June 08, 2023

Food Trip at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

It’s been almost a decade since our last visit to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and as far as I can remember, there is only one restaurant during our first visit but now, they have six restaurants and bars. So even though food and beverage are not allowed inside the resort, you will not go hungry or thirsty. In addition, they offer different cuisines like Filipino, Italian, and Spanish. 

Binondo Hall - Breakfast Buffet 
Cafe Del Rio - Spanish Tapas Bar 
Dapitan Bar - Beach Bar 
Kusina ni Nanay Maria - Filipino Cuisine 
La Bella Teodora - Italian Cuisine 
La Parilla and Pica - Filipino Delicacies Snack bar 

Since we only stayed for 2 days and 1 night we only tried 3 restaurants for our lunch, dinner, and breakfast. 

Lunch at Kusina ni Nanay Maria 

After our Heritage Tour, we immediately went to Kusina ni Nanay Maria for our lunch. This is where we ate our lunch too when we had our Day Trip at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar but now, they have a separate venue for day-trippers. 

I was a little bit sad because the menu has changed already, akala ko kasi maoorder ko yung dating kinain namin. Hehehe! Kusina ni Nanay Maria offers Filipino dishes that are good for singles and families. For family combos, they offer 4 sets that are good for 4 persons but we are a group of 6 so we decided to order, a la carte na lang. 

There are only few options, we ordered Lechon Carajay PHP710, Kare-Kare PHP780, Pinakbet PHP490, Laing PHP380, Rice PHP75 per cup, and Softdrink in Can PHP125

We waited for more than 30 minutes before our food was served and I was surprised when I saw the serving, konti lang pala so I was thinking kung kakasya ba sa amin. Buti nagkasya naman. We were satisfied with the taste of the food but we were shocked that their version of Laing is different, walang gata? 

Dinner at La Bella Teodora 

For our dinner, we are choosing between Cafe del Rio or La Bella Teodora but we chose the latter because it is near. We just finished watching the Cultural Show at Paseo de Escolta, so malayo ang Cafe del Rio. 

La Bella Teodora is named after Teodora Alonzo because it is beside Casa Biňan. This restaurant serves Italian food like brick-oven pizzas, pasta, grilled meat, and seafood. There is also an acoustic band here where you can also request a song.

Browsing the menu is hard, madilim kasi yung restaurant so we need to use our phone flashlight pa para lang makita namin. The rate of the food is more expensive compared to Kusina ni Maria, good thing na mahina kami kumain kapag dinner. Just like the quote “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” 

We ordered Margherita Pizza PHP630, Insalata Mista PHP450, Carbonara PHP695, Braciola Di Maiale PHP850, and Azimut Sparkling Wine PHP965. While waiting for our food, they served complimentary bread. 

It was already past seven so I really appreciate their fast service, mas mabilis ang serving ng food dito.

But I was a little bit disappointed with the Braciola Di Maiale because according to the menu “Grilled Pork Chops with Italian Herbs and homemade Mashed Potatoes”. So in my mind, 2 pieces of pork chops just like the pork chops that I ordered at Apartment 1B, 2 pieces of porkchops na magkapatong. But I was wrong because there is only one pork chop so the PHP850 is good for one person lang pala. 

Buffet Breakfast at Binondo Hall 

The buffet breakfast starts at 7AM pero wala pa 7AM ang dami ng tao sa labas ng Binondo Hall. I overheard other guests na sobrang late daw ng 7AM breakfast, hindi sanay ang mga working people and senior citizens. I am not surprised because the breakfast time was also too late for us na sanay sa 5:30AM breakfast especially since I have a student na maaga pumapasok. 

Anyway, the door was opened at exactly 7AM so the guests were all happy. I was excited about the buffet breakfast but unfortunately, the options are very limited. Imagine for the main viands, tuyo and sweet longganisa lang ang options. 

Enumerating the buffet spread during our trip. 

Homemade Potatoes 
Plain Rice 
Pansit Bihon 
Sweet Longganisa 
Lomi Soup 
Scrambled Egg 
Sunny Side Up Egg 
Boiled Egg 
Lansong Mais 
Puto Cheese 
Melon Juice 
Watermelon Juice 

I am thankful for the scrambled egg and sunny side up egg, may naulam ako. So if you plan to go here, don’t expect too much sa buffet breakfast. Nabusog naman ako sa kakanin. 

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Birthday Staycation at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Breakfast at Binondo Hall - 7 - 10AM
Day Tour Binondo Hall (Set Lunch) 12 - 4PM
La Bella Teodora  and Kusina ni Maria
12 - 4PM Lunch
6-10PM Dinner
Cafe Del Rio 3-10PM


  1. Hala, ang konti na food ng breakfast. Parang madami naman sya before.

    1. Ang konti nga, nag-expect pa naman ako ng bongga.