September 28, 2023

Halloween Lollipop Holder

Just this week my son had a project in their Entrepreneurship Class with the following objectives. 

Think and create food products from existing sweet delicacies or buy a pack of sweets and resell. 
Make your own food packaging. 
Show the procedures and selling techniques in the form of a presentation. (Powerpoint) 

There is a note that they could ask help from their family members so dapat luto na yung food or nakaprepare na materials but they need to pack their food products in school. I suggested to my son na magresell na lang siya because it is more practical since they just need sample products for the presentation. 

Since Halloween is near, I bought candies and I cut these Halloween Lollipop Holders. I chose an easy SVG file: one layer only so it would be easy for my son to pack his food products. I only need a few pieces but in the end, I cut 16 pieces to maximize the 12x12 cardstock. Lastly, I taught my son how to assemble the cat, pumpkin, spider, and bat lollipop holder. 

After his presentation, he went home with a smile because he sold all his candies. Sana pala inubos ko na yung isang pack ng lollipop. Kaya siguro Entrepreneurship Class ang pinili ng anak ko sa TLE para may extra baon. Sa akin ang capital, sa kanya ang Sales + Profit. Hehehe! 

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