April 19, 2024

Day Trip at Villa Esmane Private Resort in Laguna

I know we are experiencing extreme heat all over the country so parang walang naman naghahanap ng hot spring but I would like to share our Day Trip at Villa Esmane Private Resort last March. It was supposed to be a Baguio trip but long travel is not possible so I suggested to my husband, maghot spring na lang kaya. “In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with” so kahit saan ang importante, may family outing pa rin and matuloy na. 

Laguna is known for hot spring resorts so there are so many resorts out there but there are two things we need to consider like time and budget. We were having difficulty finding an affordable private resort in Laguna. We don’t need a big resort naman since 14 pax lang naman kami. Also, paHoly Week na rin kasi so some resorts were already booked and some resorts naman don’t accept day trips, gusto nila 22 hours. 

Anyway, thanks sa pagpupuyat ng asawa ko, nakahanap din siya ng pasok sa budget namin. It just so happened na may 12AM meeting siya (following USA time kasi) so hindi siya pwede matulog kaya nagsearch na lang siya ng resort habang naghihintay ng telecon. Hehehe! 

Villa Esmane Private Resort was not our first choice pero fully booked na kasi yung first choice namin so ito yung sinuggest ng owner. Also we changed travel date na rin kasi wala talaga pag-asa sa Holy Week. 

What I like about this resort is, they have different rates, depending on the number of people. Here are the rates at the time of booking. 

Rates for 15 to 20 Persons 

Weekends/Holiday: (Friday to Sunday) 
• Daytime P 7,000.00 (9am to 5pm) 
• Overnight P 9,000.00 (7pm to 6am) 
• 1-Day P 14,000.00 (9am to 6am or 8pm to 5pm) 

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) 
• Daytime P 6,000.00 (9am to 5pm) 
• Overnight P 8,000.00 (Open time, 11 hours) 
• 1-Day P 10,000.00 (Open time, 21 hours) 

My husband called to inquire pero sa Viber app na lahat ng communication. To confirm the reservation, he paid a 50% downpayment and within the day, he received a confirmation email. The remaining balance is upon arrival at the resort. 

What are the amenities? 

Adult swimming pool (natural hot spring water) 4 ft to 5 1/2 ft 
Kiddie pool “ 3 ft 
1-bed room, capacity of 2 to 3 pax 
4 Bedrooms with full air conditioning. 
Kitchen - Refrigerator + Cooking Utensils 
Complete Set of Bedding 
4 Comfort Rooms 
Barbeque grill 
Unlimited Videoke 
Tables and Chairs 
Pavilion Wifi 

If you plan to cook, there is an additional PHP500 for a gas stove but we did not avail this because we brought cooked food na and yung ibang ulam namin is grilled food like BBQ, hotdog, liempo, talong, bangus, tilapia and yung isang fish na parang lapu-lapu (hindi ko alam name, hehehe). 

* Do not forget to bring your own dishwashing stuff, toiletries, and towels. 

Sharing some pictures, Nagtake lang ako ng pictures ng rooms but my family did not stay here, so I cannot comment kung okay ba yung bed and yung aircon.

Since it was day trip naman, nasa pavillion lang talaga kami, busy sa paggrill and pagswim. Yung swimming pool temperature, hindi siya mainit like yung sa 88 Resort Spa, pero may parang falls so yun ang mainit. 

My only concern is the bathroom, need ng konting maintenance especially sa door knobs and doors. But overall, we had a good time here. 

It was my Father-in-law's birthday celebration so I also made this cake topper. This design is available on Cricut Design Space.

Villa Esmane Private Resort 
Lake Wood Subd, Lalakay 
Los Baňos Laguna

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