March 01, 2011

Day Trip at Kabayan Beach Resort

It was already the first week of May and of course, we do not want to end our summer without swimming. This time we're heading to Batangas at Kabayan Beach Resort. I have read so many good reviews about this resort so we chose this one. Just follow their direction and you will not get lost. 

Kabayan Beach Resort formerly known as Laplaya Beach Resort, it started operating in 1996 so it is already an old resort. This resort is one of the affordable resorts in Batangas, you can have a day trip or overnight stay. They have different types of rooms that can accommodate couple, family and even team building. 

Activities that you can do: 

1. Kayak 
2. Beach volleyball 
3. Billiards 
4. Speed Boat 
5. Banana Boat 
6. Flying Fish 
7. Bandwagon 
8. Playground 

The good thing about this resort is you can bring your own food which we did to save money. But if you don’t want to bring food, don’t worry because you can eat at the Kabayan Fastfood or El Kapitan Bar. Corkage fee applies for all beverages, wines, and liquor.

It was no longer surprising if there were so many people at the resort because it was summer time but because we were early, we were able to get a cottage at the beachfront. Since there were so many people at the shore, we rented a boat for P1500 for the snorkeling experience, it is just one-hour snorkeling so I find it so expensive but we have no choice since it is peak season. 

The place is nice just do not expect too much. The price is already affordable for P100 per person and P50 for children. My son who was 19 months old was not exempted from the entrance fee. They have a swimming pool but you need to pay a fee. They also offer Day Trip packages so just visit their website for more options. They have a chapel, multi-purpose hall, souvenir shop, and convenience store.

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  1. hi sis, i chanced upon your blog at SP. i love your travel diary posts, this gave me an idea where to go next time. by the way I'm also from Batangas and Kabayan Resort is an hour drive from our place :)

  2. Hi! May mga rooms bang available for 10 persons? And how much if ever, tia :-)

    1. Hi, day trip lang kasi kami but you can check the website =)

  3. hello ask ko lng po if allowed po ba magdala ng sariling pagkain sa kabayan beach resort? salamat po

    1. Nung trip namin, may dala kami sarili food. :)

  4. Can you send me the rates of the cottage and how much is the entrance fee/pax