July 09, 2013

Eye Redness

Last Wednesday, we went to SM to buy some stuff. My husband went to fitting room and there’s a big mirror outside that room, I noticed the redness of my eyes. As in red na red siya and my husband said baka dahil wala ka tulog. So I did not mind it at all but after two days, the redness is still there and I feel pain when I woke up last Friday. My mommy friends in school also noticed my eye redness and teasing me na baka sore eyes.

Honestly, I’m a bit worried because I’ve read that I need to call health care provider if the redness are longer than 1-2 days. I texted my husband to buy Eye Mo and the following morning no more redness. Yun lang pala solusyon, muntikan na ko magpacheck-up.

According to Medline Plus site, eye redness is due to dilated or swollen blood vessels which cause the surface of the eye to look bloodshot or red. It may result from too much sun, dust, dry air, allergies, something in the eye, coughing, infection or injury. For fatigue or eyestrain, try to rest your eyes and no need for treatment. If you have vision problem or eye pain, call your doctor. 

A repost from my old blog Michi's Home Sweet Home

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