March 02, 2013


Hubby just came home from his Cebu trip and as always he did not forget to bring home my favorite pasalubong which is lechon. I’ve tried Ayer and CnT before so I told him to buy lechon from Zubuchon, I want to know if Zubuchon is the “best pig ever” as Anthony Bourdain described.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my hubby hanggang sa nakatulog na ko. He woke me up past 11:30PM to eat my late dinner, (as in hindi ko nagdinner para sa lechon ko, hehe!). My body was so weak and I badly wanted to sleep but my spirit is willing, I wanted to eat my lechon.

Kudos to the packaging of Zubuchon, it is way better compared to other lechon stores. They even put a note how to consume fresh and frozen lechon + recipe too. I wasn’t expecting that it was crispy because hubby transported it from Cebu but according to my husband, the skin is really crispy because he had his dinner in Zubuchon before going to the airport.

Well, as usual, I like it but it wasn’t salty compared to other lechon that I’ve tasted and I want a salty lechon because I’m not fond of dipping sauce. But I will try this lechon again next time if ever I will go back to Cebu again because I wanted to try the crispy skin. Zubuchon is more expensive compared to other lechon, it is P550 per kilo. Zubuchon lechon is generously stuffed with spices and ingredients; no MSG added, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers so if you are into healthy living and doesn’t want salty lechon, this is for you. 

Update: April 30 2015

Hubby bought Zubuchon lechon P600 per kilo before going home from Cebu. Most of the time we reheat it at the microwave but we tried to reheat it at the oven toaster. Surprisingly, the skin was crispy. 

Or you can follow this 

Update 2018: Price is P830 per kilo and no more note on how to consume fresh or frozen lechon. 


  1. Healthy mommy michi? Hahahah! I can still see my BO shooting up again pagkumain ako neto...

    Thoughtful ni manong ariel... Hehehe!

  2. We ate there last January, di crispy lahat nung nabigay samen but it's nice. :) gusto ko siya kasi less salty than the other kinds of lechon :) and the kamias shake was really nice! :D

  3. Hmmmm. Calories and fats:)

  4. Less salty nga siya compared to the usual lechon. But I still love it. :) Next time pabili ka ng lechon belly.

  5. Wow, this is the best (roasted) pig EVER! Makes me miss Cebu. Wahh.. October pa ang next trip namin. Ahhh!! Laway mode* Haha.

  6. How come di ka tumataba sis? hehhe..