August 08, 2012

How to Claim Remittance in Cebuana Lhuillier

For the last several weeks I was busy asking for support from my relatives, I’ve mentioned in my other blog that I’m one of the delegates in Mr. and Ms. PsorPhil. It is a fundraising event to help those people who have psoriasis. I was thankful for those people who help, supported and donated money for our advocacy.

One of my relatives informed me that she will just deposit the money so I was expecting that she will deposit it in my bank account but I was wrong, she informed me that she sent the money through Cebuana Lhuillier and she gave me 18 digit alphanumeric codes.

I’m not familiar with other remittances because I always use the bank to send and to receive money so I immediately surf the internet if there’s any Cebuana branch in our place and fortunately we have one branch. The place is accessible via tricycle from our place for P50 (one way) but I asked my husband to accompany me so I can save money in my transportation. Hehe!

Seriously, I was nervous because I don’t know what to do. Upon entering Cebuana, the guard gave me a number and I asked him if I need to fill out something and he said yes. I get this form and fill out the necessary details. 

1. Transaction type 
2. Sender name 
3. Receiver name 
4. VIP# - the 18 digit code
5. Expected amount 
6. Customer signature 

Then I waited for my turn when my number was called I gave the form and valid id to the branch personnel and after few minutes she called me and asked “first time?” I said yes and she immediately called the guard and pointed me, “guard, first-time o”. I was wondering how she knew that I’m a first-timer.

The guard gave me a paper and my question has been answered. I have no records so I need to fill out the customer information sheet. I filled out the form and gave it again to the branch personnel and after few minutes, she gave me the money, receipt, and ID. That’s it!

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