January 17, 2023

Lunch at Ramen Kuroda

There are so many ramen restaurants here in the Philippines but we seldom visit those restaurants because I’m not really into ramen. Rice is life for me so if I am craving for some carbs; rice or potato are my choices. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I never tried any ramen during our visit to Tokyo Japan but I promised myself, if ever I will have a chance to go back to Japan, I will definitely eat ramen. 

Anyway, I am browsing my previous posts and so far I have visited the following restaurants that serve ramen. 

Almost a month ago, we ate at Ramen Kuroda because it is the first restaurant that my husband saw when we went out from Uniqlo-Makati. At the entrance of the restaurant, the staff immediately informed us about the Holifeast promo for PHP780 + Service Charge so doon pa lang sa entrance, kinuha na niya order namin before she ushered us to our table. 


1. Choose any 2 Signature Ramen 
2. Pick 1 side dish of your choice. Limited only to Chicken Karaage, Spicy Chicken Karaage, Chicken Nanban, and Tonkatsu 
3. Holifeast is completed with 4 pieces of Gyoza and 2 glasses of Iced Tea. 

We chose Shiro Ramen PHP220, Kuro Ramen PHP220, and Tonkatsu PHP270. It was lunchtime so the restaurant was crowded, We were thankful that there was an available table for us because we were both h-angry. 

While waiting for our food, I was reading the trivia about this restaurant, nakasulat siya sa table. From what I’ve read, it is their mission to make real ramen, and hoping it will be part of Filipinos’ everyday lives. The ramen is cooked by their Japanese chef with more than 20 years of experience so we can be sure that it is authentic, homemade, and tasty. This restaurant has so many branches na pala, masyado ko nahuli sa pagtry. Hehehe! 

Gyoza PHP130 was served in less than 10 minutes and after that, one by one, they served the remaining orders. There is a small paper checklist on our table where they cross out the list once served. 

While waiting for our bill, I also checked their menu; they also offer set meals, rice dishes, and even kid’s meals. Looking at the price, it is budget-friendly compared sa ibang nakainan namin na ramen restaurants. I computed the food that we ate, sulit din yung promo na PHP780. Overall, we were satisfied with the taste of the food and the fast service. 

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