January 06, 2013

Hong Kong: Café de Coral

I don’t really have list of must try restaurant in Hong Kong because I know we will just it wherever and whenever we’re hungry but there is one fastfood that we frequently visit whenever we’re is TST area. During our first day, we ate our lunch in McDonalds and for dinner my husband bought some food in one local restaurant which I didn’t enjoy.

Prior to the trip I’ve read so much about Café de Coral so the following day I searched for Tsim Sha Tsui branches and fortunately we found it. Since then, we did not try other restaurant in TST because we’re satisfied with the taste and price of Café de Coral.

It is a self-service restaurant, you have to order and pay in one counter and move to other counters to get your order. I always choose the table beside or few steps away from the food counter so my husband will not have a hard time in transferring our food to our table (one tray per order).

Here are the foods that we have tried. I forgot the exact prices but I’m sure it is not over $HK30 per order.

Café de Coral
1/F, Albion Plaza, 2-6 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui                  
23691210; 27236361
Tsim Sha Tsui B1


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    1. Good point to take note - kasi ayaw namin ng fast food kahit when traveling. paborito ko mga sidewalk food sa HK. hopefully malinis! haha

    2. actually sis, fastfood nila ang cafe de coral. gusto rin sana namin try yung sidewalk food, takot lang ako. hehe!

    3. ah, fast food pala to. Ang ayaw ko kasi yung McDonald's, Kfc, etc. Keri lang yun, pati yung daughter ko who was about 1.4 yrs old pa lang nung time na yun. :D

  2. Nice family bonding time though:)

  3. it looks like a kids meal. enough to satisfy a small kid. it is probably enough for travelers on the go that want pick up a quick meal before going to their next tourist destination on their agenda.