October 27, 2012

Trick or Treat


October 29, was supposed to be my son’s Trick or Treat but they moved it last Tuesday because of the semestral break. It was a simple trick or treat for the kids, parents need to bring two packs of cookies, candies or chocolates but I decided to bring 16 packs of goodies. Click here to learn my DIY.

We have the option to wear costume or not but of course I wanted my son to wear costume. As I mentioned in my other post we just borrowed his Halloween costume, if you answer Peter Pan and Astronaut your guess is right. He used his old pumpkin basket and I just replaced the handle. 

My son wore peter pan costume during his trick or treat in school.

After trick of treat, my son happily went home with his goodies.


Day before the event I packed another set of goodies, I have no idea how many kids would be present so I just packed 35 pieces. My son wore astronaut costume last Thursday and we have no idea that the theme was recycle costume, my husband checked the email again and there was no note about it. Most of the kids wear costume made of carton, flour sack, garlic sack, plastic and many more.

Anyway, because it was raining cats and dogs last Thursday we were not able to roam around. My son just enjoyed drawing and coloring in this illustration board. There was poster making contest but my son did not join the contest because he was only 4 years old. The contest is open for 5-12 yrs old.

The theme is “earth day” and this is the finish product of my son. I know it is abstract! Hehe!

He went home with his goodies. Konti lang compared last year. Hehe!

We have another trick or treat today in our subdivision but I decided not join anymore because I don’t want to pack any more goodies and I think two trick or treat events are enough. 


  1. Baka sumakit nhipin ni ethan sa dami ng candies:)

    1. chocolate and cookies lang kinakain niya. candies and mallows hindi. madami na naman ko ipamimigay.

  2. ang cute ni ethan.... ang konti nga ng nakuha nya sa Carmona Office, sa Mckinley medyo madami... hehehe!

    1. konti nga ngayon or dahil konti din umattend kasi maulan.

  3. Ang cu cute namn ng costumes ni Ethan! Nice artwork!