August 14, 2012

Mercury Drug: Para Saýo Suki

I went to Mercury Drug last Sunday to buy my medicines and unfortunately one of the prescribed medicines is not available. It happened to me two years ago and we went to all the branches that we know but the medicine was not available. It took us almost a month to find the medicine; my husband was able to buy my medicines in Mercury Drug – Makati branch. I don’t want to experience it anymore so when I read this,

“If the medicine you are buying is not available in this branch, we are happy to assist you to look for it”

I asked the Mercury Drug staff if he could help me and he gladly asked my prescription so they could check. It took them several minutes just to find the medicine, ako na nga napapagod sa kakahintay. After a few minutes, another staff went out and said that the medicine is only available at Calamba Crossing and only 30 pieces left. She asked me if I want to reserve it already but I said no because I don’t know if I can pick up the medicine but I really appreciate the effort.

I went back to our car and asked my worried husband if he can drive me to Calamba so I can buy my medicines. He was really worried and akala niya kung ano na nangyari sa kin sa loob. He can’t call or text me because all his phone went dead and he could not get in because my son was sleeping in the car. Anyway, from Binan, Laguna we went straight to Calamba Crossing.

I gave my prescription and the staff said, “Ma’m, wala na po kami stock nito”. I told him that I have verified that this medicine is already available. He excused himself and asked other staff if the medicine is already available and he went back to me and asked how many tablets I need. Thank God, our time and effort were not wasted.

So if you really need the medicine do not hesitate to ask for assistance. It will save you time, money and effort. 

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