June 27, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters

I can’t even remember the last time I ate in Kenny Rogers Roasters, it’s been years already. But after a few years, I was able to taste their food again. Before we left Marquee Mall, we decided to have an early lunch because it is much cheaper than eating at airport food shops. Since we are not familiar with the place, we settled in Kenny Rogers Roasters because it is the restaurant beside Krispy Kreme.

We both ordered solo A, ¼ roast chicken, 1 regular side dish, 1 rice and I corn muffin for P158. The taste is still the same. I remembered when I was still in college, I always love corn muffin and whenever I have extra money, I will drop by at Kenny Rogers just to buy 6 pieces of corn muffin before going home.


  1. i'd usually order cheeseburger (sans mayonnaise) or tomato-pesto-mozzarella panini :) if i get the roast chicken meal, Solo A for me too.. :)

  2. roast chix was the best. i love their mac and cheese side dishes. Marquee Mall, i like it too..are you from Pampanga?

  3. @lelay - No, i am from Cavite. =) I like Marquee Mall, i want to go back.

  4. likewise , everytime we pass by Pampanga, we always drop-off at Marquee =)