January 09, 2013

PHP25 Paper Bill Charge at Globe

Last December 31, we received our internet bill and I was shocked because there’s an additional P25 on our regular bill. I browsed the bill and I was really surprised when I saw the P25 paper bill charge. Waah! This was the first time that I encountered this, the client will pay an additional fee for the bill so I immediately told my husband to call Globe which our internet provider regarding this matter.

CS rep told my husband that they already sent a notification regarding the PHP25 paper bill charge. But I haven’t read any notification letter so we have no choice but to pay the P25 paper bill charge and switch to Paperless Billing.

I love the idea of saving paper but the client has really no choice but to switch unless you want to pay P25 every month. As I mentioned in my Green Living post Switching from paper bills to electronic billing is one of my goals to help the environment but the problem is sometimes I forget to pay on time because the ebill goes straight to my husband's inbox. Now, I have to write it on my planner so I won’t forget, or else I have to pay an additional P50 for the late payment fee. Everything has a charge in Globe Wi-Max

How to sign up your account for Paperless Billing:

Text GLOBEGREEN to 2327.
Visit www.globe.com.ph/gogreen and follow the on-screen instructions.
Email your account number and your intention to subscribe to Paperless Billing to talk@globetel.com.ph.
Call your Talk2GLOBE Hotline at 211 toll-free from your Globe mobile or  (02) 730-1000, toll-free from any Globe landline. You can also visit the nearest Globe Store.

I tried the website but there are no on-screen instructions so my husband just called Globe. As of this moment, most of our bills are paperless except for water, electricity and two postpaid lines. 

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