June 28, 2011

Malaysia: City Park Lodge

Since I’ve booked our ticket several months before our flight, I had enough time looking for a place where to stay. As a budget traveler, I eliminate all hotels in my list; I just searched for a pension house or a lodge where we could sleep. We just need a decent room with a private restroom because most of the time we will be out for a tour.

There are so many lodge and pension house in Kota Kinabalu and I chose City Park Lodge because of the good location, good reviews and affordable price. City Park Lodge is situated in the heart of the city; everything that you need is within the area, there is convenience store, shopping mall, money changer, café, market, fast food and even historical landmarks.
We went to Jesselton Point, Seri Selera, Gaya Sunday Market, Atkinson Tower and other places simply by walking and we were able to save money because of this, a short taxi ride will cost you RM20. They do not use meter in Kota Kinabalu though they have meter gadget on their taxi.
City Park Lodge also offers free internet access and free coffee and tea, so do not forget to bring your mug. You can avail their airport pick up service for RM30. I was shocked when I saw the owner of the lodge waiting for us at the airport. His picture is in their website so I easily recognized him. The owner and the staff are all friendly and approachable; I even ask them for directions.
City Park Lodge
49, Jalan Pantai, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Phone : (6 088) 257752, 258752
Fax : (6 088) 252752
Email :


  1. Our family went to KK too a coupla years ago, but we stayed at Sea Park Condotel. Btw, were you able to visit the revolving building tower, Tun Mustafa? @mosphere, the restaurant at its top floor is so awesome too. =)

  2. yes, but we did not go inside the building, sayang! we don't have much time kasi.

  3. Did you avail of a package trip?

  4. ^ hi, i did not avail any package, DIY trip lahat. =)