March 01, 2011

Day 1: Camiguin Tour

We did not want to waste our time so after lunch we started our tour. Itinerary for the day: Tres Marias Volcano, Walkway to the Old Volcano, Ruins of Gui-ob church, Sunken Cemetery, Sto Nino Cold Spring, Soda Swimming Pool, and Ardent Hot Spring.

You will see the Tres Marias volcano on your way to the Ruins. We just took some pictures and we went straight to Walkway to the old Volcano. 

Since we have kids in tow we did not dare to climb the stairs and we proceeded to Sunken Cemetery.  If you want to go to the cross you can ride a boat, P100 per person but we’re not interested anymore because of the strong wind.

Next stop is the Ruins of Gui-ob church.  

There’s one guy who volunteered to take our pictures, pang Facebook daw ang mga shots niya and siya pa talaga nagsabi kung san kami tatayo.  Ok naman pictures namin. 

They say that this huge tree is more or less 100-yr old.

On our way to Soda Swimming Pool, we saw lansonez tree, we stopped by and took some pictures. It was my first time seeing lansonez tree. I don’t know why this is called a soda swimming pool and I did not taste the water just to prove that it is soda water. But the water is so cold.

We only stayed for a few minutes and we went to Sto. Nino Cold Spring and as expected the water is too cold so hubby and son did not enjoy it.

So we moved to our last destination which is Ardent Hot Spring. Finally, we enjoyed the water and felt relaxed after our amazing race tour. But we did not stay till evening because there were so many insects.

Entrance Fee
Sunken Cemetery (P100/boat to the cross)
Walkway to the Old Volcano and Via Cruces –station of the cross (entrance: Php5)
Sto Nino Cold Spring (P20-entrance P50-cottage)
Soda swimming pool (P20-entrance P50-cottage)
Ardent Hot Spring (P30-adult P15-children P70 –cottage)

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