years ago, we only had Virtual Graduation last year and this school year, we only had Virtual Recognition. I was expecting that we will have a face-to-face Recognition since the world is starting to go back to normal but I was wrong. Kaya mahirap mag-expect, it will only lead to disappointment. 

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment” - Ryan Reynolds 

Moving on, my son got a Red Eagle Certificate so we had a simple celebration at home. I made a Congrats Cake Topper for him. I used Marvel Brothers Font, this is a full-color blocky font with primary-colored lettering and black shadows. 

Since there is already color, I just print and cut the letters. I maximized the cardstock paper so I had 3 layers of letters. I assembled and stick them on PVC binding cover. (You can also use acetate). 

My son requested chocolate cake and since he likes pizza and chicken, my husband just bought food from Yellow Cab. Ang sad lang ng pizza kasi kulang na lagi sa cheese. 

For the chicken, my husband chose the Sweet Soy Chicken flavor. Last time, we chose the Garlic Parmesan flavor pero hindi namin type kasi almost burnt yung chicken. So we’re happy na okay na yung Sweet Soy Chicken.  

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