October 04, 2012

DIY Car’s Birthday Party Theme

I’m not fond of big parties so we don’t throw birthday party instead we just travel but this time I decided to celebrate my son’s 4th birthday in school. I dislike preparation because I find it stressful but since my son has only 13 classmates it would not be difficult to prepare. Anyway, it is just a simple party, less than an hour celebration. All we need is invitation, guestbook, giveaways and of course food.

My son loves “Lightning Mcqueen” so Car was our theme. Three weeks before my son’s birthday I started the preparation. I got this invitation in Toy Kingdom, P60 for 6 pieces. I personally wrote all the details.

I bought picture frame and stamp pad for the guestbook. I added some car’s picture.

I decided not to have loot bags because not all kids eat candies just like my son so I just bought small Pringles as a giveaway.

I used red cartolina, double sided tape, printed car’s theme and glue.

I also bought bottled water for the drinks because soda and chocolate drinks are not allowed in school. I used red and black cartolina, double sided tape, printed car’s theme and glue.

I baked vanilla cupcake and choco-banana cupcake. I used printed car’s theme for the cupcake topper. Click here for banana cupcake recipe and here for the vanilla cupcake + vanilla buttercream frosting recipe., 

Jollibee for the food! hehe!

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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  1. Love the pringles giveaway!

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