August 04, 2022

Moving to Southern California? Check Out These Areas

If you are planning a move, and looking for amazing weather with year-round mild temperatures, southern California is the spot for you. There are also various landscapes to enjoy, all within a quick drive from most cities. You can head to the beach, the mountains, or even to the desert to take in all the beauty it offers. 

Another great thing about southern California, or SoCal, is the number of excellent options for cities and areas to live in. Depending on what you are looking for in a city or area, SoCal has something to offer everyone. Consider the following areas as you plan your move to southern California: 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is probably the first city you think of when you think of southern California, and for good reason, since it is the second largest metro area in the country. You probably know of L.A.’s amazing weather, diversity, and connection to the film industry. 

If you like living in a big city, L.A. is the SoCal area for you. There are many neighborhoods to choose from, great nightlife, and a thriving economy, which will help as you look for a job during your move. If this big city sounds like the spot for you, there are plenty of houses for rent in Los Angeles

Newport Beach 

If your reason for moving to southern California is a dream to live by the beach, Newport Beach is the city for you. Since it is so close to the ocean, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy watersports, but there is also plenty to do on land if you only prefer looking at the ocean. 

This oceanside city is the California dream with yoga studios, cafes, boutiques, and so much more. While the housing market is expensive, this is balanced by the generally high average income in the area. If you are moving your family, Newport beach is also known for its good school system and low crime rate.

Costa Mesa 

Costa Mesa is located in Orange County and is known as one of the best cities to live in. Like Newport Beach, housing prices are on the expensive side, but the median household income in the area is significant also. Residents also love the fact that there is plenty to do. 

You can check out new bars and restaurants, and there is also plenty of shopping. If you love to be outdoors, Costa Mesa is also conveniently located. You are just a short drive to the mountains, the beach, the desert, and several gorgeous national parks. 

If living in southern California is your dream, you will have so many amazing cities to choose from with balmy weather and close proximity to the beach, mountains, and more. From L.A. to Newport Beach to Costa Mesa, there are so many SoCal cities to put on your shortlist for a move. Consider your perfect location, and make the big move to your ideal southern California city.

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